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  1. My memory aint what it used to be, but seem to recall that, after we recruited him, he went back to Geelong's Awards Night to be presented with their "Best Club Man" award -- in a year when I don't think he played many games with their seniors. Seemed at the time to be a testament to the kind of guy he was. Sorry to see him go.
  2. Watching the GF replay (again) today, couldn't help thinking he reminded me a lot in appearance to Allan Jakovich.
  3. And treat their viewers with some respect??!! You're a funny guy, Pates!
  4. Useless trivia: Unless I'm mistaken, the margin in both games yesterday, and today's game at 3/4 time in each case was/is 19 points.
  5. (Not a footy term, but I reckon I can get away with it, given our great game is played on cricket grounds, and was first played to keep the cricketers fit in the off-season.) Anyway, that wretched term "Batter" for the cricketer holding the bat gets my goat! Batter is what you put on fish! The guy in the middle with the bat in hand is the BATSMAN!! (Yeah, yeah, PC police, beat yourselves up with that one! Couldn't give a rip!)
  6. Vagg


    I thought it was great! To me, it was kinda like telling these boys that, even though they didn't play, they were still an important part of the team as the travelling emergencies, and so had earned the right to have a run on the ground in their full playing gear, while doing their required extra running. A nice touch by whoever thought of it. (A choppo thing, maybe??)
  7. Kinda nice seeing the #17 running around in defence again, too. Memories of Brett Lovett...
  8. Thanks, Jaded. That's sounds fair enough. (Well, then again, we ARE talking about the AFL! Won't hold my breath...)
  9. I'm probably wrong, but was under the impression that if a player is subbed out of a game he is automatically ruled out of the next game. Hope I'm wrong...
  10. Just saw video of Chappy handing Bowey his Jumper. Chappy in a moonboot. Anyone know what happened to him?
  11. Not one to brag. But, what can I say...?? (Apart from "they coulda used me on Saturday night"...!! LOL) Okay, seriously, is good to see both Townsend and Emselle in that side. If my memory serves me right (and, there's every chance it doesn't!), one of those two seemed to always be injured, so they rarely both got to play in the same side. Anyone else recall that?
  12. Aint that the truth! Whenever the ball is bobbing around on the ground amongst a heap of players, you can be sure to see our guys fumble after fumble, only to see an oppo player grab the thing and get it out to one of their players. Not just last night. Pretty much all season! SO frustrating!!
  13. Might work. My memory tells me Neita started as a defender, and moved forward out of necessity when Schwarta went down. However, there are two notable blokes who both definitely started as forwards (with limited success), only to carve out terrific careers as defenders, by name of Steven Smith and Gary Hardeman.
  14. Oops! Forgot Turner was one of our newbies!
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