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  1. Ben brown banged up cant run Gawn banged up cant run Viney banged up cant run Trac banged up cant run Clarry banged up cause carring others Jacko banged up cant run Kossie banged up cant run Melk old cant run Lingers banged up cant run Spargo banged up cant run
  2. Good on you joey. Special time to be there with your wife. I'm sure there is sections that will have a go at him about this but some things are bigger than footy.
  3. Everyone talking about the ump decision. What about how crap that kick was from 5m out. Back myself on that with my left. Lynch should be more under the but microscope. Choked it big time
  4. We are built for finals. Best defense and best contested footy teams in 2022. What wins finals, defense and contested footy Last year each game of finals a different player stood up - Clarry v lions, Gawn v cats and Trac v Dogs. Tonight I am on Viney to play a classic bash and crash Go dees
  5. I have one real crush on libby birch, she is one real tough defender.
  6. Hey playing where’s wally, can anyone find him
  7. Behind a pay wall. Can some one give us the skinny on what stats or reason they came up with. For me hands down. How many premiership captions on that list?
  8. This is the kind of pick i would like if we lose jackson. Have no idea how freo could get it done.
  9. Max clarry and trac putting together quite a nice cv
  10. I thought it was Jake lever has a better mustache than you...... that is just hurtful
  11. Prefer if he went back to back coaches award...
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