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  1. So if the Maynard trade is on the table who/what do we give up? Vanders straight swap? maybe throw in Chandler/Bedford for an additional/improved draft pick?
  2. Top 5: E.Langdon, T.Mac, C.Oliver, C.Petrraca, J.Lever. Most Improved: Dead Heat J.Jordan/C.Spargo Could have listed 3-5 more players in the mix for the Bluey, Notably Max would by his own admissions agree he has not been anywhere near his best this season.
  3. Looks like Marty Hore may be ready for a late season/finals re-birth if we run into a few injuries, re-joining the group for running this week.....you'd assume 10-12 weeks from there to be fit and smash a mini preseason
  4. In the spirit of the thread my thoughts on why each player had what they had on the night......so constructive feedback perhaps. Gawn - Clearly has an injury issue, alternatively we may be seeing the early stages of decline heading into the 30+ age bracket McDonald - just constantly competing, the word UTILITY comes to mind Brown - gaining some traction and slowing starting to find his communication with the other forwards, on track for 45-55 goals Petracca - off the pace a bit, by his standards a poor night but that still results in a 28 touch 1 goal 1 performance hardly a let down 😁 Spargo - was really important to our match ups and a genuine meat & potato's high pressure team performance to the detriment of his own "stats" Melksham - ignore any goals/score involvements, VFL bound if not for the coaches pet. SHould make way for Chandler or Sparrow in the short term until he's back to playing the footy first and umpire second Fritsch - was gallant all night, outnumbered 1v2/1v3 all night. Brown and Nibbler actually spoiled a few of his F50 marking chances Pickett - not often a 19yo small forward is Tagged or constantly double teamed for the majority of a game and still made grown me look 2nd rate at times, fair chance he'll win 5 cars over the next 10-15 years (Mark/Goal of the year) May - ELITE Salem - Precision Harmes - Love his energy and want to compete.......but don't be fooled by the 21 contested possessions, a lot of poor decision making and passing pressure to team mates in amongst that. Disposal Eff 61% way down on the required level if he's looking to keep others out of the squad Jackson - one of the most important players on the ground for our structure and match ups regardless of stats, last 3 games we have looked more dangerous through the stoppages when he is giving Gawn a rest Lever - wasnt allowed to be an intercept marker due to the swans structure but was still able to hold his opponents Brayshaw - serviceable but just straight up role playing Oliver - BOG Hibberd - Pure heart siren to siren Langdon - if the wings is where careers go to die then Lingers is immortal! Jordon - some of his disposal was [censored] poor but geeez long term he has 250+ games written all over him Rivers - just imagine if we didn't draft Kozzy and Jackson, Rivers would be getting a hell of o lot more praise across the league Hunt - has become one of our absolute weapons, blitzed his run and carry when required (just close your eyes when he kicks haha) Neal- Bullen - Sparrow is way more promising, really not enjoying his "brand" to quote the goodwin Petty - competed hard all night, good or bad he gave it his all and will be hard to replace given an 8-10 game block GO THE DEES!!!!!! (No More MFCSS)
  5. weak selection choices by goody, cant argue that Jones is out but bring in a small forward for him (chandler/bedford) or like for like swap him for Sparrow and brown for melkshambles
  6. speaking with local ports retailers & "THE AFL STORE" staff for some reason MFC are the worst club to deal with in regards to merch stock.they want all the retailers to buy the merch line in bulk but at retail prices. Have had multiple conversations at different locations asking where the "dee's" merch is and always the same result. "they're the only club that wont supply us with the shirts/merch at wholesale prices for us to be able to on sell them at a small retail mark up". demon shop itself have been hit and miss over the years.
  7. 2022 new rule "CONTACT, stand aside" and bibs to show what part of the oval you belong to.
  8. 100% Fluff piece but got me hook line an sinker hahaha
  9. just watching how May has to stand his ground while gawn essentially runs past him to kick the goal looks terribly awkward. From a entertainment point of view looks like auskick or netball, going to be a long year.
  10. Pre season Hype train departing the station, a bit of Max Gawn magic.
  11. Is this just a sneaky parting gift to the club on behalf of "MFCSS hot spot" Josh Mahoney? or the fact big Max'y gave him the 5 goals in 1 quarter G'up on the radio yesterday! Also this sound pretty similar to Lever and Gawn 2 years ago, swelling "awareness" following training.
  12. Oh boy did I enjoy this little gem. had myself a big ol laugh. Binman does it again!
  13. 6th at the club for score involvements though so he's pivotal in setting up our forward 50 transition.
  14. Do we try and get Jaidyn Stevenson from the pies to replace the exiting Hannan? very much a like for like player
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