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  1. A top 50 which includes Daniher but not Franklin? Please. Stubby on Robbo you absolute spanker.
  2. But for God's sake Chook, don't take your eyes off him when you do!
  3. No argument there BUT....they were selected after proving themselves during per season matches. Our blokes only turned up last week. As for the “yawn” that indicates you must be a tired boy. Toddle off to beddy byes now and if you’ve been a good lad, Santa might visit tonight. 🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻😮 😂😂😂
  4. I'm not sure that we need to examine his gluteals in any great detail Ds56.
  5. Some very game selectors here putting our new recruits straight into the A team sight unseen. At the very least, see how they go in a practice/pre-season game before labelling them as walk up starters in our best 22. On another note......Why do people say "intel" when they mean "information"? Sheer ignorance I am guessing as the words are not interchangeable.
  6. On TV the other night was taller than his father. Not 169cm any more.
  7. Goosebumps and lump-in-the-throat emotions watching the video. Great bloke. Brilliant footballer. So sad we lost him early.
  8. Funny how people relate size and physique to being a good footballer. Based on that theory, Majak Daw should have a few Brownlow's by now. Thank God some of you blokes didn't see a young Rob Flower at his first few training outings. A stick figure with glasses like the bottoms of coke bottles!
  9. Gee, I like the look of Rosman. Has got “don’t fork with me” written all over him. 5 or 6 kgs of muscle and another cm or 2 and look out!
  10. I would like us to grab Caleb Poulter a potential class act apparently Happy to take Jack Carroll, Errol Gulden and Sam Berry though.
  11. The kid has just turned 19 FCS. Coincidentally, 19 is Dwayne's IQ.
  12. If you think that Melksham ranks higher in terms of importance to the team than May, Petracca or Oliver, you might be on your own brother.
  13. I know with a fair degree of accuracy that the comments about Treloar not being wanted by leadership group players at Collingwood is correct. I don’t know the full details but Pendlebury and Sidebottom are apparently not fans of Treloar and vice versa. i look forward to watching the Dogs -v- Pies debacle unfold.
  14. I laughed at McGuire being referred to as a “Broady standover merchant”. He would have been in bed by 7 every night the frightened little rabbit! Even at 18 years of age!
  15. Zac Foot has the skills too. Melbourne boy, still only 19. Outside mid.
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