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  1. Without any other assumption of player value it is the one the industry uses. There's a fair bit of historical data in it (although im not sure if points get revised yearly but perhaps they should) 2013 cripps went at 13 (boyd 1 kelly at 2) 2014 lever went at 14 (trac at 2) 2015 curnow went at 12 (schache at 2) 2016 jy sympkin 12 (taranto at 2) 2017 brayshaw at 2 clearly better than the early teens. Poor draft year 2018 Butters at 12. (Lukosios) In some years 2 was better, other years picks 12/13 + something else was. Its kinda 50,50. Like you say it depends on the draft year and if theu think its an even draft its a fair trade for Norf.
  2. Yea I agree. We have a strong window for the next 5 years and Id take Aaron Cadman in a heart beat and throw the eggs into the basket. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but a shame we didnt opt for Mckay or Curnow or even Hipwood in the 2015 draft.
  3. Because assuming Freo finish 6th next year, North would then be receiving pick 13, pick 13 and Logue for pick 1. Pick 13 + future pick 13 are equivalent of pick 2. So it would mean norf give out pick 1 for pick 2 and Logue... need to give something back. Fwiw, if you say Norf are stupid for doing this trade but if they did it, we should then take the pick 1 and split it up.... thats exactly what Norf is doing.... pick 1 is incredibly overvalued in most draft years (balances out in years where there is an out and out standout) This year its pick 2 anyway so I reckon it will get shopped around.
  4. Their best player is 19yr old. Sure they'll fall back from the pack next year as the draw gets harder and they stop fluking wins but once he moves into the middle, they will build their game around him. He will be very cheap for a few years and will probably play for slightly unders to remain a Pie, enabling them to attract other talent.
  5. I have no emotion of this thread except its telling me the likely odds. Lol. Like i said. Keep going.
  6. This thread clearly. Ps the earth wont blow up tmw.
  7. As the odds would suggest. Gutsy. Keep going
  8. No it is diatribe. We were red hot last year and beat the best in amazing circumstances. That wont be repeated. We had a hard draw and finished 2nd. A well coached team beat us in the 1st final. We are not embarrassing. Whats embarassing is out supporters is expecting to be the ants pants week in and week out. Thats not how football or anything in life works quite frankly.
  9. This is the dumbest thread on DL. Never has Melbourne been less than $ 2 to win the flag. Its like playing blackjack and saying I dont think the next card will be queen, king or an ace. You have the odds on your side when you say i dont think X can win. Real gutsy stuff lol.
  10. Good observation. And they are ultra efficient and opportunistic on the turnovers. Down corrider, lower the eyes, take some risks. Imo that game style alone wont win you a premiership but Sydney do change it week to week. Very well coached.
  11. Or not lose by 15. It appears we only had 15 players after quarter time.
  12. He's hard at it, but not super strong so he's been caught a lot all year. My bigger frustration is when he has the ball. Handballs to feet, handballing back into traffic, kicking over player's heads, choosing the wrong target, no natural goal sense when he does get a snap chance. But hes always running out games, vital to our defesive set ups and linking up so its a tough one. Game of missed opportunities and mistakes tonight across the field.
  13. If Lobb moves to WB, Freo will get pick 11 (Finals dependant). So pick 11 + pick 14 + next year's Freo first rounder (with 2nd going back maybe). 3 first rounders is probably around the mark and equivalent to a top 3 pick + top 10 pick. Freo's argument will be theres the adequate draft capital/value, its up to us to convert into top whatever. (this should be the minimum imo) As an aside, drafting in recent years has been very, very good across all clubs. Very few misses. 3 picks in the top 20 will likely land us some talent or the capital to acquire a King, Mckay etc.
  14. I think they let the people know when first Rance, and then Franklin was made AA captain in 2018. He wasnt part of the leadership group at the Swans and like Hawkins had never been captain. Since Selwood they spread it around now. They dont spell it out because they know the outrage and debate get the clicks! Woewodin immediately springs to mind
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