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  1. A “ holier than thou” Chookrat. who would have thought!?
  2. But the inferior side was kept in the game by umpires that were clearly influenced by the home crowd noise. At one stage it looked like Adelaide would win because of the umpiring.
  3. I think that was a great win. No rucks. No frees.
  4. AFL App says 24 frees to Adelaide 21 to us. That CAN’T be right!
  5. I’ll never forget Austin’s sheer delight at Optus Oval when we won the flag. He rushed on the ground with his mates to celebrate a Flag with the team he’s always followed. It must have been a setback to not be able to pursue his Demon AFL dream. Jack Bell is from Old Haileybury, too. A pity Majak didn’t retire a few weeks earlier to open a spot for us to draft him mid-year. That big Smith guy looks all right at Casey, too. I always thought McInerney looked promising at Casey.
  6. Courageous!!! That's for sure. I remember him repeatedly standing "in the hole" with Lockett and a pack coming flat out, knees in the back, to "make him pay". Very skilled, great mark for his size , and an accurate passer, and shot for goal. Remember that inspiring 50m. kick off the ground into the forward line, in that semi final v the Swans in 1987? I played golf with him a couple of times, and he hit it like a pro.
  7. When Barylett left we'd won 5 or 6 straight, and continued that form after. Kate took over and basked in the glory of what had commenced many weeks earlier
  8. A neologism adjective, meaning wicked and aggressive.
  9. It’s amazing how similar Cotchin’s (over) -reaction was to Roger Dean’s when Ron Barassi didn’t strike him in 1962, leading to a 4 week suspension, missing the finals, and possibly costing us a premiership
  10. Does anyone know why Collingwood let Melbourne train on their oval this week?
  11. I think Dunstan shows glimpses of real class.
  12. Miss no weeks at all if you’re Jimmy Stynes. He played with a “shirtful” of ‘em! I don’t know how……I couldn’t even turn over in bed when I had some! ps……”broken”;is synonymous with “ fractured”.
  13. Perth's annual rainfall is greater than Melbourne's , and most of it is in the football season. With Optus Oval surrounded by stands, they couldn't rely on strong winds for drying. It is warmer, though.
  14. I saw the dumbest 50m I’ve ever seen today in the Casey game. Marty Hore had a mark( ? Free), and took a step forward, standing on Toby Bedford’s foot. Toby jumped in pain. …………...50 m for not “ standing” on the mark!
  15. Hard to resist the 17:1 Eagles. This "WAFL side" contains Kennedy, Darling, McGovern, Cripps, Ryan , Barrass, Shuey. I can't help but worry. I have MFCSS.
  16. He's only 209cm, so he should be safe.
  17. Could we tempt Will Day to the Dees? He'll be a real champ when his body fills out.
  18. I agree that I was drawing a bit of a long bow comparing it to the Schache incident, because you’re correct, O’Keefe came in at pace. I used that instance to emphasise the danger of umpires encouraging players to duck their heads at on-coming tacklers to seek a free kick.( and they DO encourage ducking if they reward it with frees) I’m amazed you think the umpire correctly adjudicated on this incident. As you say, the Crow player was stationery. What’s he supposed to do? Jump in the air so the ducker goes underneath? Jump sideways to let him through? Retreat to avoid contact? This was a horrendous decision ,showing a complete lack of understanding of the game.( and it’s not an isolated incident) I don’t think the AFL can avoid this dangerous situation by addressing the players, as you suggest. Players are always going to go in hard and fearlessly, and if they can avoid a tackle, or get a free, they’ll drop their head. Umpires with a poor understanding of the game should be better informed, or relegated from the AFL firsts until they are.
  19. Surprising that ,at 187 cm, Hunt is taller than the great ruckman, John Nicholls. Probably fairly similar height to our premiership ruckman, Graeme Wise.
  20. Summing up McGuane’s thesis today………….play better than the Dees, and you’ll beat ‘em!
  21. No there was no 50m. I thought he showed admirable restraint. ….. very much the way Gawn does when mysterious frees are paid. (Except for “ that’s ruck craft, big boy”)!
  22. I’m surprised at the lack of interest in this by other Demonlanders. I think it’s a crucial point in the future of our game.
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