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  1. In his sixth year of ever-improvement expectations, why bother?
  2. My parallel observer of the TV coverage of the game counted 10 hits to Oliver's head (most from behind as haymakers) before half time so I guess the effects were quietly carried across the rest of the game. As we know, Max gets his unfair share of these head and neck clouts each match despite the failing, oblivious eyes/decision-making of the snot goblins.
  3. I'd like to see Petty having a couple of runs as a forward instead of 'you know who'. Some specialist coaching and experience might be very handy. There is quite a deal of skills and intellect in the forward's role, and perhaps, he might display these to good effect.
  4. Petty should be trained as the backup forward.
  5. ...and how many non-performance games must we endure from the Weed until he gets the Casey practices blocks needed for his ever-hopeful improvement in form, desire, effort, onfield ingenuity, mongrel, development, (better stop there!) The whole team almost by-passes him - he must be regarded as a waste of delivery effort.
  6. I'd reckon EM would be better understood, now that he has passed through some recent trials invoking an interesting footballing history lesson on ego and aptitude. The Filth may be better off without him. His media interests would also be better off without him. 'Good riddance' is a quote that I hear often in conversations from many footballing addicts, from many varied AFL club supporters. It's harsh, but it is rather frequent when the topic comes up (this topic surfaces rarely now since his departure from the Presidency of the CFC).
  7. Save yourself a fortune, if still playing and wish to improve the sticky hands situation. Buy some Kiwi Dubbin, use that and carry a rag in your socks.
  8. Max King, StKilda full forward, ex Demon down at Casey - not selected for the big time. Bit of a gun, better than the Weed.
  9. Keep these thoughts current and public. You never know.....
  10. Apparently I had AstraZenekar, and waiting for the second shot in late June. Absolutely no reaction, not even needle-site irritation. Always had a strong immune system avoiding bugs and reactions to certain exposures. I put it down to 15 Marlboros per day, killing the bugs for me. Of course, that is absolute rubbish but it is consoling in these highly critical times :-)
  11. That would suffice - otherwise we might think (as is the current thinking) that we are a man down per match due to repeated selection.
  12. ...and to think we gave up on King. Who is next? Petty?
  13. As a policeman directing traffic at Camberwell Junction, he'd (Parke) stand close to the tramline at the intersection, enabling me and a mate to knock his peaked cap off his head each morning on our tram going to school. Always met with smiles and laughts, always pretending to be irritated, always straight back on the job at hand. He must have been a good bloke, too, don't you reckon?
  14. Always something cynical. Oh well, I liked Greg Parke despite his kicking being erratic. He gave us terrific possessions and his handball was excellent across distances to a teammate.
  15. That is most probably what is wrong with his grab. Too far forward in the competition and too early to occupy a space in the forming pack. He needs to consider entering the pack on top - he has the height and leap - but to come in from either side of the pack relatively late, at the front - he has a light frame to assist with the elevation required. Then he would be less likely more often to be brushed, pushed, bodied aside or into 'useless land' where the mark just ain't. He would also be less likely the suffer so many blatant 'arm chops' from opposition defenders. He would also be less likel
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