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  1. Being NFC Champs isn't an easy task JV. You have beaten some very good and experienced playoff teams to be Champs. Teams like Green Bay, Seattle and Carolina are used to playoffs. If your boys can take that into next year a playoff game anywhere against Atlanta is going to be a tough assignment. You could've been the only undefeated team in the NFL after 5 rounds and have your defense being compared to the greatest of all time and then go 3-8 for the rest of the year.
  2. There was a good read on Atlanta's GM who traded up for Julio Jones. Belichick rang him and said don't do it. If Belichick rang me and told me to change my fish n chip order I would. I think it worked out well for Atlanta.
  3. That's a good point Macca. Perfect example is your boys. For most of the year the talk was Rogers is cooked. Then it was Rogers is the MVP. They found a way to win the division and when it mattered for most part they threatened. Jus gotta win the division. Seeds and home field don't matter too much.
  4. Sorry JV that is awful. I finished re watching the second half and I'm still dumb founded at the turn around by the Pats. Brady will get a lot of accolades but I think belichick is the MVP. To adjust the way they did being down 28-3 is huge. Atlanta had done enough on defense but we're on the field a lot on in the first half and the more plays you have the more belichick can uncover a weakness.
  5. This is gonna be hard for the Pats to come back. Atlanta can just play the effective run game and hold onto the ball.
  6. Yep that sideline catch by Julio was pretty good. Atlanta looking really good.
  7. Would Brady even be nervous right now?
  8. The Giants figured out the Pats in superbowls. NY held onto to the ball for ever behind a solid run game and a clutch Eli. In one of their 2 wins NY had a TD drive that nearly took up the whole first quarter. Atlanta are a different offense though. I read that on a first down throw they average nearly 8 yards completed. They are a big time offense but have we seen belichick contain offenses for many years. How is Atlanta's run game JV?
  9. I'm back from the wilderness. Congrats to gorgoroth for the tipping comp whooping he gave me and the rest of this fine group. Shame I missed the post season comp but I'm usually very horrible at it anyway. Great to see Atlanta in the SB. They are up against the evil empire so who doesn't want Atlanta to win? I know playoffs don't count but after watching Atlanta I forgot that Matt Ryan had a stunning year and he could be the MVP. Rodgers did all he could but the Pats have belichick, Cowboys have a running game and defense, Atlanta have a running game and Julio Jones. My point is what does Rodgers have? He has himself. Give the man some defense or a running game and they are NFC Champs every year jus like the Pats in the AFC.
  10. I'm up bush with no reception walking around and found a spot. Dallas KC Seattle
  11. Washington Tennessee San Diego Merry Xmas and new years years to all.
  12. Tough tipping week. Vikes are cooked we basically got smashed. The NFC is a bit tricky I dunno who will playoff in the conference game. I'd say it'll come down to the teams who are the healthiest and are firing at the time. This is where the week off can haunt some teams come playoff time.
  13. Once again I can see the vikes at Green Bay for a playoff spot. It's all Detroit's fault 8 times they have been down in the last quarter and come back to win.
  14. Green Bay Pittsburgh New England
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