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  1. I was wondering the same thing. Couldn't even find any mention of him over on Port's website. Like he's just fallen off the planet. Really hope he can make it back. Always had a soft spot for the lad...
  2. Ignore them, P-Man! A perfectly fine and accurate description of that cute little button!
  3. Is that right? Just 24 hrs before the game? Seems rather short. But, it's a strange season, so guess I shouldn't be surprised...
  4. Anyone know when the Teams are announced?
  5. On several occasions Max tapped the ball straight to one of our guys. But, they fumbled the ball, and in that split second the Bris players were able to get control of the ball and clear it. Had our guys not been so fumbly, they would have been in a better position to win the clearance. As Jack & Goody said in their interview/Presser, Brissy were just so much cleaner than our guys. If we get rid of the fumbles we will do so much better. To me that was the difference between the two sides last night. We continually fumbled the ball and lost any advantage, while the Brissy boys didn't fumble as much, and so had more time to find a team mate.
  6. Yeah, that rain band seems to be building as it gets closer. Looks like we might get a bit in next coupla hours. Hopefully it'll have passed well before game time... (Since 10am this morning until just a few minutes ago it has been clear and sunny...!) Starting to cloud up a bit now...
  7. Really hard to tell what that bit of rain out West will do by the time it gets to the GC (if at all...). Either way, think it's most likely to be fine most of the time...
  8. Blue skies & sunshine here since 10am. Virtually nothing on the weather radar at present, so all good so far!
  9. Well, folks, the big rain band has just cleared away from us here at Mudgeeraba. So, I was able to venture outside and measure the rainfall. Between 7am yesterday and 10 am today, we have had fully 170 mm of rain! (And, that's near the top of my gauge, so who knows how much splattered out the top! Got a gully behind my house, and it is fairly raging through there! Good news is that it is supposed to clear up later in the day. Right now I can even see some blue sky!
  10. Still bucketing down here on the GC. Think there's a chance the worst of the rain will be gone by later today. Once it eases off, the surface at Carrara will dry out very quickly, so still hope conditions won't be too bad this evening
  11. VHS? Who can afford that modern, new-fangled stuff?? Definitely still reel to reel here! (Why mess with perfection??!) LOL
  12. And a nice drop it is, too, PF! (As Rumpole would describe it -- Chateau Bilge! LOL)
  13. I hear you, BBP, and feel your pain. I'm afraid the whole world has gone stark raving mad! (The only exercise I get these days is shaking my head!)
  14. Thanks BBP. Yep, I'm not one of those horribly infected Victorians! We are clean & pure up this neck of the woods!
  15. Anyone got any clues how you procure tickets for the Melb-Freo game at Metricon on July 11?? I can't for the life of me see anything anywhere online. Supposedly, they can have a crowd of up to 6000. (Not that a Melb-Freo game on the GC would attract anything like those numbers! LOL)
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