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  1. Patience ... working into a higher level of the game takes time for most youthful exponents. He is likely to turn a corner or two at a moment's notice once the 'settlers' have calmed him in training routines. He must have something other than lineage that makes him worth the effort. I'd reckon at this stage it is 'footy smarts', for starters.
  2. There is a God. Lewis back with the Red'nBlue. What an asset ... Yze, Chocko and Lewis. Drop the unmentioned one and we have a Premiership.
  3. This is good. We have consistently lacked 'space finders' up forward. A forward line mobility issue could be under scrutiny ... and about time! Alternative feeders and receivers will be the next stage with back coverage in transitions. I smell Yze in this. A classic lone entity in forward craft receiving from the midfield.
  4. The Paddock and conservative surrounds may be too small, sadly. Not much to build upon in terms of a stadium and environs/needs. However, the plans would possibly include a footbridge across from the Richmond station and a walkway from Jolimont. It is not a great distance from reliable transport, some parking and road access. On footy days, it would need heavily-manned police, traffic and co-ordination. Shame we cannot have the 'G ... yet Casey Fields has been a good return. Shame that Casey is so far from the city and inner suburbs, too. Are we destined to take second or third best opti
  5. It might be terrific to have a Dipper-type but I think Rosman might also have too many smarts to be the second coming?
  6. The fella Rosman is generating a good deal of interest and encouragement. We may have a winner in the starting blocks with him and if he has some areas for improvement, I am sure that Yze and Choco will help increase his potentials.
  7. Agree, but let us hope that in the coming weeks before the silly trial-out matches and the season proper, we get a whole lot more out of the media department to keep us aware, alert and addicted to the possibilities (we all see) in the year ahead.
  8. Tracca, once again and Clarrie with more thought and resolve with the ball.
  9. Good news x 2. Petty is a hope, and Rosman seem the same with just a bit more grunt.
  10. Sound logic, Roost it, good onyer. I'm backing him in, too. Just because he's not built like a gorilla under growth hormones, he'd be nippy, agile and will have the Dad's impression of footy smarts in abundance. Hell, he could do a late-adolescent spurt of 20 cms, train very hard, very often to put on 15 kilos of muscle, and hone his skillset under close advice from the source and the MFC talent that is there in the coming season. A little time, a little compliance and he'd more likely than not be ready to erupt! He's keen - just look at his eyes and concentration in several of the photos, so
  11. It is, IMO, a balance and diversity of strategy and tactics. The elements that you mention strike me as a game plan (a recipe or strategy to kick a winning score and restrict the scores of other teams). This is a strategic intent. The tactics used to achieve this strategic intent should be variable, not predictive by an opposition team/coach. Tactical acuity needs to be developed across a team with as many players as possible exhibiting footballing skills to a level greater and more varied than those skills exhibited by an opposing team. It is great to have a pathway that is primari
  12. Confidence is refreshing and is a good bandwagon to ride into the new season. We also seem to have some great potency in the forward line for the coming year, injuries and recoveries turning out well.
  13. Caution is the last thing to think about, regarding '...is he any good? ...' If he has half of the ability of his old man, bearing in mind that he has several years up his sleeve to transition his game attributes, he is worth it. He is generating much discussion and interest to some observers to lay a foundation to his potential. Genetics is also on his side, profoundly. We need a young bloke with 'history' to want to play for our Club; his dad did and his dad could teach him more most ably, I would say. Age right, body right, a year or two under close development. Go for it! His dad knows th
  14. Interesting. Here in Adelaide, at the golf course that I frequent, I get the same seasonal compliments as a result of wearing a Demons' baseball-style cap. Some in-bred Adelaidians are not so bad, after all. :-}
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