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  1. There was only about 25000 there tonight and im tipping a fair few of those who are posting on here were watching from the comfort of their couches. An issue for another day but poor turnout by YOU. Being at the ground we worked hard to pressure and harrass Sydney but where we kept getting hammered was not pinning the ball or the player in the tackles and contested situations. Far too many times we got tackled and the ball was either held up or turned over and then when the swans players were tackled they either broke them or got the ball free and out to a player who moved it on quickly. Qu
  2. I love Spencer's aggression, I hope he has learnt how to dispose of the ball. I really hope the Toump does well and shuts a few people up. Great to see Billy has earnt a game, hope it is enjoyable for him. Mckenzie is a bloke who has I believe extracted everything he could out of himself and if only our whole list played with his effort and intensity. That said I don't think he will play again except for injuries as we are finally building more depth and others have gone past him. Grimes is in a similar boat. I was/am a big fan of his but his disposal lets him down at times and whilst I am dis
  3. The commentary is not reliable as they commonly get the players wrong or don't call them at all. It is a tough gig in local/vfl footy but just simply innacurate today. As for our big blokes, Spencer cannot mark it and even when he does get a free kick he is the single worst kick of the footy currently on an afl list. Gawn has not been much better with his goal kicking.
  4. Like this from Roos. Yes we got beaten horribly in the second half but he is giving the players a chance to atone for themselves instead of the typical kneejerk reaction many here call for and that we would commonly see in the pre-Roos era. Should they underperform two weeks in a row then expect some changes the following week but somehow i do not believe we will be as bad again. Doesn't mean we will win, just a far better performance across the board.
  5. We will give the crowd a run for their money and are a good show for an upset.... Well I can dream...
  6. I'm getting toey for a glorified practice match. It's awesome having the footy back! Just please do me one solid this year Melbourne and DONT SUCK! I want us to be respected each week even if outmatched.
  7. Thanks for the report TDI. It is ridiculous however the way each and every thread is derailed into personal attacks and vendettas against other posters. For the vast majority, the training reports are fantastic no matter who they are from and all different views and opinions are great. Just because someone doesn't agree with you however or you dislike the way someone describes something doesn't mean you need to start attacking them again and again thread after thread. It is tedious. TDI- great work in general, can you refrain from the constant lemon suckers etc jibes as they just inflame thing
  8. Thanks for the very informative post Webber. A shame for ANB but better to find out now, get it fixed and given this season is a delayed start, he will still have time to get fit again and play a reasonable chunk of games.
  9. Even if Gawn did another knee I would keep him on the list ahead of Spencer. Spencer is a big strong guy who gives his all but he is an absolute liability with the ball by either hand or foot and provides absolutely nothing around the ground, as a forward or helping out the defence. He is purely insurance if heaven forbid Jamar and Gawn go down. Fitzy is not an AFL standard ruckman. He is a pinch hitter at best. I also don't see the forward capability that people talk about on here. Again he is just insurance for Hogan, Dawes and Pederson. Our rucks have not been our most pressing need and qui
  10. Has someone got a face palm or just a head shaking gif for this? Please just think a fraction longer before typing next time.
  11. Thanks TDI. As it is the last session can you just post what you gleaned from each and all of the players you spoke too. Thanks
  12. Thanks to the preliminary reports thus far, now c'mon guys, give us poor folk who couldn't make it a real in depth write up.........
  13. Thanks Yoko. As per my post earlier in the thread it's the work rate and improvement in the younger midfielders (2-4 year players) and trade acquisitions like Michie, Newton, Kent, Viney, Toumpas, Riley, JKH etc who I believe are the absolute keys to our improvement next year.
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