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  1. Old Speckled Hen. In total agreeance OD! I flinch even when I read the name! Disgusting. VB is too but OSH takes it to another level.
  2. Now THAT is comedy. Thanks for the memory.
  3. Labs are friendly dogs. Trac has some Lab like qualities but I saw a touch of Doberman in his eyes on GF day. More of that and he will move beyond "highly respected" and into the "greatly feared" category.
  4. Whilst extolling the virtues of the great man, I have a bottle of Robert Flower 2002 signature edition rare old tawny port in a glass and timber display box. I’m not a port or wine buff and wondering if it would still be drinkable? Advice really appreciated.
  5. …….as they own a massive Melbourne based brewery and support the Dees.
  6. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. 'EM!!!! I sculled down half a can of CC with every one which of course made me a little worse for wear and even more so after the replay on Foxtel 🤢.
  7. All the above plus many by the great Peter Hudson. What a freak!
  8. They had the bounce of the ball really go their way that quarter. That generally evens out.
  9. Benny Brown to Libba is the match up! He clearly hates him! 😂😂😂😂
  10. The ball is in Sam's court now. I'd like to see him bulk up and become a pack crashing beast. He needs do do something if he wants a regular senior gig again.
  11. We're off to Hamilton Island on the Sunday. That will have to do!
  12. You are right. This morning I read through all of the votes and the lack of representation by defenders is simply wrong. We know, perhaps better than most fans, that defenders can win games. There is too much emphasis on possession numbers and none on defensive acts.
  13. Dry weather and a firm deck takes us from potentially being an 8 goal team to a 20 goal team.
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