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  1. welcome to the demons a minute ago Pick 10 - Melbourne - PASS Hope he can kick
  2. Bruhn didn't look happy about going to gws
  3. Kid needs another Pre season or two. That bit from hell and back where he was straggling and the fact he doesn't run out games shows me he hasn't the tank yet. but he is coming. Has some things we lack. Burst of speed and a flat hard kick the other nice bit of work was his goal where he started in the back 50 and finished it with a goal line snag.
  4. Cant do much when every second kick or hand pass misses
  5. How many of those players could hit a target? May, Salem, Rivers and Melksham...... Disposal efficiency 53%
  6. 13th season defining game in a row (since the blues game) Hopefully we turn up tonight
  7. The strength in tracs body and legs to snap that with a oppo hanging off his back is phenomenal.
  8. Reckon a team like GWS (Sausages and Sauce are cooked) would and could pay overs for Pruess (and also Cats, Bombers and Crows as article suggested) But also depends on Bradtke development (hard to tell with no magoos games to watch), and what they are willing to give up First round draft pick? (I would probably take that - but unlikely). Or someone with some speed and silky skills - anyone else do a deal. Could use a late pick to get a lump of a lad as security.
  9. Probably first time in weeks that the opponents midfield we not hanging of the backs of our mids. Makes the opponents job easier if you know your going to lose the tap and trying to shark or nullify
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