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  1. The comments above beg another question. Seems that there were only 18 games in the regular seasons back then. Seems strange, given there were 12 teams, and I thought all teams played all opposition teams twice, which would make it a 22 round season. (Which is where our current 22 round seasons originated.) Anyone know the story?
  2. Your Grand-dad was a smart man. Just needed to rub off on his Grandkid... (LOL)
  3. That's okay, Cards. We will tolerate young folk like you. Just so long as you're willing to learn from us old (ancient?) supporters! The red sox were always a distinctive part of our clobber, and "Redlegs" was a fairly common term for the team "back in the day"...
  4. Well, if so, that's plain dumb! We're the oldest team in the game! If others' gear clashes with ours, let THEM change theirs!
  5. Really? And why? I'd prefer we stick with our traditional all red sox against all oppo teams...!
  6. If so, even better! Yet another win for MFC and loss for the old enemy!
  7. What was with those daggy blue & red sox?? We were always the REDlegs!! Not the blue & red legs! Is this something new? hadn't noticed until last night. I also liked to see some of the boys in long sleeves. We had three last night. Gotta be another record... Also, is it just my poor old eyes, or my dodgy TV, or do they flash the lights at the MCG after every Melb goal?? And, yes, thrilled to have another (albeit hard-fought) win! GO DEES!!
  8. So, you're saying it definitely won't happen, then?
  9. Well, that sucks!! As if the VFL comp aint bad enough without this! Our list players not in the AFL team need to be playing every week! Not happy, Jan!!
  10. I must admit to hardly ever noticing him in the game telecasts. He seems to just slip under the radar and just goes about his job.
  11. And, frankly, how come Richmond weren't forced to wear their yellow jumper last night? They did so in the VFL clash, but not the seniors! Go figure!!
  12. Just heard an interesting stat on Fox Footy. The last 4 times two teams started the season on 6-0, those 2 teams played off in the Grand Final...!! Let's make it five!
  13. I thought he was the "steak knives" we got with the Tyson deal...! Not a bad set of steak knives!
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