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  1. Looks like 2 years to take him through to end of 2023, after which time he becomes an RFA. Great news - well done Tim!
  2. My mail was wrong (and perfectly happy that it was!) I hope he’s a Dee for life. The question will be - with Jordon and Sparrow emerging - do you try and fit him in as an outside mid when it’s clearly not his best position?
  3. They drafted him with the idea of him being our Caleb Daniel.
  4. Paulo - I think your second list is pretty much spot on, with Holmes out, and a couple of others at the top who the club were prepared to trade up for if they could.
  5. Yep - elite kicking and elite decision making. Goes to the game plan. Ben Brown's going to be charging at these two, and they need the skill to hit him on that lead.
  6. I think that's exactly right. The Holmes 'interest' was a red herring.
  7. I think Andrew Phillips is as good as locked in for that role.
  8. My good mate and I went to the first practice match that year which as I recall was at Optus Oval against Carlton. Woewodin was miles ahead of anyone else on the ground - had about 35 touches. Old mate went and plonked $20 on him for the Brownlow the next day at $401. I stupidly didn’t.
  9. I’d use it and our other 2nd round pick and whatever else is necessary to make points match to package up to the Bulldogs for pick 13.
  10. Sure did. Averaged 3+ goals a game against us - more than he did against any other club.
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