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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Can't think of too many of the top mf my head. Especially not recently. Trav J - No Maclean - No Bruce - No Cheeney - No . . . Edit: Parhaps I missed the sarcasm.
  2. I was thinking the other day that it would be good for our club to stop adding pressure to our early draft picks before they've even played a game by giving them a club significant number. Start them all somewhere in the 40's and when they prove themselves and sign their first contract then find them something significant. Don't parade them out in the MCG boardroom along side club greats receiveing a significant number before them even broken a sweat.
  3. Please, oh please read and re-read this. We have a tough first 11 Rounds. Lets see where we're at come our bye in Round 12. At least then we'll have some real data to analyse.
  4. So much negativity about one pre-season game. Very, very hard to believe. I seriously think some of the contributors here need to take a deep breathe and just relax. Hawthorn are a very good side AND are up and running (unlike so many of the other fancied sides). We are 3 weeks into a new coaching panel with a rookie coach. The side selection and match ups SCREAMED education and experimentation. The players and coaching are still learning (and will continue the steep learning curve for the first half of the season). Next week is the dress rehearsal and some more can be taken out of that result, whatever it is. March 31st is opening night (18 days away) and it is then that we will really be able to how far we have come and how far we have to go. When we have our bye in Round 12, and have played 11 real, bonafide AFL Premiership Season games, that is when a considered and level headed judgement can be made about our list, gameplan, player developmet etc etc. Until then please stay away from sharp objects and dangerous heights.
  5. Hawthorn showed why they are top 2 favourites with many at the moment. They have a unique style amongst AFL sides at the moment and will take some special planning to beat. Our side was still very much in practice mode (selection, match-ups, subs etc). Our ball handling was dissappointing but pressure and contests were OK. One point I would like to make is that the trail out of bounds rule does not suit us. A lot of our so called rushed kicks we have been making from the backline would be considered great, pressure relieving kicks in the normal season. In the NAB cup they give the ball back to the oppisition. Given our improvements around the stoppages, a throw in 70m out from our defensive goal would be considered a big win for us. Got very annoyed with the Foxtel commentators. The main one was when they really got into Fitz for supposedly not working hard enough on Hale when he got one of his goals. The continued on with it even after the replay showed Fitz competing against Hawthorns other ruckman at the bounce 70m away from where the quick kick that Hale marked landed. Spud Frawley is exactly that. A Spud.
  6. I'm not overly fussed by the change but I can understand there being some dissappointment. This Intraclub has been advertised front and centre for weeks now on the club website. In the eyes of some at the club it is very much so for the benefit of supporters. Something as heavily promoted as this should be far more than an open traing session. Posters must remember that there are many supporters who are not as clever as they are about all things football who would have been planning and looking forward to this day for a long time now. They would have been expecting a Intraclub game like they have seen in the past. They have every right to be annoyed.
  7. "Where's the Any key?" "Over the years I've learnt to consider you as people I... met."
  8. Slightly off topic but I hate how the FINAL teams for the Sunday games are so hard to come by. We get the extended list on Thursday night which includes the 3 emergencies but the final team which is confirmed on Friday night often slips under the radar. With 3 games every Sunday, its about time they either announced the final team on Thursday like everyone else (seriously how often wouldn't the clubs settle on the final team by then) or they don't announce anything for the Sunday games until Friday. Unless I am listening to SEN at the exact time (and it's different every week) the final teams come through, I miss it.
  9. http://mobro.co/SteveThomas76 Lost my Dad to cancer earlier this year so I was keener than ever to take part.
  10. I heard the Run Home last night. Franky and Ox said SEN and HUN were both chasing a story and whoever got it first would release it. I get the feeling the "story" they are both after hasn't been found or confirmed. Nothing I have read or heard today is new info or sensational at all. i think there is still more to come. Yay us....
  11. Krakours was underwhelming imo. Love to see it and Pettards side by side. Haven't seen Pettards for a while but from memory was more spectacular.
  12. Freo have shown a new side to their operations but it was by accident really. If Harvey was managed by a different crew than Lyon, things would have resolved much differently. Freo would have gone to Lyon's management, just like we did and would have been receiving the same information that we did. Lyon would have used his managemnt to do all negotiations and in the end it would have been a bidding war (incidently which we would have lost). The fact that Lyon and Harvey were managed by the same group forced Freo to go straight to Lyon, and have made Lyon look very deceitful.
  13. I have to disagree with this. These are unprecedented times. The fact a team can offer Scully the sort of money rumoured, as well as the facilites etc that GWS has to offer (I saw a story on them reently and they are awesome) - it's never happened before and probably won't for another 20 years. No one predicted it or worried about it enough, otherwise the clubs would have tried to stop the poaching of young players. The MFC is really nothing but victims of unusual times if we lose him, BUT I have a feeling we might be better off if we do. I think 2 first round picks to be used at a time of our chosing (2012 draft already being labelled a SUPER draft) could be more valuable to us that keeping Scully (yes I have my doubts on his potential). Time will tell on that one I guess.
  14. Decided to start a new post about the other kick-in. The one where we are trying to defend. It was very ordinary and we were extremely lucky to not get really hurt on the scoreboard. On at least 5 occasions we allowed several GC players to get past our defensive zone and it was only by chance (ie unforced skill errors and fumbles), not good management the ball got held up before they could get it to these players for easy, easy goals. The lack of coverage for these players was a real concern and we really dodged a bullet on Sunday.
  15. I would like to be able to squeeze into the backline the line breaking running ability of Blease with the line clearing kicking ability of Tapscott. If the oppisition tries to stop Blease by clogging things up in close, give the ball to Tappy who kicks it over the lines - and vice versa. The crowd reaction when Blease got the ball yesterday was a lot of fun. Similar to the crowd involvement in the days when Davey was on the prowl doing his run downs.
  16. Clarkson > Eade > Malthouse Malthouse is the flavour of the month BUT it took him a very long time and A LOT more resources than we can throw at our football department. He has every luxury an AFL coach would want - money, facilities, top assistant coaches and a stand alone VFL side. It still took him a long time to win one, perhaps two flags. He's also a [censored]. Eade has a good record, without the ultimate success. I believe he could do more with our list and football department resources than Malthouse could. 7 years without a flag is probably long enough to lose the confidence of the players, but we have a good list ready to learn and perform for a new coach. Clarkson's record at Hawthorn speaks for itself. Our potential talent could possibly be better than Hawthorns (we probably have more Top 20 picks on our list) and our football department spend would only be slightly behind. Has a history with our club and current powerbrokers. Go get him.
  17. It's been the way we have lost that has been so dissappointing, not the numbers of wins or losses. We have been completely unable to cope with heavy, organised pressure and zones. We competed better with the better sides last year than this year. Despite how the players felt about Bailey, I think once his game plan came unstuck so dramatically in games against Hawthorn and West Coast early on in the season, the players lost faith in it and we saw the big blow outs. Despite what our win/loss record looks like at the end of the year, we went backwards.
  18. Who would benefit by leaving this incident on the field? No one. Who benefits by getting this stuff out in the public forum? Everyone.
  19. I wish we could trade some of OUR feral supporters to Collingwood. All those who pulled out all the normal PC gone made, nanny state remarks without knowing the full story. Digusting posts. It was obvious that this wasn't a normal mum jibe. No footballer would react in such a way to a fat/ugly mumma joke. A truly "soft' society is one that doesn't stand up to idiots like McGinnity and Sherman on the field and the racist comments and rapist chants from the crowds.
  20. Jimmy did sound very tired. Hope this doesn't have too much of a effect on his health. It is a reality of footy clubs that at times like this the coach takes the fall. He is ultimately responsibility for how the players on the list are developed, trained, motivated and directed to play. It has been obvious to me since our completely disorganised and chaotic second half performance against Hawthorn early in the year that our team is not motivated and directed in the right way against the top teams. Our beating up of lowly oppisition only strengthed this feeling. Bails is speaking atm the moment and saying quite similar. As usual you can't fault his demenor and sentiments. He departs with his character unquestioned. Massive decision in front of us. Hope we get it right.
  21. Watts was in the typical airport footage this morning on Fox Sports news so he made the trip. They spoke to Rivers in the report. Nothing re team make-up, just the expected stuff about needing to prove oursleves on the road etc.
  22. I never said that the FD didn't make mistakes. All I said was that I was in agreement with their deciscion to promote Newton from the rookie list (ie the FD and I still believe Newton has something to offer at AFl level). Only time will tell if it was a mistake or not.
  23. Was he promoted to the senior list too?
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