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  1. Yet again, Port 2nd on the ladder. April is the cruelest month.
  2. I'll feel more sorry for us if we don't win by 6 goals+. They'll have half a VFL side out there.
  3. Credit where credit is due. Brisvegas played a fantastic game across the park. Tackle count was 82 to 53 to them. If there was a stat for 'effective tackles ' I'd suggest it would have been even more lopsided. And how many smothers or a intercepting hand did they get in. I don't think many teams (let alone them again) could have that sort of kicking efficiency and pressure around the ball indefinitely. Our forward line needs to work out what sort of forward line it wants to be. Is it a kick it to advantage and have our keys read the drop zone with crumbers. Or it is a lead up and honour the short kick. Right now it's in between and means even 3 on 1s and 4 on 2s become a [censored] shoot with players not on the same page.
  4. I'm with you mate. It's tiresome after a point. It's a global phenomenon. It's pervasive through basketball, baseball, soccer, NFL, NRL, Cricket. Keep going. You're telling me that every sport in the world the officiating is getting worse and worse and worse? This is despite the evidence that the percentage of correct decisions is close to all time highs. Maybe all the actual data is wrong and the fan's human eye and biases are right. My theory is that being 2024 we expect perfection and have simply got less tolerant of mistakes. Every single supporter base would say their team get the rough end of the stick for umpire decisions (it's when and where you get them!) which is clearly impossible. Some days you're the bug some days you're the windshield.
  5. There was a stat mentioned by Joe M that Trac had 100 more forward disposals than the next player last year and already leading this year. The ones where you actually have someone playing on you. Elite midfielders have between 600 and 700 possessions a year, so this must off the charts from a standard deviation perspective. He is the best and most consistent player in the AFL imo.
  6. Future first and an Adelaide death ride coming up.
  7. Port is one of the few teams that rely on their top 3 midfielders for inside 50s more than us. And they bat deep. Rozee is good uncontested so we have to have someone responsible for him from stoppages. Viney for mine. Wines and Drew I think can be nullified. But Butters, well good luck. Guy has gone from 'potential' to mini Petracca/Oliver clone in 25 games. Egads.
  8. Said it before, but what elevates us from serious contender to God mode is Trac's kicking. He just gets so many great opportunities to convert possessions into scores. If he hits targets inside 50 and around the ground, it's worth 3-5 goals. Absolute weapon.
  9. ACLs in most cases are determined on the spot by the Lachman test. They would have test that on him, so an ACL would be a surprise.
  10. Defence need to pay the Hawks forwards one-on-one respect today imo. Lewis, Nash, Breust and to extent Ginnivan are no slouches. Watson is an unknown but I haven't forgotten Rankine getting off the chain in his first game against us. Chol will prolly play a defensive role on Lever.
  11. Devils advocate. I'm not suggesting he is being gifted a game but these sort of decisions would definitely be memory banked by a player and his management during contract decisions. He is only human. Being selected this week is a massive sign of faith by the FD towards him which may get paid back in spades in the next 12 months or so. Hmm, maybe I am suggesting he is being gifted a game but if he turns out to be the forward conmection we are looking for I'm ok with it.
  12. How good was the way they used Wanganeen-Milera as much as possible. Watching him kick is like watching a Federer backhand or a Warnie leggie. Skill and execution just sublime. Not to the same extent, but I'd be keen to see McVee freed up a little bit to be getting that kick from the back half into the forward half. But we seem to be trending in that direction anyhow.
  13. I quite like the NFL model where you can swap draft picks for coaches. In 2000, the Pats gave up 1st, 4th and 5th round draft picks to the Jets for Belichick. Hmmm what's Goody worth? (Kidding)
  14. Forget about the players. Get a proper coach. Longmire will be out of contract at end 2025.
  15. This. This will be the longest season ever and player management for mature lists like ours is paramount. Dogs aren't a top 8 side with that backline imo. Coffield, Khamis were absolute passengers if not liabilities. Add in Lobb and they are playing with 3 fewer players every other week.
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