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  1. speaking with local ports retailers & "THE AFL STORE" staff for some reason MFC are the worst club to deal with in regards to merch stock.they want all the retailers to buy the merch line in bulk but at retail prices. Have had multiple conversations at different locations asking where the "dee's" merch is and always the same result. "they're the only club that wont supply us with the shirts/merch at wholesale prices for us to be able to on sell them at a small retail mark up". demon shop itself have been hit and miss over the years.
  2. 2022 new rule "CONTACT, stand aside" and bibs to show what part of the oval you belong to.
  3. 100% Fluff piece but got me hook line an sinker hahaha
  4. just watching how May has to stand his ground while gawn essentially runs past him to kick the goal looks terribly awkward. From a entertainment point of view looks like auskick or netball, going to be a long year.
  5. Pre season Hype train departing the station, a bit of Max Gawn magic.
  6. Is this just a sneaky parting gift to the club on behalf of "MFCSS hot spot" Josh Mahoney? or the fact big Max'y gave him the 5 goals in 1 quarter G'up on the radio yesterday! Also this sound pretty similar to Lever and Gawn 2 years ago, swelling "awareness" following training.
  7. Oh boy did I enjoy this little gem. had myself a big ol laugh. Binman does it again!
  8. 6th at the club for score involvements though so he's pivotal in setting up our forward 50 transition.
  9. Do we try and get Jaidyn Stevenson from the pies to replace the exiting Hannan? very much a like for like player
  10. Cant argue with your point but in true MFCSS style i was feeling glass half empty about it.
  11. There must still be a foot/hip/back issue with Tmac, i guess he is the leagues new top paid VFL player. He can dominate at Casey for the rest of his contract.
  12. Collingwood are no longer interested in Tmac, throw him straight in the back line and keep him well out of Ben Browns way.
  13. Everyones forgotten about Austin Bradke as 3rd ruck/back up option. Max Gawn had big wraps on him earlier this year. Another preseason, Add some size to the shoulders and hips and he's good to go
  14. yeah seems to ask a few uneasy point considering he's on the "staff" im genuinely uneasy with a large amount of the answers in this interview, it sounds like our entire footy department have ignored the 2018 prelim and all of 2019 as a "1 off" Still firmly believe a lot of our issues are from selecting too many inside mids in the team each week taking games off the specialist position players ruining the game style
  15. Skip to 2m10s of the below vid of Mahoneys interview on the melbourne site and it sums up why our team is so lost! If that's what the footy department truly believe we have no hope of improvement, they still think all these things are 1 offs.......dead set WTF! https://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/786500/josh-mahoney-round-9-review?videoId=786500&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1596193765001
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