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  1. At the back of our minds, we knew the umpires would attempt at various times to keep Geelong in the game. No 'ifs', no 'buts' just in plain view.
  2. Ya forgot Hawkins. It's a perfect day for him to take the forward dive as if he was pushed.
  3. An unforgetable moment in Selwood's career - tried to smart Rs and got treated simply as an aside.
  4. He has received more compensatory tolerance than most across six years. The well-clued, just-clued, half-clued, no-clued and Collingwood supporters alike all realise those six years were more than adequate to elicit appropriate improvements so mysteriously seen in him for such a longer term by observers. Even One-legged-Larry could show more improvement over that timeframe than has our eternal hope for the Weed.
  5. Thinking about the Sparrow rest period and the re-ignition of Melksham despite game evidence, it has been a tough call before the game against the Cats by those who oversee what might be possible. Perhaps, just perhaps, training and preparation for the game against Geelong has established some good links between Melksham's accurate - at times, deadly - foot passing into the forwards and the exploitation of Fritta, for example, leading straight through the midline - instead of the wider pockets. This may apply to other forwards, as well, of course. There might be something brewing ... the
  6. I've given him six years, as well. What a waste.
  7. I have travelled the bumpy road many times in the pursuit of enlightenment about the Weed and his long-awaited improvements and missing competencies. Even with weaker opponents and backlines he has notoriously failed my expectations as reflected in so many commentaries from fans, members and footy purists alike and these, one and all, have been over a timeframe that is now beyond 'intolerable'. The team should move on without him - he has had his chances - he has failed to deliver that glimmer of hope we seek. Looking at our structure as a team and its newly annointed ones, there is no place
  8. The beauty of having footballer options, as you state, is that you can start at No. 1 and finish at number whatever. It is the order in which you rank the players that is important, in selection terms. For example, I would have Weideman number 8, TMac number 7, Melksham number 6, Jackson number 5 (utility in the main), Mitch Brown number 4, Majak Daw number 3, Fritta number 2 , Ben Brown number 1. You start somewhere else, it's your right, loges, not your cynicism cue. Then you pick the 'fillers' and 'smalls' to match the dynamics of your preferences and omissions. Jus
  9. Ode to Majak: He gets to them, he holds them, he can kick 'em, he can tap 'em, he can and does intercept 'em. The Weed ain't done none of that after four years of mind-bending patience, deficient in any sign of consistency and/or reliability. Majak is a massive presence and obstruction, another difficult match-up forward, backward and in a jostle when umpires throw up. Who's going to be the opposition's lucky bunny if the bank of footballing wisdom selects the Weed, not Majak?
  10. Looking forward to your report, MaH. There was so much of interest in this 'practice match'.
  11. hells bells - that was terrific of you to keep us informed all game - it would not have been an easy task. Thank you for your efforts.
  12. He does and can impact games, surprisingly well. I'd have him on the bench as a spare tap ruck, as a backman, as a forward within range.
  13. Deserves a run in the seniors, does Daw. Useful.
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