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  1. Yeah. If it’s the standard deck which comprises 4 suits, Justifying Abuse, Manipulation, Attention Seeking and Diffusion of Responsibility. Players by their very nature are quite skilled in which card to play and when to play it. Politicians for example are given a deck once elected to office and after a couple of terms are deemed professional players. Then again if it’s the Tarot version they’ll have 78 opportunities. The danger with the Tarot deck of course is that the player will at some stage play the 22 card.
  2. I’m with you DA. Totally sick of the BS. The mental health card is one of many in the “Victim” deck Sadly nowadays, there are many people who own this deck of cards who pull one out and play it when it suits their agenda.
  3. Looking Ok. Trac, May, Harmes kicking is bog ordinary. Romp away in the last quarter although we are going to the non/scoring end!
  4. Love to see it LH but sadly Jake is a quiet achiever, not spectacular and his surname isn’t Daicos. These alleged “experts” vote on the Rising Star and the opportunity to use the words “Magpie” and “Daicos” in the same sentence multiples times are just too easy to sell to super hyped Collingwood fans and make allotted journo word counts.
  5. And you think I don’t know that? My comments were tongue in cheek. A comparison is ludicrous. Thanks for pointing that out though…..
  6. Terrible for the young bloke. As another poster said, a potential star of the comp. The incidents of serious injuries these days is a worry. It's almost guaranteed every year that several players will cop a season ending injury. Just hope that recent serious injuries to Tomlinson, Lever, vandenBerg et al keep our quota as fulfilled for a while yet. On another note, there is a lot to be said of the 70's and 80's version of footy training. A couple of laps, kick to kick, circle work maybe a bit of one on one/backs -v-forwards and then a sprint to the sheds for a can of VB! Hell, I even remember blokes having a smoke at half time! BUT....very few serious injuries.
  7. I reckon Jack Martin is. Williams a close 2nd though.
  8. Hey! Settle down! It’s 1/4 time in a PRACTICE match! Carlton have much to prove. We have zero.
  9. It's a practice match. A barrier trial. The great Nature Strip is regularly beaten in trials by horses who are not fit to eat the leftovers from his feed bin. I am not concerned with the result tonight. Keep our powder dry and rest our sore guys until the real stuff starts. I WILL say however that if anyone needs to go hard and impress, it's Sam Weideman.
  10. Ahhh yes Cards. The chances of copping a fist behind the earhole or a swift one to the guts was pretty much guaranteed against those apes. I remember the heavily tattooed McSweeney brothers as particularly nasty individuals. I had to wait a whole year to repay the favour to one of those bustards. In those days (early 80's) there was only one field umpire. I just happened to play cricket with the guy who was umpiring my revenge game. I played in the middle and teed it up with the umpire to look and see where my opponent and I were standing and then he would ensure that his back was towards us as he bounced the footy to start the game. The ball was bounced and the objective achieved. The umpire of course saw nothing.
  11. Hey guys! Reigning premiers eh? I still can’t believe it even though I have watched the replay at least 30 times. I think Harry Petty did a wonderful job in the absence of Tomlinson last year but don’t forget, Harry was the understudy. IMHO, at this stage of his career, Harry is not as good a footballer as Tomlinson. What IS great is that there will be some very difficult team selection meetings this year with the heat on everyone to fight for their positions. Looking forward to another flag this year and there are no good reasons (maybe multiple injuries?) why we shouldn’t win it again! Bring it on!
  12. Old Speckled Hen. In total agreeance OD! I flinch even when I read the name! Disgusting. VB is too but OSH takes it to another level.
  13. Now THAT is comedy. Thanks for the memory.
  14. Labs are friendly dogs. Trac has some Lab like qualities but I saw a touch of Doberman in his eyes on GF day. More of that and he will move beyond "highly respected" and into the "greatly feared" category.
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