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  1. Carlton belittled MFC about 15 yrs ago after they beat us, saying they were bruise free after playing us. On Friday, their supporters whinged like banshees when Kozzie bumped a couple of guys. Theyd be sorer than us after their lucky win. They “know that they’ve been playing” against the Dees! Theyll suffer against Brisbane with no “ noise of affirmation” influencing the umpires.
  2. If he hadn’t been injured, I’m sure he would have done better than JJ on Friday……..though he wouldn’t have been selected, like Grundy.
  3. What about the obvious and undeniable front-on contact on Smith 2 yards out from goal in Q1 ! If it happened to a Carlton player , the noise from their fans would have made it impossible not to pay the free.
  4. The AFL must really want a Collingwood/Carlton GF. I don't!
  5. No definite evidence in that footage that was enough to overturn the soft call . Carlton are so lucky so often with adjudications that it really makes you wonder how.
  6. Is Roger Dean still alive? If so, he should come clean and admit that he staged , and that Ron didn't touch him. His dishonesty caused Ron to miss Finals in '63, greatly diminishing our premiership chances.
  7. Also, Cripps was allowed to stay on with blood dripping from his nose, and on his jumper. Remember that game at Geelong when Touhy kicked their winner after the siren? (?2018 round 1) Max had a tiny cut on his lip(from another head-high non-free), with a minute to go. He was sent off for the blood rule , and Tmac had to leave the backline to ruck. The ball went down there, they goaled, won, and at the end of that season we missed making the top 4 by 4 premiership points .
  8. So where do we finish on the ladder. ? Port and Melb both went out in “straight sets”. They finished the home and away above us, so I guess we came 6th(though we were dead stiff to lose each game, and they were killed in both of theirs.) I guess it puts us above Port in the draft selection.
  9. 17 bad players , hostile adjudication ……….how did we get within 2 points????
  10. He got games....which he wouldn't have with us. He started ok, then went back to his usual poor form. I ribbed my Bomber mates about them giving him John Coleman's number!!
  11. What about thecMudpies? Have they played in the wet this season? How’d they go?
  12. There is a few players doing well that we've lost that wouldn't get a game with us, that are going well else-where. Hunt, Bedford, McInerney, Weideman,....one or two others, that I can't think of. It shows how deep our list has been in recent years.
  13. Johnson hurt himself yesterday in the VFL. He is a depth player for them. Wasn’t playing very well, I thought.
  14. But it was so important for the AFL side to have the reserves still alive in the finals series. ...to have non-rusty , hopefully in-form,replacements for injured, or out-of-form players from the seniors.
  15. But why is the Premiership pennant pink? Shouldn’t it be red and blue?
  16. I don’t agree that Disco looked “ out of touch”. In fact ,I thought he did remarkably well for a guy coming back from injury, and only in his third game. He did look as if he might have sustained a minor injury v. the Swans, though.
  17. I think I remember Danny Hughes and Brian Taylor not getting on well in the MCG game. Also, I think I remember Collingwood kicking a goal a millisecond after the half time siren, and we won by less than a goal!
  18. T Weitering was lucky that the fingernail that broke the skin on Toby's eyebrow didn't dig into his cornea , which could have caused longterm consequences. Most taclklers seem to avoid the eye, but not Weiering ( or that viscious recidivist Judd.)
  19. I’m surprised at your guess at Melk’s diagnosis , Webber. I thought( from my own experience) MCL’s hurt like hell. But you can often weightbear , and look ok soon after an ACL. Not so?
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