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  1. It was that peanut with a hair band. He was mouthing off as well last year to our players. I have never seen Max so angry as he was last night after a free was given. I think it was down near the goals. I was waiting for one of the players to go ape at the umpire. I thought Harry was going to get penalised at one stage.
  2. The upgrade at Casey Field was funded to the tune of $5mill by the State Government and look at the positive outcome for the local community. Watch when we need funds for Caulfield there will be zilch. Four million could go to improving the ambulance system, health system, education system I could go on but no it goes to a safe Labor seat and only benefits the Geelong Football Club who already makes millions from benefits afforded to the Club by the State Government..
  3. I think there is a stark difference to H and Jackson in the same situation. Jacko didn't play well and looked glum. He knew that he was going home. I think if Petty had continued to not reach the standards he wanted he would go home. He looked so relaxed and enjoying being part of that experience on Saturday night I wouldn't be surprised that the contract is signed fairly soon. I also believe that he is a down to earth no bulldish kind of person and once he has made up his mind he will sign.
  4. Ready to play in about 6 weeks but in VFL.
  5. Could we get to 60,000 before Wednesday nights game so we can announce it to the Melbourne faithfull. Might prompt some to put their money where their mouths are😒
  6. I spoke to an MCC official after that game and was told that they had many complaints regarding the behaviour of supporters from a certain Club and it wasn't us! What I witnessed from a group of their supporters harassing a young family that had the misfortune of sitting in the row in front of the standing room area, the attending MCC "Security" attempting to intervene and the subsequent non action from the two policemen standing in the aisle watching the "kerfuffle" nearly erupt between the father and the lunatics behind, leaves me with the same feeling as you Jaded. I will go (if only to boo Maynard) but my contempt for Collingwood fans can get no more extreme than it is now. I hope that the Security is strengthened for that game because I know of a lot of MFC supporters who are on the edge and will lose it. I am indeed saving for the cost of my bail but at least I know that WCW will bake me a cake whilst I'm in the lock up (if she's not there with me)😁
  7. I know there were other problems with our performance Thursday night but did they come about because of the number of games played in 12/13 days. It was telling that even at the Presidents Dinner before the game a comment was made to the Melbourne faithful by our President, that "two games in Adelaide with such a short turnaround should never happen again" (not verbatim) and the comment was surely aimed at Andrew Dillon who was sitting in front of her when she said it. Maybe the toll on the players was greater than we all knew. I am personally not concerned about this loss however Richmond will be coming after us and if we put in another putrid performance I will be😠
  8. Just nominate them as Baby Demon, the other stuff can come later, You will have your baby demon package ready when you get to the hospital in front of any other possibles. Demon for life!
  9. He is one of the best "team" players at the Club. He is in super condition and ready to go as soon as the medical staff give the go ahead. It was great to see him in Adelaide with his family. A great innovation by the Club to have all the families together for Easter.
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