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  1. Only 3 top eight sides from this year in first 10 rounds looks ok
  2. Not sure he can be a winger anymore. He's no longer a two way runner like Langdon. Pacy half forward is probably where I see him, not sure if he'd be worth the risk.
  3. Some on Carlton BF mentioning Oscar after their delistings today, I assume replacing Macreadie ?
  4. Only an extra year, but hey, keep working and building :)
  5. McDonald’s time with Melbourne comes to an end Melbourne has delisted defender Oscar McDonald
  6. I think he's one of those who "catch it at its highest point" :) joke, I hate that phrase !
  7. I'm not doubting their quality, and their potential to be premiers, but rating their trade period so highly when they paid 3 first rounders for Cameron and have nix left for the draft makes no sense. The fact we procured a forward with similar, if not better, career stats for essentially pick 36 (once all points are added) doesnt make 3 first rounders look that good anymore. They' re all in, and it may work, it may not. I definitely rate our Trade Period above theirs.
  8. Agree 100%, hilariously AFL article today rated Geelong trade period above ours.....
  9. So it is, apologies Still, I would have thought it deserved a bit more than a passing mention...
  10. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/afl-trade-period-live-day-six-20201110-p56dbb.html No mention of BB trade ??!!
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