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  1. Dry weather and a firm deck takes us from potentially being an 8 goal team to a 20 goal team.
  2. Johannisen won a Norm Smith don’t forget.
  3. The question is, will he keep Hunt out of the team? I like the young bloke but Hunty has that X factor and capable of breaking lines. I'm glad its not my choice.
  4. Maybe the club instigated that process perhaps? Lets face it, he hasn't set the world on fire over the past couple of seasons. If it means giving young Bailey Laurie a chance to prove himself, I'm all for it.
  5. Laughing at a mental image of Meggs speaking like Yoda.... On another note, I hope that Gil, if he's reading the votes, doesn't fall into that "Melbourne, C...............Oliver/Petracca" garbage.
  6. All of this worrying about match ups is doing my head in! It’s simple. It’s a Grand Final. GO THE KNUCKLE! No send offs in our game! 😜
  7. Hannan is playing like Wayne flaming’ Carey!
  8. Motlop and Fantasia. 😩 They may as well have a couple of the Wiggles down there
  9. They should give us the Premiership Cup now. On the form we showed last night I seriously think we are unbeatable. Punters load up!
  10. Let’s now sit back and watch Port and the Dogs beat each other senseless and cop a shedload of injuries. I hope it’s a really hard and close fought game as then the eventual winner will be looking at our slaughter of Geelong and psych themselves out of it. Our winning margin will be the cause of many nightmares over the next couple of weeks.
  11. On that form we are unbeatable in two weeks. It’s akin to a horse winning by 20 lengths in a Group 1 race. Unbackable next start.
  12. 6. Gawn 5. Viney 4. Petracca 3. Salem 2. Oliver 1. Lever
  13. Like Josh, I too am firing up the smoker today with pork ribs and a leg of lamb on my menu. My nerves are strange. When playing and coaching footy, I had ice running through my veins. Nothing phased me. Cricket was a different matter and I was extremely nervous when waiting to bat. This morning I have some butterflies and need to concentrate on something else other than football until game time. When the game starts I will be fine. I think the key tonight is a good start and we can’t afford lapses as per Round 23 hoping to come home hard again. I am concerned about that dog Hawkins and who he will hurt tonight as per Scott’s instructions. Lever? Salem? Enjoy guys and go Demons!!!
  14. IF my Aunty had testes THEN she would be my uncle. See how easy this stuff is Damo? Anyone can write it! Maybe even FF3019’s chimp. Here’s another: IF Barrett is being paid to write this drivel THEN he is taking money under false pretences!
  15. And those blokes are paid money to be "experts"? No more of an idea than the average fan.
  16. An arrogant, angry, egotistical 2L. Hope he gets weeks. Can play football though.
  17. I worry for James Harmes.
  18. This is the best team in terms of individual awards/performances but they have yet to make a GF. They need to make it and then win it to be considered best since 64 or they will be rated the same as 88 and 2000.
  19. 6.Gawn 5.Oliver 4. Petracca 3. ANB 2. Viney 1. Brayshaw
  20. They must have a shed load of money if they can pay Jack Martin $900k who plays like he is in semi-retirement.
  21. Yeah. Fortunately it’s easy to identify the moronic fans up here. They wear shirts with “Broncos” emblazoned upon them.
  22. I usually don’t convict until I am in possession of evidence.
  23. Seemed either a tad disinterested this season or has lost confidence after his injuries. Started his career like a potential superstar so has the ability. Would have him at the Dees in a heartbeat.
  24. If Robbie had Clayton’s build he would have won 3 Brownlows.
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