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  1. Took this on my phone during the game and sent to my Blues "mates" at the game.
  2. Neeld comes out and says that he doesn't believe in miracles and that fans should not expect it. Hinkley sees it differently.
  3. I have a lot of love for you Bob. Your posts and the occasional text from Jack on game day, are the only voices I listen to. Thanks.
  4. Shattered. I love you mate. Thank you and rest in peace.
  5. My understanding regarding the iPad, is that like the mobile phone, it needs to be a 3G iPad with a Telstra a monthly paid data sim. What you might be able to do if you have a wifi only iPad, is tether from your Telstra 3G mobile phone...but I haven't done any test on that, so can't say for sure.
  6. I'm happy for him too. I'm also happy he rejected the Tigers. :-)
  7. Finks

    Neil Craig

    I'm having the same problem. Can't seem to play the SEN audio. I also can't find the 3AW recording. Any assistance from fellow Demonlanders would be appreciated.
  8. I'm told that I'm at odds with the world, because I hate the Cats more than I do the Pies. It's too hard to call who's going to win, and I'm not starting a thread which seeks to analyse the strengths and weaknesses for each side etc. I simply want to know who you would prefer to win the 2011 Premiership. I will be barracking for the Pies.
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