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  1. Aside from actually being able to use your own seat, this system is much worse imo.
  2. I didnt think they could make a more complicated system, but theyve done it
  3. The advantage of turning up and watching live means you dont have to listen to these muppets.
  4. Haha, seems rather mild for us southerners. Hat should suffice I think.
  5. If she has her own phone she can download the MFC app and login as yourself, that should work also.
  6. Can one person register for other people using the app or does each member have to do it themselves? Ive been getting tickets for family members so far and they have little hope of doing it themselves.
  7. Should I be seriously considering upgrading my memberrship for a guaranteed GF ticket, or is this fanciful thinking?
  8. Same. Damn smart these advertisers
  9. He was on the Sunday Footy Show this morning, said he spoke to Goody and said if you need someone down back he can play there. Seems like he listened to him
  10. Man that was good. Best win since Semi Final 08. I am absolutely knackered.
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