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  1. Geelong will be exhausted, exposed and much slower at the ball in the last half of the second quarter, getting more incapable of stopping the Dees all over the ground and by the fourth quarter, most of the Geelong players will be able to statically watch how it is done. If you're going to the game, take some carrots - bunnies love 'em.
  2. ... and leave the forward line static in injury-affected selection moments - far too conservative for modern football, too often. Yes, we have discussed this option far and wide on this board and the prominent potential that exists with Petty is plainly that his game has gone impressively well, improving match by match due mainly to his skills depths; albeit strong in the backline - yet we have regularly noted that at earlier times of less experience within a spattering of opportunities at selection and placement - Petty has done particularly well as a forward free from timidity (Weidemann) and bodily limitations (TMac, BBB, the other Brown) and learns his role very quickly, capably and presents a genuine threat to opposition arrogance.
  3. Agreed, but I gave him two years until the end of that bumpy road. Golly, it's good to consider on his current form a few more years than that ahead of him. What and energy-draining test it was against Brizzy! Flying colours come to mind on the quality of his efforts and results.
  4. Our losses so far this season were not losses to the Demons, these games were losses against the 'Mighty Makeshifts', cruelled by injuries and exhaustion. The Mighty Demons have returned!
  5. Another message to Ben Brown: run for the whole match, finding space and hold 'em - kick long and straight, lose opponents; otherwise, prepare to play with Casey for as long as you can.
  6. He is a great player - yet he is very predictable, too - if we had another two seasons to 'blood' him he could be one of the greats. However, if he goes for the money elsewhere, fairy 'Nuff. A young man needs to take his opportunities. I am just worried about his loyalty to the MFC; Daisy stayed for example, amongst enormous odds and Jackson just ain't quite in the same league. A demonstration of acute loyalty to the Dees would be first steps towards immortality on the footy field for Jackson. I hope he realises that possibility.
  7. Correct, but watch the umpires; at many opportunities for more rapid progress out of the backline, the umps permit delays invoked by opposition teams (of the many that are attempted) and are quick to invoke further delays and uncertainties should the Mighty Dees get the ball out of the danger zone quickly and appear to be well set-up to progress to score at a rapid rate. Across this season there have been many such examples and enormous disappointments. Opposition numbers and zones are treated to adequate time to get their desired possies, creating 'assisted' defensive zones and even separations to advantage away from the ball itself.
  8. These are not flattering statistics for Brown. Watching him play (with hope and reducing expectations), he seems to be the epitome of a 'lazy' player - one who is also scared of stopping opposition backmen with something as simple as a tackle. According to many observers, if he wishes to keep playing then it is past the perfect moment for him to enthusiastically improve.
  9. Agree with this observation. It almost appears to be irresponsible, at times.
  10. All eyes on the target - a report would help after this match.
  11. Stop it! I keep getting pleasant visions of Kevin Murray! Teeth out!
  12. ...and there is not a great deal that can be said..
  13. No, it's not. It is punctuation. Correct grammar is terrific. Proper grammar is variable; it depends on who is using the grammar with merely a plum in the mouth.
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