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  1. Benny Brown to Libba is the match up! He clearly hates him! 😂😂😂😂
  2. The ball is in Sam's court now. I'd like to see him bulk up and become a pack crashing beast. He needs do do something if he wants a regular senior gig again.
  3. We're off to Hamilton Island on the Sunday. That will have to do!
  4. You are right. This morning I read through all of the votes and the lack of representation by defenders is simply wrong. We know, perhaps better than most fans, that defenders can win games. There is too much emphasis on possession numbers and none on defensive acts.
  5. Dry weather and a firm deck takes us from potentially being an 8 goal team to a 20 goal team.
  6. Johannisen won a Norm Smith don’t forget.
  7. The question is, will he keep Hunt out of the team? I like the young bloke but Hunty has that X factor and capable of breaking lines. I'm glad its not my choice.
  8. Maybe the club instigated that process perhaps? Lets face it, he hasn't set the world on fire over the past couple of seasons. If it means giving young Bailey Laurie a chance to prove himself, I'm all for it.
  9. Laughing at a mental image of Meggs speaking like Yoda.... On another note, I hope that Gil, if he's reading the votes, doesn't fall into that "Melbourne, C...............Oliver/Petracca" garbage.
  10. All of this worrying about match ups is doing my head in! It’s simple. It’s a Grand Final. GO THE KNUCKLE! No send offs in our game! 😜
  11. Hannan is playing like Wayne flaming’ Carey!
  12. Motlop and Fantasia. 😩 They may as well have a couple of the Wiggles down there
  13. They should give us the Premiership Cup now. On the form we showed last night I seriously think we are unbeatable. Punters load up!
  14. Let’s now sit back and watch Port and the Dogs beat each other senseless and cop a shedload of injuries. I hope it’s a really hard and close fought game as then the eventual winner will be looking at our slaughter of Geelong and psych themselves out of it. Our winning margin will be the cause of many nightmares over the next couple of weeks.
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