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  1. On this day last year I was picnicking in the Yarra Park sun in the lawn at the MCG. Looking forward to trade period so I can stop drawing comparisons.
  2. Never tried that one! Not usually one for this but its a beautiful day on the Yarra so why not.
  3. Good day for a couple of white wine spritzers
  4. I'd say they are probably on the right track. They will have to be accountable
  5. It goes to show that you need strong leaders to win a premiership.
  6. Yes. He was terrible and he's diminished much more than people care to admit because they love the great fella. The one year deal was a mistake I reckon.
  7. Hopefully a Melbourne v Geelong GF for all the marbles in 2023
  8. Has anyone else had enough of this garbage?
  9. Great stuff big boy. The old "Look what I wrote a month ago" routine.
  10. I wouldn't have any wrists left.
  11. Oh yeah, that one was so unmemorable I forgot it
  12. Thr last two Grand Finals at the G were the two worst of the AFL era
  13. They were meant to be waving red and white flags but left the red at home
  14. In the words of Shawn Michaels ij the lost my smile speech. "I'm gonna go home now"
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