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  1. I wonder if he honked the horn when Carlton got a goal.
  2. Simister put me off. I was sure I’d remember a politician of that name. Ditto with Mithen. But now I realise that Christian names came into consideration. I should have got it!
  3. I reckon Darcy Moore looks like Hayley Mills in Pollyanna. And Chad Wingarde looks like Ravi Jadeja. Sorry…I can’t rustle up photos.
  4. Al lot of them seem to be politicians names. But a lot don’t!
  5. What’s the bloody answer? Something to do with the players with the same name playing for another club?
  6. I thought Scache looked pretty poor at Casey. Doesn’t go in hard.
  7. I don’t listen to Mr “Get Neeld” Lyon. Hes out of touch with Melbourne.
  8. She should make no comments about football tactics. She wouldn’t know, anyway.
  9. I don’t think it has filled Geelong with confidence. Far better for us they lost badly. Pity it had to be to Port. Things went so well for them in the rain and with the maggotry against us.
  10. I think it would be best for us if Port destroy the Cats’ confidence in the 2nd half. The frees will even out. ( but they won’t next Thursday!)
  11. I thought the Butler tackle was the most vicious of all, and was worth 3 weeks. I particularly disliked the two little extra shoves he gave Blakey while he was stunned and prostrate.
  12. He’s the only one who knows who his dad is!
  13. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we beat Collingwood! Not impossible!
  14. If the ball is knocked free, it’s basically the same as a ball up…pretty much 50:50. BUT…… there’s a good chance of getting a free if you knock it out of the opponent’s hands , especially if I he may have had prior opportunity. And I refer you back to my comment in the O P about the” surprise” tackle….. I think that’s important.
  15. Insightful comment, no.18. Back to your blanket!
  16. I think that game might have influenced Roos in his decision to come to Melbourne.
  17. Bedford, Weed, Hunt , Baker , Hannan. All doing well for their new clubs, but definitely not in our best 22. Interesting…..suggests our depth was, and is, pretty good. There are are a few Caseyguys who can’t make our side now who would make a lot of other teams.(Turner, Jordon, Laurie,Dunstan,Adams,Brown, Scache ..and others.)
  18. Not worth consideration, obviously.
  19. I think we sometimes miss opportunities to win a free kick with tackles. If the opponent has taken a step after getting the ball, ( had prior opportunity), I think the tackler should attempt to knock the ball down out of his hands while grabbing him, rather than just holding him,and keeping the ball pressed against him, leading to a ball up. There is a degree of inconsistency in the umpiring on incidents like this. Sometimes a free will be paid when the ball is knocked out of the player’s hands, even if he hardly seemed to have prior opportunity. I realise that there is a danger of the free not being paid, and the ball falls free to a 50:50 situation, but I think it’s worth the risk. Occasionally, a player receives the ball unaware that a potential tackler is right behind him. I think this is the time that the “ surprise” tackle should win a free, by knocking the ball down while grabbing the player. The biggest error in this circumstance is to allow the opponent to fall forward, pulling the tackler down on his back, and getting a free, when a proper tackle would have resulted in a free the other way.
  20. Well done, Hammers! Staying up!!!
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