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  1. I have little doubt that if a Demon player did what McCartin did, he’d get a month , and the media would be criticising the “ culture “ at Melbourne.
  2. Great… thanks. I thought so, but I wasn’t sure. But you are !
  3. I should know this, but I need help. If we beat Collingwood in the Qf, then the loser of the other QF gets back to the preliminary final( Port or Bris)....who gets the home final? Dees because we won our first final, or Port(or Bris) because they finished above us?
  4. I think I heard he was an elite schoolboy runner. I don't know what distance.
  5. I know it’s better for us if Collingwood win……but I JUST CAN’T barrack for the bestards . I know I should move on, but it’s the ‘58 Grand Final which has given me permanent scars. I want a Coll.win by a point, with multiple injuries to both sides. I’m ashamed of that sentiment, but I have to be honest.
  6. It's a bigger stretch to say he didn't. They were lenient on throw calls all day, except for that (ultimately match-winning) call resulting in a Curnow goal. (Maysie must have been cheesed off.)
  7. The Carlton supporters are brilliant at pressuring the umps. Their incessant screaming of 40,000 for frees must have an effect. I sit in the MCC members' area. Mainly Dees supporters , and it's deathly quiet. People look at me disapprovingly when I (not so quietly) implore the umpires to watch the game. The free count was pretty equal, but without the Blues' "noise of affirmation", it would definitely have been in our favour.
  8. Should've taken Riewoldt instead of Frawley all those years ago … but not now!
  9. This rule surprises me. I thought it was compulsory for ruckman to push, bump, block and grab each other, especially at boundary throw-ins!
  10. Nathan Buckley implied as much this morning on SEN. He wondered why they didn’t try to stop one of the Freo players who was dominating( I can’t remember who it was). He suggested they were pretty keen not to let North get that No. 1 draft pick. He was sort of hushed up after making the comment, and didn’t (?dare) mention it on “On the Couch”. Perhaps there is some directive not to make such innuendo. I wish it was there we we had the trouble.
  11. I remember thinking he could really star for us after watching him in a practice match at Vic. Park. He played some really good games for us, but I’d say didn’t reach his full potential. Very sad.
  12. I remember thinking he’d never make it.( and hoping!)
  13. Thanks, Hawk,. This thread is about the MCC election, which could have significant, if indirect, relevance to the MFC.
  14. Voting closes this coming Friday 11th. The 5 standing are... Peter Adams James Cain Anthony Johnson Sam King Alice Robinson. They all have good corporate experience. I think we Demon fans should try to get as many Demon-sympathetic committee members as possible. ( I realise they have to be MCC-, and not MFC-minded when they're on the board, but I think it's preferable to having , say, Collingwood or Hawthorn devotees on the committee) Do any Demonlanders have any knowledge of what team any of the candidates follow? It'd help me, at least, decide how I, and my family vote.
  15. I didn't say it was likely we'd finish so high, but possible. I always hope for the best. Sounds like you hold no hope!
  16. I'm still hoping we win all our games, including a big percentage earner on Sunday, Coll. don't win by much tomorrow, and lose the next three. Meanwhile Port lose one game, and Bris don't have any percent boosters......and we end up minor Premiers!!! I know it doesn't matter if we're first or second....but I quite like being minor Premiers. Last time we went on and won the Major prize!!
  17. On further ( ok…..a fraction optimistic) reflection, if the Pie lose three of their four, and don’t beat the Hawks by much, and we win all ours, including a big percentage booster v.North, we probably finish on top!!!9
  18. If we win all our games and get some percentage v. North,, and Collingwood lose all theirs.....we're minor premiers again!
  19. If you win the toss, and the pitch is a road…..BAT first. Every team has trouble chasing even moderate totals in the last innings.
  20. I think it was a previous Port doctor that sent Nathan Eagleton back on the ground after a spontaneous collapse. It turned out he had Wolf Parkinson White syndrome , which means he had had a cardiac arrest on the field. That doctor was so lucky it didn’t cause another arrest that day. Th Aliir situation is probably worse, since the diagnosis was blatantly obvious.
  21. But I thought Balta put the ball on the ground while he was being tackled. is’nt that incorrect disposal?( even though he didn’t dispose of it…..it’s like bouncing it when someone has hold of your jumper…. a free)
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