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  1. Have the Dees ever been beaten abroad? I know we’ve won in NZ, Canada, USA, China ,England and Tasmania(!) Anywhere else?
  2. Before this thread disappears into obscurity…….does any Demonlander know what happened to the “Wall of Fame”?
  3. Does anyone know if the "Wall of Fame" still exists? I suspect you would have bought one, too, Whispering Jack! ( though you were already famous!)
  4. LDVC…..you must be a lawyer! I looked up “fungible”, and I still can’t understand how it would apply to the tiles. What would the tiles be replaced by? Or does it just mean that once the money has been paid, there’s no responsibility to honour the commitment?
  5. In 2004, I paid $250 for a "tile" with my name on it to be put on a tile- wall in the "Southern Stand MCG changerooms". I presume those rooms are no longer there. Did any other Demonlanders make this payment? Does anyone know if the "wall of fame" still exists?
  6. I hope they tank when they play us…., but I doubt it. Lewis back and a lot of talent at Box Hill. I think they’ll be hard to beat next week.
  7. 28 frees to St K, 14 to Port. Absolutely every 50:50 decision went to the Saints. The Marvel crowd( all Saints) definitely influenced the Umpires by screaming for frees the whole match. We Demon supporters have got to try to influence the imps like that, but it’s harder at the bigger MCG, and we rarely have a crowd that all goes for us .
  8. Harmes and Dunstan definitely look "a class above" when playing for Casey. I think we should make more use of them in the seniors.
  9. Spargo certainly ducked his head, so it was correct not to give him a free…..but to penalise him for incorrect disposal? He was semi-conscious when the ball came out of his hands. Ducking the head to try to avoid a tackle should certainly not be rewarded with a free, but the tackler still has a duty of care not to concuss the ducker.
  10. In some ways I think it's to our advantage not to be on the MCG against Essendon.( esp as an "away" match.) They're on a high, and there'd be a predominantly Essendon crowd at the MCG baying for frees and influencing the umps. It'll still be pro-bomber over there, but we travel well.
  11. Thanks, LaDVC The satellite trackers are pretty good at specifying the distance from your golf ball to the pin on the green. Within a metre or two. I don't think that's the answer. I was hoping some Demonlander might be "in the know" as far as the tracking info is concerned. I'm also interested in the Champion Data employees. There must be at least a dozen at each match. Who are they? How well do they understand footy? It must take a lot of knowledge and experience to judge, for example, what was a hit out to advantage,what was a clanger, a sacrificial act....etc, etc, etc.. Are they well paid? Do they travel interstate? Or, for example, are the Perth statisticians only there.? Ditto with Melbourne stats workers etc.? Do any Demonlanders work for Champion data?
  12. Of course the running done in a footy game is in no way comparable to just jogging with no physical contact!! That's not my point at all! But my point is that the players are constantly on the move for the whole 120 min ( at stoppages players have to walk/jog/ run to "man up". They don't just stand like statues) For an example, let's assume a player sprints pretty flat out for 30 min of the game....probably at an average of about 3 min per k pace....that's 10 k covered. Let's assume he walks or jogs slowly for another 60 min. That's another 5k. Let's (wrongly) assume he's dead still for the other 30 min.(10 min if he's off for rotation for 20 min.) Wild assumptions, I know, but that's the 15 k that player covered......more than most. My point is that I reckon players must walk/run for more than 10 to 15 k in a match. The GPS trackers must only count the distance when they're going over a certain minimum speed. And thanks, BW511, for speculating irrelevantly on how many kicks I'd get walking briskly on the MCG. I wish I was young enough, fit enough, and good enough to be out there . But I don't think it's relevant to my query.
  13. At a brisk waking pace you cover about 5 to 6 km in an hour…….. about 10 to 12 k in 120 min.
  14. I hate it when opposition fans all boo when a player is having a set shot for goal. WCE are the worst, but all other supporters do it, including Melbourne( but not so badly) But yesterday it had the reverse effect when JVR was having a set shot! The booing was like the “Roooooo” chant that Dees supporters use! Probably inspired him!
  15. Does anyone know the details of distance tracking in games? I’m always surprised how little is the total distance covered in a match by players. If someone just walks at a leisurely pace for 120 min, they’d cover at least 10k. , yet a player who does 15 k in a match is deemed to have covered a lot of ground. Perhaps the answer is that the GPS devices only register the distance covered when the player is moving at faster than walking pace. Does any Demonlander know about this?
  16. Who should mind Stringer? Perhaps Hibberd might have been an option if not injured.
  17. Great to have you back, Joeboy…..or did I miss your posts in the previous games?
  18. What…… you didn’t read “Dyer ‘ere” ???!!!
  19. Somehow that arrogant, ignorant,opinionated moron, Mark McClure has the nickname “Sellers”.
  20. Everyone is so confident about JVR being our Messiah. But has he really dominated in the twos( the way, say, Hibbo has).? Has he ever kicked a bag for Casey? He’s only 193 cm, shorter and lighter than, for example, Tomlinson. I think it would be a huge error to expect him to do any rucking. I’m having trouble expecting a big showing in his first game. How I hope I’m eating my words on Sunday night!
  21. pe LV is injury in this case,unlike Dermie's(which didn't occur on the footy field!)
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