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  1. A Queensland-based team will not be playing in Melbourne for obvious reasons. The only sensible place to play a game against a non-Victorian team is NSW because we don't have COVID exposure currently and only close our borders under extreme circumstances.
  2. We're 10-1 currently and should not be in the business of making unnecessary changes and gifting players games. I understand people's concerns about Weideman but BB had 4 possessions, no goals against the Swans Reserves and obviously didn't play this weekend so how can anyone justify bringing him in? Weideman was part of a team that beat the former top team by 5 goals. We need to make one change this week and that's all we should be doing.
  3. No. I think Rosman will be a player and he's obviously an athlete but he should be given time. As far as untried players go Bowie's next in line.
  4. You're not serious! If he was concussed according to club doctors you don't try and game the system. There's a reason for the 12-day rule. Player health comes first.
  5. Madness. BB did nothing for Casey last week (4 disposals, no goals) and the VFL was called off in Melbourne this weekend. Weideman kicked 2 goals and missed a number of marks through double-grabbing, so he's not far off. Brown was left in the 1s for a few weeks to build confidence, but this is a 2-way process. You do actually need to do something to deserve a promotion. You think BB is suddenly going to star against Brisbane when he couldn't get a kick against Sydney's reserves? Mitch Brown deserves a promotion before Ben Brown (and I'm not recommending that either!)
  6. This won't happen. Why would you move a guy who's starring up forward to the wing? I suspect they're more likely to make a straight swap which means Baker but I do like the suggestion of Salem to the wing and Bowey to HBF. It's time we saw what Bowey is capable of. Also Ben Brown did nothing last week and of course isn't playing this weekend so they won't be making any changes up forward.
  7. I like this suggestion. Bowey has great foot skills and potentially could be another Caleb Daniel long term. Half-back flank is ideal.
  8. Yes, I read that: 'Jones was dropped for the Demons' win over Sydney in round eight but was expected to be in line for a spot against Carlton.' This makes no sense to me. We have at least 2 players, Sparrow and Chandler, that deserve to be in the side ahead of Jones and represent the future of the club, but Jones was expected to be in line for a spot!
  9. Let's hope he never does! (assuming he stays a Melbourne player)
  10. It's totally implausible.... Jackson will be back as soon as he is fit. As to who goes out, I'd say in will be dependent on form but either Brown or Weideman.
  11. I think it's actually the week after (Round 5). Quite fortuitous really. No non-hotel quarantine cases in Sydney today so hopefully restrictions will be short-term.
  12. To be fair, the change back to Thursday night teams would require the Clubs' buy-in. None of the coaches would like this. They'd all like to announce the teams as they run out. So I would suggest this would need a little lead-in time and consultation. It's not as easy as the AFL making a change with no meaningful notice.
  13. I largely agree with you except the last bit. So many women (not all) in sports coverage are there at least partly because of their looks. You can look like the back of a bus and be male and you still get a gig (which is fine. You should get a job based on your sports knowledge and communication skills). We really don't need flirting with co-hosts, especially between young women and old men, which is demeaning (and I speak as a 61 yo male).
  14. The best chance of that not happening is Melbourne having prolonged success. It's not al about money or heading home (look at Richmond. Nearly all their players are on less money that they could get elsewhere). We've been pillaged in the past because players have wanted top leave to get a premiership (you can't blame them). Similarly, free agents haven't wanted to come to us because they have seen our losing culture. Hopefully, that's in the process of changing.
  15. If it was my choice she would be back on Footy Classified ASAP and they would boot Eddie McGuire (not that that's going to happen). I just watched Wednesday's edition and the man has such an ego, talks all over everyone else, is patronising... I wouldn't mind if he had the expertise to match the bravado.
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