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  1. Yes, these are the ones that cruel us often, and quite often close in to opposition goals if we are ahead at any stage of a game. Some of these are really shonky decisions to 'keep a match alive', depending on the umpires concerned.
  2. Agreed but it was a contentious point put subsequently into my own perspective and sourcing for that reason, and still, to receive some feedback from the DL contributors as another information source to ponder. I still respect TMac and his past efforts for the MFC as he has been a great Demon over many years.
  3. We'll get another 'alleged' plan. It will arrive around Feb-Mar to get the Memberships rolling, again. All the 'learnings' will be put in a basket and fed out to the players in a scramble of unsuccessful trials pre-season. That is if Goodwin is still coach.
  4. I still find it hard to believe but it was a long while ago and has been easily forgotten. I mentioned it in relation to the trade/delisting commentaries regarding the two MACs - as a measure and handbrake to my thoughts rationalising the reasons why OMac received so many games without satisfactory performance, repeatedly. And now, TMac appears injured yet he is by-passed rather quickly unlike his brother's selections in form stagnation. The statement was used to source other opinion from DL contributors - something that that is useful to find to resolve a thinking dilemma. I think that it is
  5. Would hope that is correct; my version is actually a memory from within a DL source - or even a past newspaper commentaryd, - but I hope that is a product of an expanding 'Chinese whisper' that changes many times as time passes. When I thought about it, I, too, would relate that memory of the statement to discuss what I considered to be the benefits of the trading of both the Macs in one fell swoop.
  6. Gets rid of OMac as well. That is something well overdue. Tom did say in an earlier, influential, 'in form' stage of his game that if he is to play footy for the MFC, then his little brother must play/be selected as well - and that was quite a few years ago. Basically, no onfield OMac, then TMac will not play. Holding the Club to ransom, for how many years, how many losses, how many double=teamed teammates to cover so necessarily for OMac each game he plays? It all added up to a footy team with limited hope to improve, win games, keep its head above water - and not one coach / selection panel
  7. Refreshing isn't it, a concept well supported by: his football knowledge, his modernism and tactical nouse within the best arrays of the modern game (Hawthorn at and across its peak) and its execution, his communication skills above par by a mile, his currency on the best means to approach the modern game - supported extensively in very recent times by his onfield leadership (excellence) despite being just past the sunset of his onfield, playing capabilities. A quality man, as well. Values driven, articulate, thoughtful, resilient, great leadership mixed with p
  8. That is plainly true. A process of selective and applied intent to be reflected. I just wonder who Jordan Lewis, as our new coach, would prefer for the INs and the OUTs?
  9. Our team across the past few years has been too sympathetically retentive. Yes, there is such a thing when you think about it. A good cleanout is required, beginning with Goodwin and all of his coaching marvel men. These creatures have been given adequate free rein to achieve something with the MFC and have nothing - absolutely zilch - to show for the trust we held for them. Season 2021 must now be another rebuild with a greater focus on success and footballer/team development. All the de-listings mentioned so far have been justifiable. Perhaps these should all take place.
  10. I'd really think that this is the case - a talent like Harley, once rekindled - is going to come back harder and more resolute than ever. He could very positively assist in the complete transformation of our forward line; in fact, I'd strongly suggest that will be the case. Good china is wrapped well; let's hope that Harley and his recuperation are also well wrapped by the start of the next season.
  11. In reality, I thought that it would be Caroline Wilson exposing this news so easily observed on the telecast, and sensationalism to the world. It is tasteless and provoking news, that which is usually ignored without value-laden additions. Sad that it happened but then again, it is none of our business, so easily forgotten. I think is was most possibly extremist comerademie and not much else - so who cares?
  12. Just imagine how Brown might be playing with more games under his belt this season.
  13. Other than being played out of position for too long by Goodwin, and as a 'fill-gap' player at that with useless 'mates of Goodwin' occupying slots without meaningful returns for the regular selections, it is my firm belief that the alleged 'game plan - brand - lessons learned - contested horse droppings' of the coach have worked badly to ruin his game, opportunities and match readiness, as well as those of so many of his teammates. Goodwin's preference, longer-term, for Hunt has been to keep him at a distance from the team to act as 'available depth' . Hunt produces excellent space-ori
  14. Agreed and generally, doesn't he kick well? With work, his kicking could improve still - a bullet should be the aim in the congestion of the modern game. Like switching from a 5.5mm to a 7.62mm with precision.
  15. Clearly in the wrong positions and that is more than a tragedy because different positions have different roles and responsibilities to adopt - for however long - at the will of Goodwin. We have had him in the Club for some years now, where we have evaluated his skillset time and again in the main team. He is very effective and reliable when played correctly positioned, adding immense pace and kicking skills - including all-day running - to an improving forward line (or at least one that is stabilising) - yet Goodwin uses him expectantly as a 'gap filler' but more often as 'residual, non-
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