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  1. I believe you would have to wait and go with the lesser priority if you want to sit together
  2. Massive thanks to @Dee Zephyr Still hasn't sunk in! 😳 "Thanks so much 💪❤️💙 Two ground level wing seats secured 🙏 Absolute legend and means I can give my P2 codes to family in WA who couldn't afford a membership this year due to Covid... Means a lot 👍"
  3. Priority 2 for my son and I 🙏 Let the stress begin!
  4. Flights and accommodation were booked on Monday for myself and my 12 year old mad SA Demon 😜 Can't believe I stressed so hard leading into last night... The boys made me feel stupid! 🤣 We are both interstate members so ticket window opens after all the Guaranteed members... Fingers crossed 🤞 It feels bitter sweet knowing all my Vic family are forced to watch from across the country... We will do you proud 🙏❤️💙
  5. Feeling blessed to be able to be there on Saturday night with my Wife, and 2 fanatical kids 🙏 Ticketek is a tough site to navigate when it comes to AFL games but managed to get some amazing seats in the Eastern stand! We will make as much noise as possible for those who cannot be there 😢
  6. Someone pinch me! This surely is a cruel dream? 😮 If you told me at the start of the year we would finish top and be playing a Qualifying Final at Radelaide Oval my response would've been "[censored] off!" 🙏❤
  7. Will not be able to speak for a week! 🙏❤️💙
  8. *Hypothetical* When we beat Geelong tonight I expect the MFC to push hard for Adelaide Oval to be our neutral venue! With the current state of play in Victoria the chance of any crowds in September are basically gone 😞 The venue holds no fear for us and if the SA Govt allow it then I can see a finals hub in SA. Port flipped the script last night IMHO 🤷
  9. So many examples in life where stupidity results in a lot harsher penalties... Take your whack Jack! ?
  10. Never before has the truth been so clear! The worst supporters by a fair margin!
  11. It's been a normal week as an Adelaide based Dees fanatic ? Supremely confident up until game day when I no longer want to speak to anyone especially that nervous little bloke in my head who won't STFU ? I will be shoulder to shoulder with the great unwashed and would dearly love to watch them leaving halfway through the final term knowing they have just come up against THE team to beat in big games! Working from home today has been a real struggle while I wait for tonight and the frustration I feel everytime some [censored] sends me an email is making it harder to focus.... Funnily enough it's been a busy day, work wise, but I have just shut my emails down due to the fact my Inbox reached 64 unread emails! (I'll take any omen I can right now!) Let's do this Demons! Hit me up if you know any relatively cheap security guards as I may need them around 9:30pm local time as I attempt to cross Clarko's Bridge ? Dees by 5....
  12. What's better than a high scoring Blues side that can't win a game? A low scoring one that still can't win a game! ?
  13. If it ends up here in Radelaide then I will try my guts out to make sure the cameras see my #PositiveLingers shirt ?
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