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  1. Thanks Jack If I had a dollar for every time I've been told "go back to your own forum", I'd be a rich man. But as I have said earlier, I really do think most on here are reasonable and good football discussion can be had. As for Bobby Hill, I'm a bit with @Axis of Bob, something doesn't really feel right. Sounds like his trade request caught GWS completely off guard, and the fact he contacted Essendon to seek out a trade as opposed to Essendon chasing him makes it seem like we weren't overly keen. Together with the Lobb trade, almost like it was manufactured by the manager and player but none of the clubs being involved. The opposite to the Luke Breust deal, where both Hawthorn and GWS had agreed, but the player had no idea about it and said "no". I think our offer was fair (future 2nd), but with GWS seemingly just not interested in doing any type of deal, which is fine as he is contracted, the trade was never going to happen. But I was comfortable with our offer, and would have been disappointed if we stumped up more for a player such as Bobby Hill.
  2. You don't think a future 2nd round pick is a fair offer for Bobby Hill. Averages 9 touches a game, kicked 14 goals in 17 games this year, and laid 6 tackles in his last 4 games this season. I really don't think the Dons were the ones who were hard to deal with on this occasion When other trades fall over, clubs are congratulated for "sticking to their guns and doing what's best for their club" When Essendon trades fall over, "we are just hard to deal with"
  3. Agree, Very inconsistent up til now. Our future 2nd was just about overs depending on where we finish next season.
  4. Well there you go Essendon offer our future 2nd straight up with nothing coming back, GWS say no Strange, as Hill sounds like he will be out the door next at the end of next year and pretty unhappy in 2022
  5. McCartney was at the Bulldogs during that trade period. That deal was done with the once head of Melbournes recruiting team Craig Cameron. IIRC he left for Gold Coast after that trade period, and McCartney moved onto to GWS to replace him. We probably won that trade although Smith has been a disappointment barring his B&F winning first year with us and Saad has moved on. Stringer has been really good. I think draft picks are bit overrated. They are only as good as the players you pick with them. Pick 1 could get you Sam Walsh, or Paddy McCartin Pick 32 could get you Trent Rivers, or Luke Valente Melbourne have done it beautifully lately, trading in the likes of Lever, May, and Brown (Langdon FA), yet when they have had picks, drafted really well (Petracca, Oliver, Jackson, Pickett, Fritsch, Rivers, Jordan etc)
  6. And yes, Alwyn Daveys twin boys, not Aarons Hard to know exactly if they will be bid on as they have hardly played any footy over the past 2 seasons, but is prudent to plan ahead just in case. I think Essendon is hoping hey will develop a bit more in 2022, although not too much as so they get bid on early. Word is Alwyn Jnr is a bit more advanced than Jayden, but that's just what I have read
  7. I read the Essendon fan pages, but don't post much. I find most of them all a bit unreasonable at times Demonland has always been of a high standard of footy knowledge and have enjoyed many a discussion over the years here. having a couple of daughters who are mad Dees fans also means I have a close eye on Melbourne
  8. Long history between the 2, going back to the days McCartney was at the Bulldogs. He probably got the ball rolling when he apparently walked into the room, offered pick 38 for Stewart Crameri, and walked out. Crameri at the time has won our Goalkicking the previous 2 seasons and was in our top 12 players. We got him to give us pick 26 which we used to draft Zach Merrett, so they probably didn't amuse him. Essendon probably did well out of the Stringer trade, but the Bulldogs were kicking him out the door, so we were hardly going to pay a kings ransom We paid overs for Shiel with 2 1st Rounders, so I doubt he is angry at us for that I know McCartney wasn't happy about us getting Caldwell last year for a couple of 2nd rounders, but over the journey, I reckon McCartney has "won" more often than Dodoro in trades between the 2. Maybe he is just sick of losing players to us
  9. Interestingly Hill contacted Essendon first, not the other way around, and thus I doubt Essendon will pay a kings ransom for him. He does fill a hole on our list but his output so far has been underwhelming. I think he has upside, but it's very hard to judge a kid like Hill who is coming off 2 covid effected seasons. Apparently we have offered a future 2nd but want a little something coming back. Even a late future 3rd or 4th pick will helps us, as we may well have both Davey twins to bid for next season under F/S As it sits right now at 1.26pm on Weds, I think he stays at GWS. If he chose any other club in Vic, he gets there, but McCartneys pettiness towards Dodoro and Essendon will see no trade happen. Which is a shame for Bobby Hill and his pregnant partner, who really want to be in Victoria.
  10. There is software programs available that allows you to download videos from youtube. Another option is I can put all the Melbourne Player Highlight videos I have on USB sticks. Distribute them similar to old Robbie Flower DVD back in the day. Not sure how we do that, cost of USB sticks, postage etc I do live in Cranbourne East these days, about a 2 min drive from Casey Fields, perhaps if it can wait until next season, people can meet me at Casey fields with their USBs. Not sure how that would work with me getting them back to you, but it's something we can work with. Player Highlights I could feature would be Flower of course, plus Garry Lyon, David Neitz, Jeff Farmer, David Schwarz, Russell Richards, Aaron Davey, Russell Robertson, Adem Yze, Allen Jakovich and Shaun Smith Any other players that we think are worthy? I tend to focus on past players Just throwing out ideas, happy to hear suggestions on players and how we can make this work
  11. Many years ago me and a couple members here joined forces to produce a Robert Flower highlights dvd. I'm very pleased to say that my collection of Robbie Flower highlights has grown and as tribute to the Dees making (and hopefully winning) the 2021 GF, I have uploaded a highlights video to Youtube of the greatest Melbourne player in my life time. So if you have a spare 40 mins or so, have a look at it. If you are too young to have seen him play, you need to see this. If you are old enough to have seen him play and remember what he was like, please enjoy.
  12. That's the problem with getting old, changing names and avatars and alike becomes harder. And I'm not sure Ash46 has the same ring to it. lol
  13. G'day Demonland Wishing you guys the best of luck this week in the GF. What a tremendous season you've had and I'm hoping it ends in Premiership glory. Melbourne has been the best team all year and thoroughly deserve to be favourites, and I think you guys will be far too good for the Bulldogs on Saturday It's hilarious that my 2 Melbourne loving daughters at ages 15 and 12 think they have had to put up with a bit to get to this point. If only they knew what a different generation of Dees fan has had to endure. I know I don't post on here anymore (that may change), but like I said, I just wanted to check in and wish the Melbourne FC all the best for the GF, and I hope all of you are enjoying the excitement of GF week and fingers crossed can celebrate premiership glory come Saturday night. Good luck, (and for this week only) GO DEES!!!!
  14. My impression is that Lyons playing career doesn't get the credit it deserves. I cannot work out why he isn't in the AFL Hall of Fame. I think he was that good. Courageous, tremendous leader. Good in the air, a brilliant one on one mark, but equally dangerous with the ball on the ground, which is an unbelievable trait considering the issues he faced with constant back injuries. Had class to burn (IMHO second only to Robert Flower for pure class amongst the Melbourne players I've seen). A genuine match winner. Had a good finals record, with the standouts being slotting the match winner vs WCE in 1988 Elimination Final, and I think his 10 goal performance against the Bulldogs in the 1994 Semi Final tends to be forgotten due to the heroics of David Schwarz that day. Captained the Vics, which a lot of the "young folk" perhaps don't understand how big of an honour that is. Quite simply, was easily Melbournes best player during an era where Melbourne had a lot of good players and not only played finals, but won finals regularly. A lasting memory for me was a game against the Brisbane Bears in 1995. Melbourne had started the season 0-6, and were playing an up and coming Bears team at the MCG. It was a must win game if ever there was one. The natives were restless in a low scoring game as the Bears looked like winners until Lyon went into the middle in the last quarter. Leading from the front, Lyon virtually single handed dragged Melbourne over the line. Again, from a guy who was essentially a key position player, had the ability and versatility to take the game by the scruff of the neck from the middle of the ground and get his team to victory when the game just had to be won. He may have played better games in that season, but considering Melbourne missed finals by 1 game after starting the season at 0-6, Lyon must take a lot of the credit for getting the season up and going on that overcast Sunday afternoon.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cwiBma5WKg
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