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  1. 6 Fumbling 5 Trying to avoid the first tackler and getting pinged 4 the V8 running on 5 cylinders 3 Spargo 2 Fritsch 1 Petty
  2. More points than goals... again. Consistent high long bombs into our F50 that went nowhere. Handballing to stationary team mates 1 metre away, or high loopy ones putting them under pressure. Flogged at ground level all over the ground. Little intensity around the packs And stuff me, the fumbling. What was that. Sometimes I have no idea why I waste so much time watching the Dees play. With ball in hand we were so unenjoyable. And if I see one more player try to evade the 1st tackle, get whacked, and then stuff up trying to do the 2nd handball, I will puke. Give the first option. And yet, we are on top of the ladder. How can we be on top of the ladder and yet I feel so carp!!!
  3. Wow. With one of the best lists we have ever had, and we simply won't show any intensity. Getting flogged around the ball, jogging around, and getting annihilated at half forward.
  4. Our fumbling is really starting to irritate.
  5. Frustrating to watch. Clean up our skills and we kill them. Viney struggling. Delivery to half forward putrid. Hawks pressure good.
  6. Good question. If form in the Casey games is any indicator, and trying to replace something close to like for like, Jones would be first up, and Melksham next. Neither can offer exactly what Harmes has but they are the closest. Bowey or Sparrow from the young guys. Declase coud be a ripper but it is too soon for him.
  7. Personally, I think bringing in Vanders is a mistake. I have watched a bit of Casey games and would have thought a fair few were in front of him. I love his tackling and toughness, but he is a momentum killer. His mistakes are often brutally simple but result in opposition goals. Hope I am wrong today.
  8. Another snooze fest. If it wasn't for Fyffe being such a star there would be no reason to watch. I really hope he turns on a ripper tonight but so far not much to enjoy.
  9. Thursday night Dees play great footy to win a big game. Saturday - a full day slowly pottering in the garden followed by slow roasted lamb over a day-long fire pit, with a nice Barossa red. Saints beat the Lions. Watched all 3 sets of Barty playing the stick inset from Czech. Sunday meal at Pratty's Patch celebrating 29 years of marriage. Bulldogs show their pressure weakness again and lose to the Swans. Tiges get done. Feeling like a really smug b**tard tonight with the woodfire on and the Dees on top of the ladder. Look out Mrs Maldonboy!
  10. Appalling free kick (and subsequent goal) to the Dogs. Umpire should be in the VFL next week for that.
  11. Jared Rivers and Jeremy Howe on the golf course at Sandringham. Both really nice blokes - happy to chat and not full of themselves at all.
  12. A great game of footy between Dogs and Swans, Swans looking really good.
  13. Young players can develop habits that need quick attention. Think Kozzie and his flopping for free kicks. Young Bowie needs to stop showing disgust every time someone does not kick it to him. The kid has some talent but I would hate him to end up with an entitled attitude like Rankine from the Gold Coast. Bradtke is really interesting. How long can you let someone take take to develop? We have seen nothing over 3 years (?) But he looked really good yesterday.
  14. As much as I despise the expansion clubs, I have to take my hat off to Gold Coast. I hate the modern terminology of a team's "brand", but you can actually see a definite system of play emerging. Can't believe I am saying this, but I actually enjoy watching them.
  15. My eldest son almost played for the Boort 2nds - for a bit of kick and giggle. Your observation is astonishgly accurate.
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