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  1. Max will give Grundy a football lesson next Thursday night.
  2. Wondering if Fritsch’s foot is still an issue? Has kicked poorly.
  3. Heat? What heat? It's cool in my air conditioned house.
  4. Now I'm crying. I am shattered. My favourite player.
  5. http://media.news.com.au/multimedia/2010/09/punch_collingwood/A3-punch-collingwood.pdf Update with 2018 WCE 11.13.79 def Coll 11.8.74. So now 122 magnificent years of near glory.
  6. Feeling better now. We would not have beaten Brisbane without Pickett, Petty and Melksham. Hope they smash the filth next week.
  7. I am feeling more sick with every minute of this.
  8. I am an MCC member. I got lucky in the ballot for GF seats. But I am seriously considering not going to the game for the first time in 40 years and letting someone else have my reserved seat ticket. Why would I boycott the game? Because the final series to date stinks to high heaven of favouritism and biased adjudication, both at the tribunal and on the field. And we all know which teams have benefitted from this disgraceful state of affairs. If Maynard gets to hold up the cup next Saturday, I will throw up and it's probably better I do that in private, rather than at the ground. The only reason to go would be to watch Brisbane belt Collingwood by 10 goals, so if Carlton wins tonight, I will definitely be treating the GF as something to be avoided like the plague.
  9. Are we going to hear any more Cometti-isms from Binman this week? Last week's "As a backman, Turner goes into overdrive" was gold. Was surprised that Binman's witticism seemed to go unnoticed by his co-commentators.
  10. 6 Brayshaw 5 Viney 4 Petracca 3 Hunter 2 Gawn 1 Pickett
  11. Or is it the wind that cries Mary? Or the whispering wind on which the staircase lies?
  12. Oh [censored], I hadn't heard. How sad. When is the funeral?
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