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  1. We were very keen to land him back in 2019 when he was drafted. Wonder if we are still interested in him.
  2. Chandler and Van Rooyen must play round 1.
  3. Why aren't we being linked to Oli Henry? He's a very athletic marking type who would add a lot to our forward line. We desperately need another goal kicker and he could provide that for us and would be relatively cheap to obtain. Him in tandem with Fritsch would be a nightmare for opposition defenders.
  4. I would seriously consider bringing in Bowey for Salem but, it just won't happen. I feel like he's just been playing severely underdone since his serious knee injury. He's as a shell of himself. He's an absolute star at his best but, I feel like his body is really affecting him.
  5. In: Bedford, Smith, Dunstan Out: Neal-Bullen, Melksham, Harmes
  6. I love Spargs but, he has been terribly out of form for a lot of the year. His role isn't suiting him and I would prefer to have ANB further up the ground to play his role and Chandler as a replacement for some more potency up forward. There needs to be some sort of selection integrity regardless of the runs on the board. We simply must bring in Harmes for Sparrow who is a leader and can play a negating role on Neale. In: Harmes, Chandler Out: Sparrow, Spargo
  7. Harmes takes Sparrow's role as that rotating mid/forward as Sparrow had just 9 touches and isn't influencing games at all. Bowey comes in for Hunt to clean up our ball use and brings some more creativity into the side coming off the half back line. Chandler comes in for Nibbla who is very out of form and isn't getting enough of that link in the chain possession like he was earlier in the year. He isn't hitting the scoreboard enough and Chandler brings some x factor and more goal kicking power to the side. Lastly, I know this may seem controversial but, bringing in Smith as a wildcard forward marking option could present opposition defences with a few headaches. He will command respect in the air and gives the smalls a front and centre point of reference. We desperately need another marking target up forward without Tmac in the side and I feel like if you just unleash Smith and let him make a contest, at least the ball won't come out of our back half so easily. There's a recent article on the Melbourne website about Smith's move forward and we've seen it before in pre season games to good effect. Would be a risk but, one I think is worth taking like the pies have with ash johnson.
  8. In: Harmes Bowey Smith Chandler Out: Sparrow Hunt Melksham Nibbla
  9. In: Clarry, Petty, Weid Out: Melksham, Tomlinson, Bedford
  10. What changes would you like to see? If any?
  11. Weid for Bedford (need another target up forward desperately. JVR is probably still too raw. I know Weid has been poor but, we have no one else) Laurie for Spargo Rivers for Bowey Dunstan for Clarry (if he doesn't get up for the game)
  12. Best Melbourne player ever when it's all said and done. Absolute superstar who gets better every game. Been consistently outstanding since he first had his debut. An absolute joy to be able to watch Clarry for another 8 years.
  13. In: Jackson, Kozzy, Nibbla, Petty, Sparrow Out: Tmac, Bedford (stiff), Melksham, Smith, Dunstan Bedford is the tough call and would love to keep him in but would find it tough to drop spargs or keep kozzy out
  14. It's quite phenomenal how consistent Clarry has been since 2017. He just never plays a bad game. I don't think I've ever seen a more consistent player in my time watching AFL.
  15. 1. Clarry 2. Gawn 3. Trac 4. May 5. Lever 6. Salem 7. Langdon 8. Brayshaw 9. Fritsch 10. Viney 11. Jackson 12. Neal Bullen
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