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  1. Weid is confused by the word 'clunk' . Before you can clunk 'em, ya gotta be in position or moving to a better position, preferably just about alone.
  2. Always remembered; one of the fastest improving footballers we ever had, as well.
  3. Well, I received the book - Gawny's book - for an Xmas present. Glancing at it, I read the first two chapters. This guy has his head screwed on and astutely laid out the pathway to Team success. Loving the book, it will be finished in an hour - but doesn't it make you appreciate Max just that little bit more? He has got to be the most appreciated footballer going around the whole AFL.
  4. Nearly correct ... this time next week we will have three consecutive thrashings of the Poms - and this time at the 'G - to delight us even further than this commercial Xmas aborration and the sheer gleeful wonder of taking out the flag in the GF (and there is the very good chance the we will anihilate The Filth across the year.
  5. We, the ones who cannot get there to any training session, are highly indebted to you, PF. Training is as interesting to us a being at a 'reserves' game of the past but moving into the 'here and now', represents a vital cog in the wheels of performance and player/team readiness.
  6. You are probably correct. However, playing with champions - under the tutelage of champion coaching around our Club - may make all the difference with this young fella.
  7. It really is exciting for Club fans, Wells 11 (who could forget the bloke who wore that jumper?), with so much talent held in abeyance, as you indicate. I would think any of these ready players have the abilities needed to take us to another flag in the coming season and with some strategic insertion we will definitely be a frighteningly capable opponent, not just the best team.
  8. There's more to come from this one, I suspect. He's had his down time with injury; now he can let loose a bit and show his skills one would hope.
  9. Let us hope so for the near and longer-term future. I am still amazed by the performances, this year, of all of our players - but in particular, around half a dozen players that produced League-best efforts and teamwork.
  10. Seriously brilliant skills and evasion; perfectly screened/protected at the kick point; courageous decision-making on his part. We may be likely to see similar from Bowey in the coming season? That kicking accuracy - destined for goal opportunities or forward passes.
  11. Better than the days of old when the Coach yelled, each training day: 'Run until ya spew! The first to spew on me boots gets a can of Fosters!'
  12. Just last weekend, I returned by car from two days in Bendigo to wend a wearying path home to my more recent colonial settlement in Adelaide. As a born and bred Victorian, I encouraged my daughter and sons to live/work in Victoria despite my absence (ie: to continue the blessed life to which they were annointed). This also provides me with an opportunity to break free of the shackles so South Australian that they oppress and depress the freed mind - one just has to get out! Regular trips to the 'G during the footy season are cathartic relief for my wife and me. Avid Demons, both. However, last weekend, my experience in crossing the Vic/SA border at Serviceton was extremely challenging. Sent back towards to Kaniva, then on further backwards to Nhill, I found by chance a Covid-19 testing station open on a Sunday, got tested, obtained the result, entered the result on my smart phone and found new words in my lexicon of filthy utterances to aptly describe the SA Police and their Border Entry proficiency, including the object ignorance and 'one-eyed rejection' of certificated double-vaccination achievements and two recent results of Covid-19 testing belowing 'Negative' presented to them for each of the two of us. The delay - particularly the certifications to be entered on the phones - was time eternal - overall, it delayed our 'normal' trip home to Adelaide by around seven hours! It is a journey I no longer wish to enter in the near future with no guarantee of assured, homeward-bound destination achievement; it is like seawater spilling from a hole in your sand bucket before you get back to the prepared moat around your sand castle. So, for the MCG Premiership celebrations, please forgive us for not attending on the 5th of December. For all you lucky people able to go to the event: have a wonderful time, enjoy, salivate, feel glorious, let ya hair down, sing songs of factual cardiac rhythm and rejoice. We will be with you in spirit. 'Carna Dees!
  13. Golly, Ron. Hope you have sidestepped an infection. An entire army of Demon fanatics are respectively praying for your good health and well being. Carna Ronald Dale!
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