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  1. Never before has the truth been so clear! The worst supporters by a fair margin!
  2. It's been a normal week as an Adelaide based Dees fanatic 😁 Supremely confident up until game day when I no longer want to speak to anyone especially that nervous little bloke in my head who won't STFU 🤬 I will be shoulder to shoulder with the great unwashed and would dearly love to watch them leaving halfway through the final term knowing they have just come up against THE team to beat in big games! Working from home today has been a real struggle while I wait for tonight and the frustration I feel everytime some [censored] sends me an email is making it harder to focus.... Funnily enough it's been a busy day, work wise, but I have just shut my emails down due to the fact my Inbox reached 64 unread emails! (I'll take any omen I can right now!) Let's do this Demons! Hit me up if you know any relatively cheap security guards as I may need them around 9:30pm local time as I attempt to cross Clarko's Bridge 🙏 Dees by 5....
  3. What's better than a high scoring Blues side that can't win a game? A low scoring one that still can't win a game! 🤣
  4. If it ends up here in Radelaide then I will try my guts out to make sure the cameras see my #PositiveLingers shirt 😁
  5. Looking forward to catching Covid from my #PositiveLingers shirt 😂
  6. Being a selfish SA Demon I'd like to propose the below.... 1. Dees and Dogs jump on a plane this afternoon and play the match at Adelaide Oval tomorrow night (with a crowd) 2. Dogs then fly to Perth for their Round 12 fixture against Freo at Optus. 3. Dees travel from Adelaide to Alice Springs for the Brisbane clash 🙏🙏🙏
  7. Am I right in assuming the Vic Government will force a top of the table clash with no crowd? 🤷‍♂️🥺 *** Note *** Just found the discussion in the ticketing thread... Soz folks 🤦‍♂️
  8. Takes 2 minutes to see I'm not nervous! Like hell I'm not!!! C'mon Dees!
  9. Signed up the week it was released... Cancelled my Foxtel subscription 2 days later... Onward and upward!
  10. A good mate lives in Perth and has delivered me a beauty this arvo..... He saw Jesse with his own eyes today and he was signing what could only be described as an autograph for a 8 yr old boy with a footy 😳 Regardless of what happens, and who was right or wrong, the fact remains that this is a young bloke with an immense talent who has had a pretty tough few years... We ride the MFC roller coaster with our hearts on our sleeves but we are merely fanatics, baying for blood, wine & a f'ing good time.... the AFL world is our colosseum! 👍
  11. If that happens exactly how it's written I will get Tom Scully's name tattooed on my arm (with pictures to prove it)
  12. No one knows - but at least we have all increased our knowledge of biscuits! 😂
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