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  1. Melk is on the edge so is Weid. But they are demons. Melk has given his all for several years. Remember the finals in 2018. He gave us a lot of pleasure. I feel for him that he and Jonesy and Jetta will probably miss the finals after all they have given for us to get us here. If you cannot respect them, then stop writing
  2. Marking is a talent. It's in the hands. The Weid has modest talent and is unlikely to improve to any significant level. Naughton showed how much better he is. If he gets the hands on it, it sticks even under pressure. Those who talk about grabbing the second grab, know little about being a good mark. Good marks don't needed a second grab. There are a range of players of all sizes in our team who are great competative marks, May Lever Salem, Rivers, possibly Petty, Brayshaw, Petracca, Oliver, Viney, Fritzsche, Gawn Tom Mac. They will mark in a competative situation, against comparatively similar size. I would not trust the following to consistently win a marking competition, Hibberd, Hunt, Spargo, Neil Bullen. Some players are ok Langdon, Harmes. Not sure about Jordon yet. Talented marks display it from early days eg Rivers. Weid has been in the system some 7 years and he still is little more than modest. Yes experience and confidence will help, but he'll never be great. It's a talent some have and some don't (Unfortunately Jack Watts did't have it) just like kicking for goal. Jack Watts did have the kicking talent, Max Gawn doesn't but Tom Mac does. The Weid has a beautiful kicking style, but beyond 30 metres he is merely a 50 50 chance. He's got an awful lot of work to do to meet our hopes.
  3. Anybody know the actual state of Petty's injury/fitness state and readiness of selection. I'm a believer, preferably back but sometimes forward if we need. Fit and I'd pick him this week
  4. Give me a country boy any day. Preferably a farmer. Go Tom, but what happened to Oscar. Did you board him in a city private school where he played Golf all day. He had to learn something there
  5. Yes a touch of the 'Flash,' acceleration, agility, kicking. Very positive
  6. I can't understand SEN signing up Cornes for even one year. Gossage, Cornes, its all part of the expansion plan. Not merit
  7. I'm certainly glad you are not in charge of the football department. You have no idea how to build a list
  8. Not venturing into the game of criticising Oscar (I think he had good skills but just lacked the necessary 'frostie' pace) but if I was him and played golf off the 1 or 2 he is on, I know what I would be doing on the weekend. You can play for life at a nice leissurely pace.
  9. Great golfer, in fact the best. Actually has good skills, kicking and marking but lack of speed and strength means he doesn't succeed on the backline. He was better last year when the team success kept it in our half most of the time and his skills worked on the 'switch' tactic when it came out of our half. As Tom struggles this year on forward line I don't know why they didn't swap them around. Tom on Jenkins and maybe Oscar might have snagged a mark or two and a couple of goals. Things can happen unexpectedly. Not withstanding, I agree his numbers are numbered baring injuries.
  10. Has played three games this year (including practice match against pies) We have won them all
  11. Campbell Brown believes he will be a 10 yr player. That's great. Jetta is not lightning fast. I was a very very slow believer but eventually came round because his other skills found their spot
  12. At 187. Not his job. But he can mark, kick long and pass all accurately
  13. can mark which too many of our players can't do. Both goals on highlight reel were from 50 plus from goal. The set shot goal ball carried close to 60 metres. OUtside 50 and easily 5 metres past goal
  14. Pity you weren't at the ground. Listening to the radio for analysis is not good enough. Go back to Casey development squad and practice analysis obversation
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