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  1. This is all fair and reasonable analysis but i wouldn't underestimate the benefit of a 2-3% improvement over the course of a season for goals v inside 50s. In this case it would translate to an extra goal a game. An extra goal a game would have had us make the finals last year. An extra goal a game would have had us finish 2nd in 2018. And this year it would have given us an extra 6 points and potentially sewn up a top 2 finish by now. It doesnt sound like a lot but its what separates the top 4 teams from just finalists very often.
  2. Spot on. NOT fixable. Only way you fix it is by changing the players involved. Decision making and assessing targets under pressure (or no pressure in this case) is what you learn as a junior not fixed by one preseason of coaching or training sessions. This has been a problem for 4 years. Not enough coaching sessions? Really? Another year will do it?!?! We did not have this problem in 2018 when 4 v 3 and 3 v 2 almost always resulted in goals. Why? Because our top i50 players included Melksham (led the league in goal assists by a long way) and Brayshaw. Now we have alex neal bullen third and max gawn in the top 5 inside 50s for us. In this particular part of the game the system is not as important as the player. When you have 3 v 2 going inside 50 who's hand the ball is in really matters.
  3. Before this game. Oliver 6.12 Gawn 8.12 Brayshaw 2.4 Viney 1.4 Up until tonight, our forwards have actually been 'covering' the fact these midfield leaders are 17.32. (all of them more goals than behinds except Spargo) Although tonight would suggest otherwise, if the club just focuses on the forwards its missing a much deeper problem. Namely our midfield are below average kicks. List gap imo.
  4. Its not. It would have been fixed by now if it was? He's been kicking a football for 20+ years and reality is its not suddenly going to get better over one preseason or by coaching. Cant trade him now, but if the club doesnt work out how to use him better (eg up forward), we could just copy and paste this thread for the next 4 years. (Just like the last 4.)
  5. Id actually be a little concerned as to our playing and coaching group mentality and preparation. There is no reason why the hawks should even be getting close if we are a premiership contender. Youd want to see some sort of momentum, consistency and confidence in the playing group in august september. No season is perfect but a loss here would be next level shizen
  6. The last four premiership winners of the last eight years all lost this round. Sweet as.
  7. For wins/losses the three most significant stats for the past 2 decades are contested possessions, inside 50 and marks inside 50. Not rocket science. Win the ball, kick it forward, mark it. On any one game, pressure ratings, free kicks, 1 percenters etc can have an influence but over the course of a season i believe those are the only three to be 'statistically' important across all teams' results over multiple years.
  8. Im no hinkley apologist. But why do people think they have a good list. They've been 50/50 for a few years now except for last year which frankly was a gift to them only having to play in 2 states with minimum disruptions. They have 2 midfielders you'd worry about. (amon not bad but he's not strong tier b) They have one key forward in Dixon who's never kicked 50 goals in a season. And a bunch of kids who go in and out of games because they aren't that good? Consistency is a thing. robbie gray is a gun but on the wrong side of 33. Last night you could see holes in their list everywhere, primarily their midfield. And against the teams with better lists their deficiencies gets exploited. I dunno, 5-8th seems about right.
  9. Play a drinking game where you take a shot every time a player or an action is described as 'unbelievable' . a) surely, given it happens every week, there is a chance one could believe it happened again. B) youll be proper drunk by half time. having said that, Petracca was unbelievable last night.
  10. Im def ok with viney getting more tackles and/or pressure efforts than disposals.
  11. Doesnt BBB just love to play in front. He is a ripper imo. Like a golfer on a course he knows well, the midfield will learn exactly where you can afford to 'miss' . Take 5-10 percent off the kick. He will be tough to stop and will continually bring the ball to front and centre. Ps convinced james jordan is the second coming of a young joel selwood. Head over the ball, gets the high contact frees, courageous, skillful. What a debut season so far.
  12. This is where the NFL does it so creatively or has done in the past. Coaches should be considered as part of draft value. Patriots gave up a first rounder for Belichick in 2000. How did that turn out? Eg you want him Collingwood? Ok well, we could let him go for a early second rounder. Would be a great addition to our game i reckon.
  13. This exactly. Having a stronger and more 'talented' forward line helps covers up our decencies with ball use into 50. But if we keep butchering the ball if forwards have space and separation its not going to matter.
  14. In fact, based on percentage, this is the most even the competition has been for decades, probably ever. Only one team has a percentage less than 80. Even North who got flogged early in the year are playing not atrocious football now. Need to keep winning to make top 2 or 4 but really do we care who against? Finals is when judgements on Goodwin ultimately can be made.
  15. Agreed we need a big forward, but in terms of our list, i think we also need a midfielder who is elite by foot. As long as harmes, trac, oliver and viney are getting a lions share of inside 50 entries, forward connection will remain a problem whomever is in the forward line.
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