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  1. Let's get Bowey to 24-0. I want us to break Geelong's record, not equal it!
  2. 6 Viney 5 Pickett 4 Petracca 3 Jordan 2 McDonald 1 Brayshaw
  3. I'll remember your esteemed words when the Dees win the 2022 flag and Clarry wins the 2022 Brownlow. BTW, you don't need to shout.
  4. One thing that strikes me about Melbourne's dominant start to 2022 is how many of our guys are playing as well as they have ever played. Confidence is a wonderful thing, but huge kudos must also go to the coaches. Here's my take on who is career best form. A score of 10 denotes CBF (career best form). Bowey 10, Brayshaw 10, Brown 5, Fritsch 8, Gawn 9, Harmes 10, Hunt 7, Jackson 10, Jordan 10, Langdon 10, Lever 7, May 10, Neal-Bullen 7, Oliver 10, Petracca 9, Petty 10, Pickett 8, Rivers 6, Salem N/A, Smith 6, Spargo 10, Sparrow 10, Viney 9, Weideman 6 It's no wonder that no one can get near us at the moment. Long may it continue.
  5. But Dane Swan won a Brownlow, somewhat diluting your argument! Clarrie will win it this year though, get on him, I already have.
  6. So wrong in so many respects! Please look at the facts. Of the last 25 medallists (back to Shane Woewodin in 2000), 13 (more than half) came from teams that finished premiers, runners-up or in the top three on the ladder. Hard to see how these teams all had "very few or no other great players" or were "one-man teams" as you argue. There are four medallists and premiership winners in the same year in this period - Akermanis, Black, Bartel and Ablett - geez, those Brisbane and Geelong teams were pretty ordinary teams, full of passengers who wouldn't take votes off the eventual medallists! Then there's Mitchell, Swan, Goodes, Cousins, Buckley and, oh look, Woewodin who were medallists in runner-up teams. All one-man teams apparently. And none of them can have been "strong, unselfish" teams. Facts will always trump fanciful speculation.
  7. When Clarrie wins his second Brownlow in 2023, you will have an arguable case, but not until then. Luckily when he wins his third in 2024, there will be no argument possible.
  8. You must be very young. He has a little ground yet to make up on Chris Judd, to name but one.
  9. 6 Oliver 5 Gawn 4 Bowey 3 Brayshaw 2 Langdon 1 Sparrow
  10. 6 May 5 Gawn 4 Spargo 3 Petracca 2 Oliver 1 Viney
  11. 6 Gawn 5 May 4 Langdon 3 Harmes 2 Jordan 1 Viney
  12. Appropriately named poster, given that this post is absolute rubbish. Must have been out working on the truck during last week's game.
  13. 6 Oliver 5 Brayshaw 4 Langdon 3 Gawn 2 Harmes 1 Weideman
  14. I reckon if you cut Gus, he would bleed red and blue. He will be a Demon for life even if he is earning less than he would elsewhere. There is not a snow flake's chance in hell of him playing anywhere else. And he is exactly the type of selfless and popular player whom others would cop a pay cut to keep.
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