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  1. Another good start tonight is what we need. Was nice to be switched on from the get go last week.
  2. Can the fake crowd noise do "WWEEEEEIIIIDIDDDDD" every time he clunks one.
  3. Was lucky to be there for is first game against the doggies. He played well of the bench in a good in bu that day was the Yze show (5 snags). Jonesy even had a few blond hairs and a few less tatts back then. Went on to play finals that year and did well in that Saints game. Must of thought, like we all did, that a golden era was about to start. Really like the guy, Well done. Hopefully gets to see some real success this year
  4. Loved how he got up into gawns grill
  5. Great vision of his work rate on the weekend on Access all areas on AFL website, llyody gave him a good pump up.
  6. Max must be licking his lips again. (mods - I dont think this deserves it own topic, please put this topic somewhere else if it fits) Three weeks in a row he has opponents who are very junior in skill and experience. Lloyd Meek for Freo Paul Hunter for saints and possible Matt Flynn this week v GWS. Might get some more experience against the Cats but I don't rate Rhys Stanley. Max did well on the weekend, but hoping he starts really hurting teams soon. Tell me how you reckon Max can really hurt these teams.
  7. What I would love to see this week, if Max King is taking a shot at goal, the man on the mark lines up a tee shot, does a little tiger wood wiggle and drives the imaginary 3 wood at him. If anything you will make the highlights packages for the year!
  8. Thought out fitness stood up. We seemed to get stronger as the quarters progressed. Did help that freo were a bit banged up.
  9. The other side of this rule is, I think, it will help players with huge tanks and speed that can run past and receive a handball/pop up kick. If the player on the mark cant roll off and another man take his place, It may open up space on the wings. Slow and aging mids might get caught on the wrong side of the mark and stranded (or give away 50 if they get to close). Reckon it will help players like Langdon
  10. welcome to the demons a minute ago Pick 10 - Melbourne - PASS Hope he can kick
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