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  1. Lever then daylight. Leadership is not necessarily about being the best player but about having the capacity to translate vision into reality via effective communication.
  2. 6. Jackson 5. Jordon 4. Salem 3. Oliver 2. Hunt 1. Gawn
  3. At least BBB will lead at the ball carrier.
  4. I know we are potting the Weed but he was playing on a ground that favours FF’s and on a dry day. No f……… excuse. The blokes heart is just not in it. Most of his efforts were at 50%. He has had a fair go perhaps even more than he has deserved. I’ve never been a fan but he has been very, very disappointing.
  5. Weideman has gone down into the Collingwood rooms to practice the club song.
  6. My changes…….Max to FF. Weed and Jacko to ruck. Trac, Clarry and rotate Hunt/Langdon/Kozzie through the middle. Harmes to go with De Goey if he starts in the middle of course.
  7. Maynard wouldn’t get a game in our 2022 defence. Keep Hibbo on, slot Tomlinson back in, give opportunities to Lockhart, Hore and Joel Smith and develop Bowey and Deakyn Smith. We also have the two recent draftees to consider.
  8. It’s “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts” and it was Aristotle that said it not the Chinese philosopher whose childish name you quoted. Lao Tzu is my favourite. Never heard of yours.
  9. After following this team since 1966, I’m still hoping rather than fully believing. The loss against Adelaide showed us up quite badly. The Bulldogs game was tactically brilliant and our second half against the Lions was sensational. Aside from the Bulldogs game however, we have yet to put together four outstanding quarters of football. To win a flag, we need to be able to do that. I’d also like to see us tear at least one team apart on the scoreboard to show ourselves that we can actually kick a huge score. With Langdon, Viney and BBB to come into the side we look very strong. I do w
  10. I prefer that he doesn’t. Keep it all business. Do your job, position up again and repeat. A few others could take a leaf from Charlie’s book. Plenty of time to celebrate when the job is finished.
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