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  1. Enjoyed Trac's reaction when Mihocek got the three votes in the QB game. Good thing he wasn't eating or drinking at the time, as he would have made a mess of the table..
  2. Anyone who went to the pre season game and witnessed Cripps absolutely destroy us would have seen that he had got his body right and was in for a huge season.
  3. I hope Jake Lever has a good think about how his sulking re the decision against him with a few minutes to go handed Brisbane the game when we were surging. What could have happened if the free kick had been taken from the original spot? The shot is missed, we have possession again, May kicks it straight down the middle, we score again and suddenly there's a single kick in it again. Lever is supposed to be a "leader", but what a terrible example he set for our younger players.
  4. Out all afternoon so couldn't watch. Is there any way to access a replay?
  5. I haven't read this whole thread, but has anyone given credit to Fagan for his brilliant tactic in playing dead, and I mean completely dead - no effort, no chasing - in the final round so that the Dees thought they were good to go for the finals, and that the Lions were easy beats. Daniher did not elect to stay in Brisbane, Fagan ordered him to stay there because he knows that the Lions are a much better side without him. He refrained from tagging Oliver in round 23, but had Berry primed and ready for the task when it mattered. "Charlie, don't try too hard, let Hibberd think he has you covered" etc etc. Just brilliant, and the Dees fell for it, hook, line and sinkered/sunk.
  6. 6 Petty 5 Langdon 4 Oliver Can’t bring myself to vote for anyone else for the first time this year.
  7. Please change the genius who decided we should go with the same team with the same players in the same positions week after week. Just plain stupid. If it was Goodwin, he should be sacked, premiership coach or not. Stupid stupid stupid
  8. 6 Oliver 5 May 4 Petty 3 Harmes 2 Fritsch 1 Spargo While on the other side of the ledger: -6 Melksham -5 Jackson -4 Brown -3 Neal-Bullen -2 Rivers -1 Picket
  9. Gotta feel pretty smug about watching a team we beat by nearly ten goals last week giving the “dangerous” Tigers a real run for their money.
  10. Anyone with a haircut as bad as Prestia’s deserves to be subbed out of the game.
  11. https://imgur.com/gallery/UxqPr9o for my training session pics. My favourite is Jack with the only fan who made it into the middle of the oval.
  12. I have more really good shots, but the site won't let me upload any more because it would exceed the "max total size of 302.47 kb". Is there any way to get around this?
  13. The boys all moved well despite knee bandages on Gus, Kozzie and Trent. No knee bandages on BBB, Max or Salo, which is really good news. Here's a few pics from the session. ADMIN EDIT: Pics have been move to this posts. Flower Magic's Photos
  14. Easily Georgiades but I'll vote for Charlie, as will my father, two sisters, brother and two pet dogs
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