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  1. As opposed to me being rendered speechless after the last two games.
  2. So you must believe that Trac is telling porkies, given that his post on the melbournefc Insta page says this: "Im responsible for putting myself out there by the way for people talking about the medicos." And of course you must have personal knowledge that "a doctor would have to sign it off", maybe you are a former club doctor.
  3. Incorrect, this comment by Trac is on the melbournefc Insta page: "Im responsible for putting myself out there by the way for people talking about the medicos."
  4. Trac has stated on his Insta feed that he brought himself back on, his decision alone not the medicos, so can we please cease the cr@p and hand-wringing about the alleged negligence of the club medical staff.
  5. Gentlemen, I have only one request. Please limit your broadcast to a maximum of 15 minutes or I, like @Clintosaurus, will give it a miss this week. All we need is 5 minutes (or less!) on the game, 5 minutes on changes and 5 minutes on Casey. Having sat through that horrible game, I do not wish to hear it dissected over an extended podcast.
  6. I did, and feel like I have been scammed. I believed that I was coming to watch two teams play football, but instead only one turned up.
  7. You can make a case for any one of eight players to be dropped this week - Petty, McAdam, Bowey (who was atrocious today), Turner, Windsor (who played as if he didn't think he had an opponent - how many times was Freo's number 14 miles in the clear?), Tomlinson, Woewodin and Sparrow - add Hunter who should surely be dropped if he wasn't injured. But apart from JVR and maybe Kolt, the cupboard looks bare. We are in big trouble.
  8. 6 The tree on the half forward flank 5 The immaculate playing surface 4 The glorious weather 3 The female singer performing "It's a Grand Old Flag" in the indigenous language pre-game 2 The welcome to country 1 (In advance) Qantas for getting me the hell out of here No Dees player deserved a vote IMHO.
  9. I’m at the game and my feeling is one of sadness as our premiership window has just been closed. Several players not up to AFL standard and others who today have simply given up. This will be a defeat of 100 points by a team not even in the 8. Sorry folks, we are done and dusted.
  10. Chin looked great in the Captain's Run today. No bandages, no restrictions, moved smoothly and efficiently. He's not injured now, that's for sure. Tipping a good game from him tomorrow.
  11. Perfect day at Traeger Park for the Captain’s Run. Flawless playing surface. Lots of supporters up from Melbourne. Heaps of indigenous kids cheering for Kosi. The boys looking super fit, not a knee bandage in sight.
  12. Now able to answer my own question - captain's run 1.00pm tomorrow at the ground. Will be there with bells on.
  13. Greetings from the Alice, where it has rained for 24 hours, but has now stopped thankfully. No sign of the sun since Tuesday but the forecast says sunny both Sat and Sun. Anyone know what the team is doing tomorrow? Captain's run? What time? Any info would be gratefully received. On another note, I am dumbfounded that BBB is in the squad. Last time he played, it was excruciating to watch this once fine footballer on his last legs.
  14. Sister Sarah going a little better than brother Jack ATM. In line for Olympic selection in the 1500m. https://www.facebook.com/WorldAthletics/videos/414981944717196
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