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  1. I have attempted to attach footage of what I consider to be a reprehensible umpiring error in the Bullgogs v Adelaide game. Dunkley clearly dives at the Adelaide player’s legs to milk a free. This type of behaviour should be vehemently discouraged…..not by awarding a free to, but by paying a free against , for a low tackle. It reminds me of the tragic Sachse/O’Keefe incident resulting in a broken neck. If umpires reward players for this type of play, another broken neck will surely occur eventually, with disastrous consequences, not just for the player, but for the game of Australian Football. 0324D99E-74A2-4E39-BFA0-56CEB46832A0.MOV
  2. I was there and didn't hear booing of Hoges, either. I think he got a dubious spoiling free, so perhaps some people booed for that. I hate the way some teams' supporters boo all the time( esp. WCE). I hope Demon fans don't stoop to that level. (Booing may be somewhat justified when there's a mysterious free or 50m penalty, but booing particular players throughout a match is distasteful.)
  3. Are any other Demonlanders having trouble getting seats for MCC members at the GWS game? I can get them for Richmond and Hawthorn, but no luck for the GWS game. Am I at fault, or Ticketek?
  4. If Kynan plays with the courage and skill of his dad he’ll be a great prospect.
  5. I noticed the Bummers didn’t take Wright off after goals, and it paid dividends. 4 min into the game, and the Weed has 2 good contested marks. Off he goes to the bench. He couldn’t be tired after 4 min. If the ball came forward fast again, he was likely to mark again. He cooled down and lost his momentum temporarily. I think this is one tactic where we could gain an edge over most other sides…….NEVER take a player off when he gets a goal. Conventional wisdom amongst AFL sides is that you do replace players after a goal. The pert commentators on tv and radio all agree it’s a bad idea. They should know something. Most are past experienced players or coaches.
  6. Someone told me Essendrug haven’t lost the first three games since 1967. Is this true?
  7. I’ ve forgotten…. was it Rioli or L Jetta that mocked Gawn after Liam Ryan took that hanger in Perth?
  8. I couldn't believe the dream run we got from the umps. Stark contrast to the Adelaide game where we couldn't buy a free, and they continually got soft ones. Jake Lever must be coaching Libby Birch!
  9. Hi Super, There is no waiting list at Commonwealth at present, much to their chagrin. Expensive entry fee ( ? $10,000), but reduced annual fee till you’re 40. Big works about to start,to try to get back to the standard of RMGC, KHGC, Metro, and Vic. Commonwealth is a great “ members’ club”……….. people try to meet other members and enjoy playing with them. It’s not easy….. tricky greens, and as long as any other Sandbelt course.
  10. I'm at Commonwealth, "Action Jackson". There are quite a few Dee supporters at my club. Dee scarves compulsory after a victory!
  11. Good to see Gus Brayshaw won at Royal Melbourne yesterday with 40 points off a hcp. of 9! Not bad off the back tees! Is he our best golfer now that Omac is at Carlton? Are any other Dees RMGC members?
  12. 50 metre penalties are ridiculous in AFLW. 50m is the equivalent of two kicks. The penalty should be one kick, as in AFL for men.
  13. Thanks,DS. How the hell did you know that? I wonder if Scott goes for the Dees. Does that make Glen an indigenous Demon?
  14. I thought McNamara was worthy of being named in the best players.
  15. Does anyone know if Scottie Boland is any relation to our Glen Boland( no. 45 in 1983/4)?
  16. i reckon Paine's presence in the Test team would be an undesirable distraction. (not to mention his proven lack of ability)
  17. What a break!!! Paine gone from captaincy! Not up to it as a captain, keeper or batsman. Pick Pierson, Inglis, Wade or Carey as keeper/batsman..... all better at both the latter skills. I suppose Cummins as skipper( but i'd go back to Smith....controversial, I know). This is a lucky break for our Ashes chances. Drop Paine and forget him,
  18. I wouldn’t blame Jack Trengove, Jack Grimes , or Neil Daniher for not caring about our flag…… but they were all delighted. Great guys!
  19. A thought occurred to me when watching Fritter's two goals that started our revival. Thank heavens we didn't adhere to that silly habit of taking players off after they kick a goal! He was fired up after the first one , nearly took a speccy then recovered like lightning to get another, and we were on our way! Very inspiring !! Is there a lesson to be learnt here?
  20. Is that Ken Melville in the photo by any chance? I know he was at the game. That bloke could be in his 90's.
  21. Thanks so much for providing these links, ''Dees in October". They've been fantastic to watch and listen to.
  22. Yeah, thanks boys, for the podcasts. Really good insights and comments generally. I'll miss your podcasts over the summer. What about podcasts for the Melbourne Stars?! (just jokin')
  23. At half time... I remember saying to my wife....."this is torturous hell". At the end of the game it was ecstatic glory!
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