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  1. I'd doubt the 'clone' intent of any poster in this matter, to date. Similarities only are surmised. Breadth of footy experience and observation enable one to discern certain characteristics seen within and across the generations, including player generations, and that is all that is recalled - no absolute 'dead cert' intonations. Golly, it is as if having an opinion, large, small and in this case, minute, is once again DL criticised. It must be time, therefore, to stop finding linkages - no matter how remote - to player attributes seen so far before and since recruitment, and the ultimate questions: wonder why this guy or that guy was selected? Are these good attributes? What experiences have we had in the footballing past to see certain recurrent attributes, by whom?
  2. That is not only pace, that reel shows white-line fever for the ball and the direction. Notice how he straightens up to a direction through gapping, and in turn, straightens up the whole team movements, as well, as a consequence? Even to the oncoming forwards readying for the 'receive'. Eyes up, always, entering the forward zones. Like it, not fazed by big bodies around him looking for action.
  3. Could even go as far as saying that he has similarities with the very great Leigh Matthews!
  4. Yep, it is only a time thing in the main; he will be fit and hardened by the start of the season 2023. He will be programmed for a role and will be a big improver, down at Casey alongside the integration of his skillset.
  5. I just hate the masses being encouraged to bet on any level.
  6. He'll get completely fit, well-oiled, durable and one would expect, hardened and a bit of a mongrel. His skills training has already started; he knows what is expected. His unique background relative to others is indeed interesting but he has a patent on his playing abilities worth noting. Just a little excited about this one so I am hoping he adapts well and hits the nails straight.
  7. To my first interpretation, it looks like Woey Snr with dark hair.
  8. He has ripped us with his disposal qualities in the past.
  9. We could make it such; he's a little bit 'Trumpish' and is sensitive to 'accolades'.
  10. The thing that stands out about this listing, for me, is that we have a hellishly good team. I don't think the players would give a flying pancake about the number on their backs - to be part of this team is a true achievement. We are really going to shake any opposition as we are starting to look like a team, regardless of the individuality associated with respective numbers.
  11. This could be a good outcome if the development funds are possible. Transport to this ground is not ideal but could be improved. I'd personally hate to lose the 'G but truly resent dual occupancy. A home ground close to the city is everything; it is an identity and singular right. We are the Mighty Demons, the Melbourne Football Club. It is about time that the truth and the acquisition details are announced, settled, achieved.
  12. If he finds it 5 times a game for 5 goal then I will be absolutely and ecstatically delighted!
  13. Agreed, and it is premature, as well. How can such an assessment in reality accommodate so many open yet nefarious qualities in so many players (juniors, without a depth of experience) across a footy ground multiplied by so many X-factors applicable to each individual player and team from whence they came? There has been no time, as yet, for these 'try-outs' to merge in their new environments under critical supervision and extended team-based interaction, skills development and game plan/strategy implementation. Perhaps, after off-season continuing involvement, a better, more realistic appraisal can be made and that in itself is quite hopeful.
  14. At the same time, what we achieved this year in terms of the draft and associated recruiting through the wisdom and criticality of JT has been extremely satisfying - particularly since we did not venture into the top 10 picks (allegedly top 10 - some I would not regard as the same high quality of what we managed to occupy on a new dotted line). So, for 2023, there most probably is no real need to sniff the air for what are regarded as 'the best'. Provided we can now progress (as a Club) to a new game plan/s or alternatives in our 'systems' to benefit the whole team, we are responsible to: * develop our new players with greater intensity than we have in the past * extend the skills and knowledges required for our whole team to perform more effectively and successfully as a singular but potent unit * provide experiential opportunities (not just one or two) for our young guns with deepening assistance from our terrific, more experienced players and mentors * be prepared to quickly respond to/tackle or appeal for explanation - at/from the senior levels of the Club - the AFL and umpire management at any and every suggestion of disadvantage, disregard or unfavourable circumstance as these impact the playing group, the Club and its administration quite negatively, and concurrently contaminate the ideals of even playing fields upon which our AFL game depends. Bias and advantage are far too apparent across the last two decades '...up which we should not put!' (To quote from the entertaining Captain Blood.)
  15. We don't need to play the Catty Putts at Geelong - we've done our apprenticeship in 'entertaining umpiring'. We do need to be granted the privilege of playing more games at our home ground in front of our own supporters (the ground where so many of our supporters attend when we are on that fixture). This has a double-whammy effect when we play as the away side to other co-tenants of our inherent home ground, and I like that outcome.
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