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  1. Ones a giant corporation paying minimum wage and receiving maximum stock and profits and across hundreds of stores. The other is the club getting less and ran by a couple of staff and volunteers in a covid world. whilst I know it sucks we need to realise the club would be swamped and only have a few people trying to work through the massive backlog. Just be happy that the club is getting the profits and not who ever the hell owns JB etc etc. We waited 57yrs, few more weeks hopefully won’t kill us 😂♥️💙
  2. Huddo screaming Oliveeeeeerrrr and his voice wobbles/breaks part way through it. SEN call team also knew enough to leave a few seconds post goal to listen to the crowd.
  3. Winning flags helps keep wages down. Players will stay for less and come for less.
  4. Watched the SEN one, looking forward to the 3aw. Was great hearing the different takes on what happened during the game.
  5. He could have had 3 in the GF. He is really developing, his ceiling is still far above him.
  6. Legend!!! Cant wait to watch it.
  7. A lot of partners did it hard but I hope they all think it’s worth it.
  8. I’ll be getting one, just glad I still have a small amount of room left 😬
  9. Melbourne football club super smug… Whats wrong with that???
  10. Naaaaaaw, wonder what he is thinking… My guess is “why the [censored] did I leave?”
  11. I reckon Cripps said to him, stay away… stay the [censored] away.
  12. I could tell you I’m sober… But a long time ago Mum said I shouldn’t lie… Carn the Faaaaaarrrrkkkkkeeeennnnn Deeeeemmmoooooooooooons!!!
  13. I don’t have the pic, but would love it and that’s Hannan post siren. Especially after he was such a arrogant toerag in round 19.
  14. King and Whateley mentioned his off the ball work today. And he should have had a shot 20 meters out. So prob should have had a goal to his name.
  15. The way Tmac bulldozes Cordy over the line as he shepherds Clarries shot over the line was a huge feat of strength.
  16. Funny thing is, when BBB gets the free in the third with 1 min left the frees are 14-12 and we are 6 points up. At the end of the third the frees are the same and the game is done!
  17. I did notice at the time but just remembered on this re watch. When we get the lead back, never to surrender it again, we sat at 9.10 64 then to kick 57 in the last…. Insane.
  18. Gorgoroth


    Crosby was clutch as was the long snapper and holder, but seriously. 37 seconds, enter A. Rodgers, no worries lads, we got this. He is so underrated.
  19. Gorgoroth


    Rams were excellent this morning. Last TD for Buccs wasn’t really defended by Rams. Stafford looks good. Real good. GB getting shafted by the refs with the PI against stokes now the non call on Adams helmet to helmet.
  20. As soon as Melbourne re opens and my mate is back working I’m there.
  21. Gorgoroth


    Tuckers leg is a lethal weapon. Feel for the lions. Man to lose to a 66yrd FG that bounces through is cruel.
  22. Saw it when they did the first replay, if you watch all the finals and watch what’s happening around the ball, not the ball you see him, Nibbler, tmac etc do all these all game long. Sparrow at centre bounces is big too, he just crashes people.
  23. Yeah but it was more I couldn’t celebrate with people outside my wife at home. Which was awesome, but with my mates or thousands at a venue would make it extra special.
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