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  1. One thought I had about Jack (and a few posters on this tread has mentioned something like this) From a child, Jack has been taught not to go out and hurt people, therefore he has always had a handbrake on. I remember those stories of mums pulling kids out of the team when playing him etc. Even at Afl level we have seen when he goes hard he hurts people and therefore get suspended on the outcome not the action So this might be the first game he has had in a decade or two where he can go 100% without worrying about the outcome of hurting people with his tackles. The handbrake is off. That is scary, he is going to be a wrecking ball on Saturday.
  2. I thought the rise of the demons would coincide with earthquakes, world wide pandemics, environmental climate changes and rioting on the street. Reckon it is a great sign. bring on Armageddon
  3. For all those born into following the demons born with a tail- supersuckers
  4. What about the great unwashed spud... for Danny.
  5. Dont talk to kiwis about the 1996 world cup.... they still haven't got over it https://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/all-blacks-deliberately-poisoned-at-1995-rugby-world-cup-says-nelson-mandelas-bodyguard/AZOWJNWGCVALROTY3COJHVXSNI/ Any doggies fans on the staff at the hotel??? Danny Southern in a disguise inoculating the porridge
  6. My moment is Bowey to kick his first goal and the sealer, then get crushed in the man love that follows
  7. That game they had Bruce to watch as well. I doubt the same hustle will work again
  8. Two weeks of media trying to find a story. Strap in. It is going to be a s%$t show
  9. Jonesy first game was at the 'G v Doggies, I was lucky enough to be there and gave him a real decent rev up when he ran on from the bench. That seems a lifetime ago. He had a good day that day, some really nice touches. My old man leaned into me and said he is a good kid. Bit of a underestimation with hindsight, but if you knew my old man it was big statement. We won that day, hopefully a good omen (Yze also had a day out that day with 5) https://afltables.com/afl/stats/games/2006/071120060730.html In the time since we have both lost out hair and he had got a lot more ink I reckon he has a great career post game, He has a really smart performer who has got the most out of his body. Looking forward to his next chapter. He also joined a very small exclusive 300 demon club. He and David can have a few beers and wait to the next generation (and there is a few in this team) try and join.
  10. Didn't we kick 9-11 or something like that
  11. thought it was a hang over from his time singing for King Parrot
  12. Guthrie goes down little to easy from a viney bump. Must be the "virus" or jack is a tough as a cats head
  13. Beat the hell out of each other. big stef, smash in to everyone you can see
  14. We kicked straight and brought the pressure go dees
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