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  1. You have to say a Geelong win albeit sickening is probably a better result given the age profiles of the two lists. It's almost certain Sydney will win won in the next few years so I'd rather not them get one ahead of time and threaten any sort of dynasty we may potentially have.
  2. I got one seat m6 level 1 smack bang in the middle of everyone
  3. If anyone needs tickets have some on level 1 AFL members near the front, these are concession/junior tickets
  4. These are Ponsford Stand level 4 section 29 row C (3 from front) $90 each
  5. I may have access to some tickets, not sure where exactly but AFL members somewhere.
  6. M55 nn. Not bad. Had to do it on my phone whilst on the train but no issues.
  7. Does anyone know when our qualifying final is likely to be?
  8. I left with 2 mins to go. Shameful
  9. I wore my premiership Guernsey to an event with 5000 non Melbourne supporters.. got some good feedback
  10. Im selling this. PM with offers Limited edition
  11. Regent Gallery on Plenty Rd it's a custom job around $180 it cost
  12. Got this bad boy back framed today, loving it.
  13. Thanks for the tip, will head there tomorrow. Looks great
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