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  1. I loathe the Blues, but I have to give them credit on this last quarter. Away from home, hostile crowd, and they come out dominating.
  2. Two good teams chucking everything at each other, but a LOT of unsuccessful forward thrusts, meaning most of the energy and effort being used up between the arcs. Port missing Rozee's class and speed.
  3. I suppose defining "greatest" means some strange interplay between skill, influence, fan favourite, and club devotion. I'm going to use my Dees-mad mother (dec.)as an additional reference point to my own experiences and observations. To save myself all the angst of rating them in order, I will put my top 5 in chronological order: 1. Norm Smith 2. Ron Barassi 3. Robbie Flower 4. Max Gawn 5. Clayton Oliver Shwartz almost makes it. Would have been anything without injury. Stynes was a freak and changed the ruck role into being midfielders as well. Petracca is by far the best match winner, big moments player I have seen at the Dees. Stuey Spencer - Mum reckoned he could play in any era and excel. And just for the hell of it - MFC Freaks of nature: Farmer, Jakovich, Stynes & Jurrah. And last - Lyon and Brian Wilson are much better footballers than people give them credit for.
  4. Patience, my young padawan, patience. This kid is a gem but he is not ready for the midfield yet. Yet. I see him in there in the next 2 years. Also we have no-one else with his poise and kicking skills to replace him down back.
  5. Gives me strong TMac vibes. Solid and dependable, good team man, can play either end of the ground, safe in pressured moments. Is better than he often appears. Worthy of a thorough investigation depending on price.
  6. 6. Gawn 5. Salem 4. Tomlinson 3. TMac 2. ANB 1. Langdon
  7. I'll take the win, but I need medication to get over the first 2.5 quarters of snooze fest. When we take risks and change the angle of play to come through the corridor, we really are dangerous and exciting. This was the best thing about the 3rd and 4th quarters. Great to see Tomlinson play so well. The gut run and repeated efforts of Langdon, ANB and Rivers looked top quality today. I was unconvinced about Billings and I remain unconvinced about McAdam. Hated those 3 last quarter goals. Best game from Oliver Viney and Trac as a trio in some time. Max Gawn - simply the best.
  8. Woewodin is wasted as a sub. McAdam is looking so lacking in presence in every contest. St Kilda are terrible. It is good to be winning well again.
  9. I am just soooo sick of all the positive spin put on "defensive structures", and we the Dees are among the worst. The 18 player defensive zone waiting for a turnover is such boring football. This game is atrocious, even if it is starting to open up now because we have decided to run and carry, and take some risks. Good that we are winning and winning well though.
  10. I can see what they are trying to do, but in every good chain of footy between half back and half forward, that last disposal includes an easy turnover error. And it looks like they are tiring now and so Essendon begin to look ok.
  11. I can't remember the last time I "barracked" for the Tiges, but I really like a few of their young players, and their game plan looks really good. If they can actually finish some of the good work upfield, they could win this. Repeated errors at half forward are killing them. And let me reiterate for umpteenth time - I despise the Bummers, so it is very easy to barrack against them.
  12. Horrible game of footy, but game going to script. Freo keeping pressure on, lots of tackling and stoppages, keeping Pies at bay. Pies slowly pulling away due to Freo over using/abusing handball. Papley's over celebrating, Draper's ridiculous hair cut, commentators drooling over all things Daicos: all these things are annoying, frustrating and rage-inducing. But Maynard . . . this pretend tough guy is in a class of his own. Surely footy gods/karma/reap what you sow has to see him cop his right whack some time soon. Looks like a Pies template game. Close score, they will kick 2-3 goals in red time to win. Again.
  13. Most of the changes look spot on to me. Not Hunter though. I have watched a few Casey games and don't see how they have picked him on that form. AMW is possible, but he looks more like a good VFL player in form, rather than an AFL ready player but that can be hard to read at times. I really hope Woewodin gets a full game. Looks steady and able to cope with speed and pressure at AFL level. If we have to play Hunter, let him be the sub.
  14. Spargo was brilliant at this for two years and then it seemed to disappear. ANB, Bowey and Windsor of our current players. Salem at his peak, but seems to have lost dare and consistency. I would love one of Eric Gulden, Jordan Dawson or Gryen Myers.
  15. He is developing well, gets to all the right places and presents in the air well. But he is another season away from being AFL ready and will be less effective than Petty or BBB.
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