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  1. I had him being delisted at the end of this year - couldn't see his best place in our starting 22, and hadn't seen improvement in 2 years. Actually, I thought he had regressed. Boy am I glad I am wrong. He is quick and tough, a lot harder physically than he looks, and a serious handful for other teams in their planning. Loving his footy this year.
  2. There are standard places on a screen where our eyes go, and standard practices most people's mouses(?) and keyboards follow. Microsoft made their money out of the easy and intuitive interaction people have with most of their products. The AFL website totally lacks an intuitive customer interface. We have to work so hard to get the most basic and popular information That b****y annoying match centre is ok once you re in it, but an horrendous design position for the home page. As much as I love the video feeds, I also want to read articles. The default % of videos is way too hig
  3. Chocco is as mad as a cut snake and I love him. He has a strange mix of qualities: He is a communicator. Lots of people have football smarts and experience, but very few can convey it to others in a way that helps them learn or develop. He is passionate about people and passionate about footy. He is a genuine teacher Did I mention that he is stark raving nuts? He no longer wants to be a head coach He can balance being direct and corrective, while also encouraging and positive. A rare mix Best MFC appointment since Paul Roos and THAT photo of him
  4. Absolute no from me. You play for a club, not a team. Enough of this "injuries ruin football". It's part of the game. Move on.
  5. Sparrow for Melksham definitely. If either of Brown or Weid were fit, TMac would have to be in the spotlight, as much as I like what he brings to team balance. Our main struggle against Geelong will be our young forward line against their defenders. Gawn and Jackson might need to rotate through forward 50 AND the bench, to being more size and physical options.
  6. I think we Dees supporters have become so used to turnovers, bad skills, losing games by giving up 5-6 goals in 1 quarter etc... that we now complain about small stuff too much. There are mistakes all over the ground, each week and in every game, from both teams and the umpiring - even in great games like Doggies v Eagles last week. I love that we are 3 - 0, but the most pleasing thing is we are playing great TEAM footy. There are very few occasions where we are burning our team mates, or individuals being too selfish for too long, or choosing the long bomb without thinking etc... Some of
  7. Each year I have my 'quote of the year". This is the winner for 2021 so far, by the length of the Flemington Straight. Love your style Rab.
  8. 1. Robbie. 2. Hardeman (so often the forgotten man of the MFC. He outmarked and outplayed the great full forwards of Hudson, Wade, McKenna etc... As a young kid, Melbourne were rarely on tv but the radio commentators used to love him) 3. Brett Lovett. Looked like a plodder but was an absolute gun off half back. Reliable, attacking, incredible team player. 4. Schwartz. Every skill, physically intimidating, great shot for goal, towering mark. 5. Farmer. Next in line: Lyon, Davey, or Gawn.
  9. We have to do our very best to keep him. Not "give him what he wants", but something close to it. I agree that he has some parts of his game that need improving - like handballing to team mates who are too close and already under pressure, and trying to get around the tackle when he had a first option to give a releasing handball - but the rest of his game is simply a joy to watch. He plays at full pace, has amazing quick and accurate hands, his kicking has become a weapon, he runs all day, and racks up possessions bringing team mates into the game. He reminds me a bit of Stephen Tin
  10. I clearly remember all the ruckmen on that list. Dempsey was a freak, an absolute freak and thrashed every opponent he played against most weeks. His defensive marking was his trade mark, and his tap work was just so accurate. Madden was basically a giant goal-kicking, high marking midfielder who changed ruck play. He was the first I remember who jumped early into his opponent for serious hangtime, and then palmed it in a range of full 360 degrees, including behind his head while he was in the air. Moore was so athletic who, like Madden, had midfielder qualities. He could chang
  11. I have been holding myself back for a while now, but I think I am ready to elevate Gawn into a very elite group of ruckmen. Best I have seen in order: Gary Dempsey Simon Madden Peter Moore Dean Cox I am fairly happy to move Max Gawn into no.5 in this group. Watching him is pure pleasure. His tap work is as good as Dempsey, his field running as good as Cox, his kicking is now as relaible as Moore. I doubt his marking will get to the heights of Madden, but he is a very, very good mark. Absolute gun is our Max and I also need to eat humble pie about his captai
  12. Brayshaw is my favourite current Dees player. When he is on I love his hardness, and his run and carry. But he has been really poor in rounds 1 and 2. I will cut him some slack because he has had little preseason, but the pressure on positions makes his place in the 22 shaky. Melksham in for him is a real possibility but would rather see Brayshaw recover his form. Fritsch is killing me - don't know what to do about his goal kicking. No way do we stuff up good team balance and ream effort by bringing in Vandenberg or Hibberd just for the sake of it.
  13. The brother-in-law of a friend played 50 games with the Dees, and I got to go in the rooms prior to a game versus Essendon while Carl was coach. We won by about 5 goals (I think) and sung "bye bye Bombers" to the cricket chant popular at the time "Come on Aussie come on, come on"! It is a long time ago now, but I remember him as a well spoken, excellent coach who the players adored. He surprised me with how calm, articulate and teacher-like he was. It felt like he left all the biffo and "bigger than life" stuff until he was out on the field. But he was VERY physically intimidating and eve
  14. Two things important for us to do well if we want to win: 1. Defensive spread from our midfielders. Freo waltzed around us in numbers through the middle of the ground and they achieved 50+ inside 50's. However, at one point we had Jordon, Sparrow and Bradshaw at some centre bounces which didn't help. Viney in is a massive bonus if he is fit. 2. If we hit our targets inside 50, we win. On Saturday, our delivery into 50 and set shot goal kicking was embarrassing.
  15. Yes, but they did it at the mark.
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