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  1. Nah, Clint, the wins 'yes'; the one we lose is the result of the umpires keeping the Dogs in the game, all game and with so many poor and incorrect decisions going their way, it was too late to change their earlier decisions and the resultant outcomes. The one that I didn't like, in particular, was when Max marked in front of the pack (in front of the Doggies' goalmouth) and was penalised for backward head-butting Liberatores fist.
  2. Particularly as the result against the team of the footballing gerontology (The Cats) whom I regard as more potent than the Bulldogs and certainly, more experienced. The WB had a good run in the finals against sides that were less competitive than they should have been. This gives me some confidence, as I rank the top three teams as follows: 1. Melbourne; 2. Geelong; and 3. The Bulldogs. In this ranking, there are some noticeable differences between the clubs - this leaves us, I believe, clearly at the top of the rung and about to win a Premiership. Carna Dees!
  3. I appreciate what JJ can do, how well he can perform, how his loyalties to the team spirit are exhibited. He is still a developing player and teammate, at the same time - and lacks that kind of 'many games' experience perhaps needed in a GF. It is terrific that a player of his class is there as a medi-sub and in this unusual season, we have been lucky to have him there. Whilst we feel he 'deserves' and sub guernsey on Saturday, he is not quite as beneficial to the Club in such a GF role as Hunt might be, with skills, experience, pace and improving role familiarity in several areas of the field.
  4. Well, for starters, there ain't no games for more than twelve days after this one.
  5. Unquestionably sensible with sound reasoning - we really must get Hunt into the fray, by convenience or by necessity, as he provides a unique double-edged sword to the skilset up there or down there. Plus, his pace is a phantastik asset across a game and a midfield, two-way. That is an asset we can ill-afford to do without. In addition, he blends into the team and the game style, so well, from a form improvement and in the true 'team' sense, giving and receiving. He augments Sparrow's role(s) and Sparrow, his (roles). He would anihilate Daniel around the ground.
  6. It was, but I learned the entire drum solo when younger and the rhythm still sticks inside the head. So I play it, moderately often.
  7. Ennio Moriccone - Chi Mai, The G, B and the Ugly; Beethoven - 5th Symphony; Iron Butterfly - Inna Gada da Vida; Pavlog's Dog - Just about everything they produced.
  8. TMac could well put in another blinder - he's due for one - but he must keep mobile across the fwdline.
  9. This is going to be the case, most likely, but it will leave the Doggies terribly pre-occupied, all game and that will weaken what is left to make real progress in the game - as we have a huge talent base outside of our core of best players.
  10. Reckon Sparrow is a good chance to man-up and destroy for the GF, alongside of the moving midfielders as these players penetrate. Against the Cats, he cleaned up a few about to intercept the Demon ball-carrier, and did so particularly nicely. Still, early days until Saturday, but I hope Hunt is onfield.
  11. Our players in the selected side need to just ignore the hype that they have earned, gathered and proven. Go at 'em, Dees! Play as if there is no hype - build your confidence from the conduct of this game - largely ignore recent history. Make a new marque with team play, support, intelligent linkages. Create a new history by winning every quarter of a GF through determination.
  12. If we are prepared to go the biff, block and bust 'em, then we can batter that team of scrawnies (the Dogs) and reduce their impact. We also know how to play as a team - as the best team this year - and, I suspect, our desire is far greater, as is out new-found culture. Give 'em hell.
  13. We are skilled, and fresh, playing simulations and training at a level just a little more difficult than a pre-season with an intent to take the Cup and cruel the Doggies - not every other side in the competition. We are going to knock the Doggies off their umpiring-based perch. In a GF, there are no FREE RIDES.
  14. There is a remote chance that most of us could be wrong - ie: the Dogs are primed to 'go' against us. Common sense tells us all that what you state (above) is correct - we are primed to 'slaughter' the Dogs. I'd reckon we will finish the game (and the Dogs) with a lead of around six goals.
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