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  1. He reminds me of Garry Hocking on appearance. Great if he plays like him!
  2. And the free kick count was kept under wraps.
  3. But in the instance I've illustrated in the opening post, the Carlton player picked up the ball, saw an opponent approaching, and dived his head between the tackler's legs. (as mentioned above, very like the Viney incident in the 2021 GF, but there's more emphasis on head protection nowadays) The umpire that gave Carlton the free just has no understanding of the game. This was not a difficult adjudication....it was an egregious error. If that error is repeated, serious injuries will inevitably follow.
  4. Most umpiring mistakes are understandable and forgivable, but not an error as ignorant and significant as this.
  5. I witnessed a shocking decision by the umpire in the North/Carlton game on Friday. I have tried to attach a video of it below. The Carlton player received a free for "high contact". I think this is worthy of being a new topic, since it is such an important digression from the AFL's determined efforts to lessen concussion injuries. Surely the umpire must realise,that by awarding a free to the player who is leading with his head, it will encourage players to adopt this method. The result??? More concussions, even possibly a broken neck. That umpire should be dropped and forgotten. He has no understanding of basic football. Umpire error.MOV
  6. I like his nickname….”Skunkhead”
  7. Peter Moore would never have gone for that mark
  8. The commentators kept saying on Thursday night how well the Dees set up “ behind the ball”. But the Sydney defenders countered this very effectively by switching…….a long kick slightly backwards to an unattended player wide on the other side of the ground. Options often then open up along the wings, and sometimes in the “corridor”. Most other sides switch a lot more often than the Dees. Sometimes switching fails ,and the wide receiver has no options upfield. In this case, there’s nothing wrong with switching again, even though it’s frustrating for fans. Did anyone else notice how switching worked for Sydney.?
  9. On two occasions he performed surreptitious eye gouges.
  10. Last year we put McVee on Dusty in the practice match. It seemed to show him what’s required . This year we gave Howes the unenviable assignment on the brilliant Bolton. wouldnt it be great if history repeated itself!
  11. We all should respect a guy who has been so generous to the club we love for so long. He really deserves more than a building at Casey named after his family .
  12. I hate being so wrong and absolutely ignorant. Sorry.
  13. I’m hungry for any news about the MFC, but now I never go to the club official website, since there’s never anything interesting or up to date on it.
  14. Stan wasn’t the bravest player to pull on a Dees jumper.
  15. Bloody Hammers robbed again! Dubious penalty to Sheffield in the 103rd minute!! Latest goal in EPL history! ( to make it a draw....seconds later, similar incident at the other end....no penalty. Moyes not amused! Hammers remind me of the Demons so much.
  16. Hammers remarkably inconsistent. 0-5 v. Fulham, then beat Wolves 3-0 last night! (with a Euro win in between) Liverpool next....easy!
  17. The media pander to Collingwood fans in order to maximise ratings and readership. If May had done exactly the same to De Goey, he would have been heavily criticised, with pressure on the tribunal to give him 6 weeks.
  18. Ted gave Darren Millane a decent head-knock.
  19. I’m worried about us chasing. Wicket taking spin. Maharaj and Shamsi are pretty good.
  20. I just googled R E ("Tip") Foster. That 287 in 1903 was his first test! It was the highest Test score till 1930 (when Sandham, then the Don, scored triples.) 287 remained the highest score on the SCG till Michael Clarke's triple century. Foster captained England in cricket and soccer. I wonder if his nickname, "Tip" came because of his profession......he was a stockbroker. He died aged 36 of diabetes.
  21. It's an interesting dilemma for its management. I presume Ratings are important, but the reason the station is so hard to listen to is all the advertising. I don't count them, but sometimes I think there must be about ten ads between discussion segments. Obviously their revenue must depend largely on advertising,but they just couldn't have more than they do now. If the ratings are low, they can' t charge the advertisers more than they do now. I occasionally ask a friend "did you hear that interview on SEN". Invariably, they"ll reply...I just can't listen to that station because of all the ads!"
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