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  1. Forward or not, beside the point i think. Showing so much potential in the ruck and stoppages, I suspect he'll be a top 3 ruckman once his career blossoms. Imperative to sign him for a long term extension. 17 other clubs would happily pay overs to have a footballer like him on their list.
  2. Bad joke. Better said, playing North will boost everyone's percentage and scoring stats this year.
  3. Our present scoring efficiency (46 %) versus the opposition's (61% ) is about as extreme as it gets. Any reversion to the mean will be welcomed. Overall we're started the year very strong and balanced. Our ratio of scoring shots to opposition is actually only second best because the doggies had a bye last week. If we dominate the midfield one of these weeks it has potential to be a blow out.
  4. It does not count in cricket. Andy Bichel carried the drinks 19 times. He also, by coincidence, officially played 19 test matches. (Not recorded as 38 caps)
  5. I dare say he is the one fringe player that could afford a poor game. There's almost no chance the club he's been a loyal part of and sacrificed for 15 years strand him on 298 or 299 games. Beyond that, his spot is up for grabs agree.
  6. Our ability to 'connect' was decent last week and if not for errant kicking in the last quarter we'd have won by 6-7 goals. Glass half full for now. With Viney back the midfield will bounce, we play the ground well, handled their small brigade last time and our stars edges theirs. Demons by 5 goals and stay in the top 4.
  7. MFC average pull from a Freo home match in recent years is around 23k. The 'excitement' of first game of year and 'footy is back' clearly offset by interstate supporters couldn't travel. Others definitely chose to stay away from crowds. Fair nuff. Crowds were down across the weekend for every match vis a vis historical levels (even factoring in caps) So really, the 21k is pretty much bang on reasoned expectations. Everyone cant be hating their team and sending a message surely.
  8. Kelly is out for 12 mandatory days due to an avoidable bump causing a concussion. (And he missed the rest of the game) The starting point for suspension has to be that surely. How can the concussed played be required to miss more game time that the deliberate bump infringer?! 2 minimum. 3 right length (and message). 4 if the players involved were reversed.
  9. On paper, we bat (marginally) deeper than them. 7 goals to 4 gets it done. Top of the ladder here we come.
  10. Looking at their forward line, ill be positive and predict we shall sit atop the afl ladder for the first time in 16 years? 7 goals to 3.
  11. 5-5 would be a result. I'm not a huge detractor but it irks that we're essentially a one trick pony in game style and personell. He fully owns that. High contested, high inside 50s, high press, er failed conversion. The loss of Hogan was a huge blow in retrospect. Hope Ben Brown is fit mid year and maybe we see echos of 2018 return.
  12. How depressing of a stat. All this talk about building a team meant for finals and going deep into finals comes across as mildly delusional if you could only once in 60 years win 2/3 of your h & a games in a single season. Egad.
  13. Confused by the narrative. So is it the players or the board/coaching staff? In the paragraph above he takes aim at both before taking a pot shot at Gawn. What exactly is Gawn meant to do? Need specifics. Have a sit down and tell some players some truths. Ok and then what? Tom mcdonald suddenly going to rediscover form and langdon is going to hit targets? Whats the coach meant to do? Drop say Lever a few weeks and suddenly hell magically become an a grader? They sent a message to Fritsch last year. Did that make a difference? Lets fix the fact we have 6-8 vfl players r
  14. If the situation was reversed and we had our full strength midfield and you took out daniel, mcrae, bont and dunkley, you'd expect the result to be 6-7 goals. Its about right given the talent out there. Unfortunately, its about where our depth sits. Our 16th-22nd player is essentially making up numbers again it seems.
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