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  1. 10 kgs of muscle and a few chats with Rod Grinter and he may be ok.
  2. Shoulda, coulda, woulda, will.....The bottom line is, we didn’t. Every team can draw some positives from the season which are exacerbated by rose coloured glasses. Not making the finals is a fail. For me, only a top 4 finish is a good season. i take on board that we potentially have a very good best 22. We do. Potentially. Living up to that potential is a different thing. As for the “positives” May and Langdon played as we expected them to do when we brought them into the team. No surprises there. Petracca had a very good season overall and looked brilliant at times but we all knew
  3. Just heard Bennell left the hub and got on the turps....That will be the end of him!
  4. 1. I [censored] hate Gerard Healy. I fair dinkum want to smack him right in the mouth! 2. How does that big streak of pelican [censored] English manage to get through a game of footy without a hair out of place? 3. I think we are tutti fruited unfortunately.
  5. Is Darcy Fogarty worth a look? Not happy at the Crows apparently. Big, strong lad with a touch of mongrel in him and still only 20.
  6. I still don’t think Weideman is strong enough physically Wise. Needs to bulk up the upper body so he can compete with the bigger opposition key defenders. A stronger body might give him additional confidence and cause real damage when crashing those packs. Fritsch is slightly built of course but is a different player to Weideman. A very good reader of the ball in flight and has outstanding footy nous and great hands. He will kick 8 goals in a game before his career ends.
  7. You need a good manager mate. You are handling yourself way too much.
  8. I know who I would rather keep between Weideman and Fritsch. At least one of them actually marks the footy.....
  9. Are Melksham and Spargo playing? We are 2 players short. (3 if we add Smith)
  10. Never been a fan. Has played the odd good game but doesn't play within his skill set. Is a basic footballer. Its probably too late for him to take the desire to be a speccy taking, I can-beat-any-tackler, look-at-me traits out of his game. Given the contract terms though, I guess we have to keep him. If either out of contract or on a 1 year contract, I'd be happy to see him gone.
  11. Mason Wood maybe worth a look. Could be a player in a new environment. Has the skills. Good size.
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