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  1. My impression is that Lyons playing career doesn't get the credit it deserves. I cannot work out why he isn't in the AFL Hall of Fame. I think he was that good. Courageous, tremendous leader. Good in the air, a brilliant one on one mark, but equally dangerous with the ball on the ground, which is an unbelievable trait considering the issues he faced with constant back injuries. Had class to burn (IMHO second only to Robert Flower for pure class amongst the Melbourne players I've seen). A genuine match winner. Had a good finals record, with the standouts being slotting the match
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cwiBma5WKg
  3. Yeah, I watched that game on tv with my daughters. Alice Springs game wasn't it? I know this is a Colyer thread, so won't linger on Billy Stretch for too long, but I feel 2019 is a make or break season for him. Needs to establish himself in the side in what will be his 5th season perhaps(?). Anyway, like a few have mentioned, if Goodwin is keen, trust that Colyer can give you something. Essendon won't be asking for the world for him, so could well be a handy pick up. I'm not sure how many on here were that enthused when Melbourne traded for Melksham, and that has worke
  4. I don't see Stretch ever becoming an impactful AFL footballer. I reckon Colyer is on the trade table, so if Goodwin wants him, you'll most likely get him. I'd be surprised if a future 4th round pick does it though.
  5. Can get the fumbles, and can butcher it a bit. But has real pace and knows where the goals are. Would give you more than the likes of Stretch and Kent. Probably needs a change of club to get the best out of him, a la Melksham https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJ_cXU0Io_4 Check the time of the game and the match score when Colyer kicks his goal.
  6. As a supporter of a club other than Melbourne looking in, I would have thought on performances thus far in their careers, Oliver was Melbourne best under 23 player. Petracca will be an out and out star, Hogan hopefully gets a decent run at it and shows us what he can really do, and Lever should be a 250 game AFL player, but from my point of point, Oliver has probably out performed them all up until now, even with Hogan winning the Rising Star award.
  7. I guess loyalty to the club. Obviously has Essendon in his blood, similar to Jack Viney at Melbourne. It's a smart move, allows the club to recruit an extra good player under the cap which in turns makes Joes life easier on the football field. $675,000 isn't peanuts, and I'm sure he could have got more from other clubs or even Essendon if he asked, but like I said, if him taken unders means we can grab another good player, I can see why Joe did it.
  8. Saad smashed Betts, kept him to 0.2, and Betts is a player who has dined out on Essendon many a time. Smith had 23 touches, 5 tackles and ran hard all night. I was impressed with his game and will be an asset. Stringer is a burst impact player. Won't contribute every week, but still had 16 touches and 7 tackles on Friday night. Again, I wouldn't fall for the trap of judging players on one game, otherwise you have paid way overs for Jake Lever.
  9. Hmmmm, Danihers last 3 games against Melbourne : 2017 : 1.6 with 13 marks 2016 : 2.4 with 15 marks 2015 : 5.0 He wasn't dominant the other night, but kicked 65.39 last year and won Essendons B&F. THe year before when Essendon won 3 games he kicked 43.32 Generally performs well in big games. Whether he is a top 10 player in the AFL is up for debate, but I feel you are forming your opinion on Friday nights game alone perhaps.
  10. There's no hype around the Essendon midfield, in fact, most of the experts say it is the weakest part of the Essendon team, which is correct.
  11. The selectors explained Danihers ability to play back up ruck contributed to his selection, and it was in fact Kennedy who kept Brown out, not Daniher. The numbers show Joe deserved his spot over Brown. Disposals - JD : 335, BB : 256 Marks - JD : 147, BB : 120 Hit Outs - JD : 77, BB : 35 Score Involvements - JD : 167, BB : 141 Scoring Shots - JD : 99 (62.37), BB : 93 (63.30) Inside 50's - JD : 69, BB : 45 Meters Gained - JD : 7063, BB : 4239 FWIW, I agree Selwood in particular was a bit lucky, perhaps picked on reputation rather than perfor
  12. Dean Kent received a MOTY nomination against Geelong earlier in the season, while Hibbard was nominated in the last round vs the Pies, but yeah, pretty lean pickings this year. Mitch Hannan vs the Suns for me.
  13. Hunts torp was the best. Assessed and executed a difficult skill of the game beautifully.
  14. Certainly Oliver should be in the squad. Very similar to Zach Merrett missing last years squad. It's as if the selectors want these young guys to back it up a couple of seasons in a row to earn their spot. Which is dumb, the team should be picked on that seasons performances, nothing else. Garlett lucky, Bont lucky, Seb Ross perhaps lucky. I'd replace those 3 with Oliver, Fantasia and Cotchin. Awesome to see Hibbo in there.
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