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  1. Maybe we should use Naarm and see if that spelling helps 😂
  2. He might be like me and just can't wear them, they just were too uncomfortable. I also have a slight underbite so it made it even worse, don't think Fritta does but I've not looked that closely tbh
  3. Gorgoroth


    Rams the likely team to play a game at the MCG in 2025... I will be there!!!
  4. Gorgoroth


    Yeah you do. It's not too bad. Well... I didn't think so.
  5. Wether we make top 4 or not, we are not winning big finals with a game plan that still is dump long to a forward more often than not, and with those forwards. Midfield needs to find form. And especially those second in mids like Sparrow need to actually take that next level step. And that goes for Mcvee, Bowey too.
  6. Gorgoroth


    this video is a pure troll of some of the teams we play... Loved it.
  7. Gorgoroth


    I'm stoked we took a kicker! But our first two picks look very good.
  8. Me, it's my 2021 premiership wallet. It goes everywhere with me.
  9. Thats when Tmac should be doing it and JVR takes Tmacs opponent.
  10. Gorgoroth


    Falcons getting a QB with their first pick... WTF? and taking him at 8!!! Don't think he is a pick 8.
  11. @Undeeterred completely agree, it’s not the force or the potential for damage, but it’s not a football action. I think most of us have moved past the punching thuggery of the “good ol’ days” but unless there is real ramifications then it will continue.
  12. Tbh they need to implement it the day after the GF so all clubs and players are without doubt, but I highly doubt anything will change because the don’t want players suspended, unless we get to the litigation point like we have with concussions. I would be stunned if they did anything remotely sane, but it’s interesting to me is if a Worksafe rep see a game and see someone being punched do they have the grounds to step in, or would a complaint have to be filed. The players call it a work place. I’d love it if some one at worksafe just stepped in and caused all sorts of chaos.
  13. If the AFL were serious about this then one of two things need to happen. One. (And prob the more likely) is someone presses charges or worksafe steps in and forces the AFL to act. Two. And what they should do, simply state. Any striking action is a 1 week suspension minimum, we then look at force (1 week for low, 2 for medium, 3 for forceful, 4 for severe) and where the strike occurred to the opponent (1 for body area, 2 for head) and wether in play or behind play (1 for in play, 2 for off the ball, 3 for behind play.) So the minimum for hitting someone is 4 weeks. Watch it disappear out of the game. Real quick.
  14. Gorgoroth


    Draft day is here! Rumours of Rams trying to trade into the top 10 this morning are interesting.
  15. Gee we love playing players who haven't played or trained for weeks don't we. And as Demonland said, struggles up forward, let's throw a defender up there. I still think we are too tall, JVR and Petty is all we need. Turner will not be the answer unless we are reverting back to the long dump kick and try and re set and win/score off contest/stoppages. Rewarding Laurie for his Casey game is nice but he has to be played through the middle if we are to truly see if he can cut it.
  16. I don't mind the design but tbh it's the story of the designs that I normally enjoy and makes me appreciate the art/design more.
  17. Mate as a English BullTerrier owner your ignorance and out right idiotic statement is [censored] baffling, if you are going to Make statement at least do a two minute google search and get your facts right. https://www.arlboston.org/5-facts-about-pit-bull-type-dogs/#:~:text=Here are 5 facts that,and American Pit Bull Terrier.
  18. Petty looks six weeks off it and I don’t blame him, I think we rushed him back. But he doesn’t seem to be marking the pill, that’s slightly worry8ng, he was always such a good mark.
  19. I wish he would sharpen his one brain cells.
  20. He deserves 3 weeks for sheer stupidity. How he hasn't learnt is beyond me and he either doesn't listen to the club or worse, the club didn't tell him to get that out of his game. Players adapt quickly to new rules and I said weeks ago he would do this and get a lengthy suspension.
  21. And the desire to use it and use it through gut running, the chase down was great and will be highlighted but his long runs to make space to be an option used or not repeatedly is what caught my eye and even then, everything was done at pace. He is tracking nicely.
  22. I was coming on here to write something similar, he shows good skills, goes at the ball and the man and has elite speed. Once this kid gets 10 games under his belt he will go up a few notches, another pre season, a tank and some size and we have a real weapon in the making.
  23. Sure he would have had a bag if he kicks straight… but how often does he? I mean I would have had a bag too if I was 25 years younger, A foot taller and any good at kicking goals.
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