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  1. After week 1 of the Dreamteam Finals comp, Melbourne supporters are again on top with an avergae of 1848, 10 ahead of the Dorks and Toiges supporters. Go Dees :)
  2. That's a very, very impressive record Bingo. Come and join us for this. It's quite a different game without Salary caps etc. The more the merrier. EDIT: While we're gloating, I finished 345th out of 83,576 in the Heraldsun SuperTipping comp
  3. Same here for this week. I want Collingwood, Essendon and Carltank out ASAP. After that I will be going for the Bulldogs and Saints (in that order).
  4. I think you're safe. Richmond seem to have a long road ahead of them. I would be very, very dissappointed if we finished below them.
  5. All sounds a little bit too late from the council. We have made long term commitments to Casey, which from all appearances seem to be working out well.
  6. Perhaps we could follow Richmond's idea and make our longest serving Captain's number into the number all the captains wear. Junior goes to number 9, freeing up 23 for LJ. Jurrah will fit right in with the likes of Jordan and Le Bron James.
  7. I'd take 7... I would like to him stay with the same number simply because there are probably 100's of kids with 48 on their back now. My son put 39 on his jumper last year for Aussie only to see him change to 33 at the start of this season. I have to keep telling him who 39 is now.
  8. I would love to see someone, ANYONE from MFC kick some 8+ goal hauls. How long ago did we see that? Cuthbertson did that at least a couple of times.
  9. Knock yourself out undeenianble, but I think we all agree that LJ is in a league of his own in both immediate impact and potential. You could also compare Newton to J Brown and Nick Riewoldt, but no one is saying Newton is in that sort of company. My intention is to compare Newton with other young, non-superstar forwards who most people think will make OK AFL players.
  10. I am one of the few here that hold on to some hope that Newton can make it at AFL level. Here are some comparisons agaisnt similar players. Statistically he stacks up pretty well. Assuming he remains on our list next year (not traded or sacked) it will be a real interest for me to observe how he goes. Josh Kennedy Jack Riewoldt Jay Neagle Tom Hawkins Flame away... :D
  11. Ottens didn't play as a small defender. He was more 2nd or 3rd tall defender I thought. Very much like Rivers imo.
  12. That's not a suprise at all imo. He was the clear standout I thought. It takes most midfielders several seasons to get anywhere close to his skill, fitness and composure. Much harder to give the remaining votes though. Grime probably needed to play more games and spend time in the midfield to have polled some votes. Right or wrong, there is a perception that the small defender/rebounding role is the easiest to play in modern football. Grimes is more than that, but unfortunately didn't have many opportunities to show it due to injuries.
  13. People must be seeing something in Pears that I have missed....
  14. It would be a disgrace if Rich didn't win. He has been a real standout and must be making several recruiters a little nervous for letting him slip to Pick 7. Out of the others mentioned Dangerfield, Ottens and Hurley should all vote well. The first two for consistency and Hurley has shown good form and promise very recently and will be fresh in the judges mind.
  15. 18 teams and counting. Not so many of Demonland's super frequent posters taking part as yet. Jaded? HT? RR? rpfc? bel59? Let's see if there is a correlation between the amount of posts and general football knowledge (if one can draw a conclusion about that from Fantasy football).
  16. It is very hard to draw conclusions from that last game except that Melbourne is better now than 12 months ago and that St Kilda need to lift if they want to go deep into September. On Sunday there were several passages of play that proved our skill, ball movement, pressure and descision making is better than last year. And that is with a side that has a very long injury list. Our list is so even it is impossible to tell, but one could easliy argue that if we had our best 22 available at least half of the team would change. We are getting better. The game finished with an 8 goal win, but that margin stretched out in junk time. The actual gap between us and St Kilda if we were both at our best is impossible to tell. St Kilda may never reach the rarified form they were in 8 weeks ago. The amount of "holding back" down by our coaching staff is also impossible to measure. When I weigh up what I perceive to be "tanking" efforts, the long injury list, and the results of the last few weeks, I think we are likely to at least double our amount of wins next year.
  17. I am prepared to be patient, but I feel the list is already (i.e. without the incoming draftees) showing signs of heading in the right direction. Hawthorn showed last year that sometimes sucess is closer than most people think. There is at least plenty of real reasons to hope for sucess, rather than the blind and mis-guided hope we have had to settle for in recent years. The taste is definetely there.
  18. A saying from the computer game Starcraft - "They'll never even know what hit em" (in a southern US accent)
  19. Couldn't agree more. Everything seems to be falling into place for a period of sustained sucess on and off field. Time to see our dreams become reality.
  20. As in done just after Round 22, 2009. The next poll can be done just before Round 1 2010.
  21. There's plenty of discussion about this at the moment. Might have to re do the poll just before the new season starts.
  22. I would much prefer in 2010 for all players to have to compete for a spot on the team rather than be gifted it. Part of our development now (2010 and beyond) has to be creating the culture that no matter who you are, you are picked on your merits, not for development, experience etc. Make all the players, no matter their potential or draft pick have to earn their spot. I think this goes especially for Watts. I am concerned that he is lacking the drive and hunger that is displayed by other, less talented youngsters who perhaps feel they have much more to prove. The attack on the contest shown by Watts so far has been lacking in intent.
  23. Link to the register page. I am assuming you have to re-pick your team again after each week. The restrictions on how many players from each team will change week by week.
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