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  1. Unfortunately, I reckon they are going to. Smith should get it, he has been brilliant today.
  2. And Fox. He has been the only Swan to run all day.
  3. One of Smith, Dangerfield, Stengle or Duncan for the Norm Smith. Smith for mine, but they will look for a way to get it ot Dangerfield.
  4. There are a lot of Geelong players who really annoy me, but the fact that Rhys Stanley gets a premiership medallion totally does my head in.
  5. Ah well, Cats premiers. Far, far too good for Swannies today. 2022 has turned out to be a carp of a footy year. Now, where is that Shiraz?
  6. So, even after feeling OK having had at least made the semi-finals, and the Swans being in the GF, it now looks as though I have to endure the Cats winning. There is not enough Shiraz in the whole of Victoria to make that thought palatable. For the love of all things sacred, please no...
  7. Even though we didn't make it this year, i feel really, really good. I've seen us raise the flag, and in a 'poorer' year we played in the semi-final. I am in my MFC 2021 premiership clothing merchandise because we are the reigning premier until it is decided otherwise. However, like Chook above, I want more. Lots more. With this midfield and backline a minimum of two flags is a pass.
  8. I probably disagree with most here on DL, and I don't want to lose him. I see him as much more than depth or cover. I do agree his mobility is hampered since his knee reco, but I continue to rate him very highly as a defender. He is far too good for VFL (actually he is wasted there) and he can kick. It looks like we can't keep him because other players have the coaching groups "favour" but I will hate to lose him.
  9. I am getting so sick of being told what I have to believe, support or endorse. Totally jack of it to be honest. I have to respect the Queen or I am (insert scathing judgement here) I have to support Indigenous rights or I am ... I have to wear rainbow shoe laces on LGBTQI awareness day or I am ... I have to wear pink on breast cancer awareness day or I am ... I have to respect this or that flag or I am ... If I welcome refugees I am a soft ... but if I reject them I am a hard-hearted ... I have a history, conscience and mind of my own and I will decide what I choose to accept, reject or even be neutral about. And hopefully, in this age of tolerance, I can sit down and have a wine or beer with someone who passionately disagrees with me. I am glad Daisy spoke her mind and I hope she respects the person who disagrees with her. If Prince Charles has been a passionate greeny for 50 years I hope he doesn't become silent just because he is supposed to be in some 'non-political' role. We spent 4 generations in this country being told not to talk about sex, death, religion or politics. Now we have an entire culture of people who can't or won't talk about important things. Rant over.
  10. Interesting watching the Casey today. Who plays well, who struggles, who is AFL standard, who is not etc... You would think Turner, JVR , Bedford and Chandler look AFL standard and ready to go. Also interesting to keep my eye on Woewodin who looked very composed at times but probably a year away from being ready. Weideman, too, looks too good at times, but again, even when it was dry, he dropped marks that hit his hands clean. Disappointing. But his ruck work was really good against White, Chandler, Dunstan, Melksham and Munro were outstanding today.
  11. I have no idea who you are IRW, but that is one of the oddest posts I have ever seen on Demonland (and considering the wide field of "odd posts" that is quite a claim!). But I feel a Monty Python quote coming on, from the Holy Grail: "what a strange person".
  12. Chook, that is close to the best Demonland quote of 2022. It sums up Kane Cornes brilliantly.
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