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  1. Maybe they're just getting ready for the day when they stick names on the back of jumpers. Need to be sure the name will fit! LOL
  2. A little extra LEVERage, huh? Very droll, Mr ET!
  3. Clearly, he will need to set his alarm clock for much earlier in future. Simply not good enough to let us down like that! he should give himself a good slap!
  4. So sorry to hear several guys went to the (not insignificant) effort of getting all the way out to Casey, only to be disappointed! Just wanted you to know that we DLers really appreciate the effort. Your reports are always devoured by those of us far away supporters. Just sorry you weren't able to deliver today, due to no fault of your own! Please don't let it discourage you from future forays down the Hwy...
  5. Stop it, Poita!! You are being FAR too logical and sensible! Give yourself a good slap!
  6. Also wonder if Ben Brown had any influence in having the Dees consider him?
  7. I seem to remember the same thing, WJ. In fact, think that pic of him in the MFC article in a Dees Jumper is from that match.
  8. Thanks, PF. Really appreciated seeing your excellent report pop up. Such a refreshing change from some of the endless drivvle on this site of late! Just one question, re your comment about Nietschke being a ruckman. You being serious? I've no idea what position he plays, but ruck wasn't one that has ever entered my head. Can you elaborate?
  9. Sorry. I know I've come in at the end of this thread. But, are we still talking about Eddie?? Didn't know he was a sailor!
  10. Well done, guys! MUCH appreciated!!
  11. Well done, Stinga. Was beginning to think we had no shows today...
  12. So, what happened to the DL drones?? Someone shoot 'em down??
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