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  1. Not one to brag. But, what can I say...?? (Apart from "they coulda used me on Saturday night"...!! LOL) Okay, seriously, is good to see both Townsend and Emselle in that side. If my memory serves me right (and, there's every chance it doesn't!), one of those two seemed to always be injured, so they rarely both got to play in the same side. Anyone else recall that?
  2. Aint that the truth! Whenever the ball is bobbing around on the ground amongst a heap of players, you can be sure to see our guys fumble after fumble, only to see an oppo player grab the thing and get it out to one of their players. Not just last night. Pretty much all season! SO frustrating!!
  3. Might work. My memory tells me Neita started as a defender, and moved forward out of necessity when Schwarta went down. However, there are two notable blokes who both definitely started as forwards (with limited success), only to carve out terrific careers as defenders, by name of Steven Smith and Gary Hardeman.
  4. Oops! Forgot Turner was one of our newbies!
  5. So, he's moved into the Brayshaw family home, along with Rivers & jackson. Just how big is the Brayshaw mansion??
  6. Probably been mentioned already in this thread. But, I just love to see the ball in Charlie's hands. Just KNOW it's gonna end up in a team-mate's hands! He is just SO reliable! Great footy smarts! (And in spite of being a midget, he's as tough as nails!)
  7. A few years ago Mitch Robinson crowed that Melb were soft. Tonight, we need to go out and show him just how "soft" we are these days! No mercy! Grind 'em into the NSW turf!! Neeldy once declared he wanted Melb to become the hardest team to play against. Tonight we show that we have finally arrived, worthy of wearing that mantle! GO DEES!!!
  8. As per my comment in the Lingers thread, I'd suggest putting Harmes on to the wing to run with Mitch Robinson (who was close to BOG yesterday). Think Harmes would be about our best match up on him. Then, bring in Sparrow. No other changes.
  9. Mitch was huge for them in yesterday's game. Would it be a silly idea to put Harmes on to him? He's a tough nut and is probably about our best match up on Robinson...
  10. That makes sense. He just didn't feature much in the game at all, making me wonder if something was wrong with him...
  11. TBH, I don't recall seeing much of Lingers all game. I'm wondering if something happened very early in the game, to the extent he just wasn't right pretty much all game, and not able to offer his usual high level of participation & dash, and they finally pulled him off near the end??
  12. Yep, I got it OD. I was just following on from the wag a couple of weeks ago, with us sitting on top of the ladder, who made the comment he would believe only after we beat someone above us on the ladder...
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