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  1. Thanks Matt Demon for posting, I wasn’t aware of the podcast. Very interesting episode - Gawn and Fritsch 100% training attendance, which I’m sure was reflected in their performances. Great when the Captain leads, setting the example taking on higher, more intense training/match simulation sessions. So, no “fluke” that we were the fittest team, with the best second halves over the whole season.
  2. My partner recorded the GF ABC Offsiders program and made me watch it (I don’t watch ABC), and in the interview with Kate Roffey, she mentioned that following the Premiership win, the Demons could be a “challenger for the next decade”, and be “back in the epicentre of the football world”. While it’s hard to dream of back to backs or a dynasty I hope she is right. As for being in the epicentre, while the Pies and Blues are on their knees, I think the club has a great opportunity to regain the respect in the AFL that it once had in the VFL. In the Gary Pert interview with Andy & Co, he mentioned having finished the season on top, the AFL says “where do you want to play the finals?” Thanks for asking, we’ll take Adelaide, then Perth. This means for the 2022 season that we should get a decent fixture and TV slots which should reward our current loyal sponsors and attract new ones. Together with the asset sale, and strong membership growth from younger fans who can now be proud of being a Dees supporter, the future looks very promising. I say this without any hubris, just consider that it is the future the club can now work with, for the first time since I started supporting the club in ‘64.
  3. Loved watching him grabbing clunkers, maybe get him down to Casey to coach Sam?
  4. Correct, I seem to recall it was a pretty miserable day all round at Waverley. Opportunity missed as we could have snatched a flag as I thought the Magpies were a pretty ordinary premiership side. So maybe we were thinking a week ahead against WC
  5. Their ABC running a story to cancel the Tom Wills legend with shoddy journalism/history is typical of the organisation. In trying to push the social agenda, it ignores accuracy, and engenders bias to promote the theme. And certainly don’t bother consulting Wills experts such as Flanagan before running the “story”
  6. Thanks Binman for your analysis during the year on the Demonland podcast, very sound, particularly when I might be tempted to have a MFCSS moment. I am still working through the GF podcast, but your analysis is again very informative, on the “turning point”, which was really after half time, then 3rd quarter resumption of pressure and behind the ball contest. No wonder you get frustrated with the “commentators”. I also think it is amazing how the team’s execution of the process got better and better during the season, culminating in the finals series.
  7. Swanston street, opposite the State library/museum. First photo looking south past the old Queen Vic hospital corner of Lonsdale ( love the Ansett -ANA 727 sign), and the second photo, same spot looking north across Latrobe St to RMIT
  8. It’s a good question. Of course very happy after 57 years - yes I got on board in ‘64. Pleased that the club will have regained the respect we had all those years ago - hopefully it should be held for some years to come. Happy for my sons (in their 30’s still loyal Dees supporters), and the young ones today who can grow up supporting a very good team. Think of those who worked so hard - Robby, Jimmy, Sean, and Dean. Yes mistakes were made but their hearts were Red and Blue. Finally, given the rebuild admin/finances/coaches/players since 2014, makes you realise how much is required to even get the club to this position, so proud to be Red and Blue!
  9. Not watching the 2000 Grand Final - being there was enough for me
  10. Oh Captain, My Captain - rise up, for you the flag is flung, for you the bugle trills
  11. I remember that game - so much for a 40 point comfort factor! A few years ago I bumped into Paul Salmon in the East Melbourne fish&chip shop (true). I couldn’t help myself and reminded of that last quarter - he remembered of course, just said he nothing to lose, left Jimmy in the square and played forward. Unbelievable he marked everything that came into the forward line, and then went back and slotted the goals
  12. Thanks Cassiew, you are right on both counts. He was named as one of the best players
  13. The 1954 season was the beginning of a great era for the Demons, and we beat Geelong in the Preliminary Final. Of that team I think there are six surviving members:- Ron Barassi, Clyde Laidlaw, Noel McMahen, Noel Clarke, Laurie Mithen and Brian Dixon. Friday night’s game may provoke memories for them of a great win, which hopefully will be repeated!
  14. All very bizarre - new President ringing around to get a coach. On Footy Classified last night Caro questioning Ross Lyon, who looked as though he’d been sold a pup by Sayers. He just about choked when Caro asked him “how are your powerpoints?” I don’t think he thought that was the deal he made with Sayers. Gerard on 360 tonight pondered that Sayers hadn’t brought his board along with him, and has had to suck up a committee process to recruit a new coach, with a couple on the committee not friendly to Lyon, who then knew his goose was cooked and threw in the towel. Sayers may be the shortest tenure president in Carlton history!
  15. Thanks for posting - good article, a reminder that list building seems to be like Sara Lee, layer upon layer. I would also include Peter Jackson as CEO who persuaded Paul Roos ( and$$$) to come to the Demons
  16. Whether or not Toby touched the umpire, he was intimidating. I have thought for some years that the AFL is unique in major sporting codes in allowing players to abuse umpires re decisions made. A good example was Mitch Robinson abusing the umpire in the last quarter of Saturday’s game. I reckon umpires should shut this behaviour down by awarding free kicks/50 metre penalties against the offenders. Watch behaviour change! Mild remonstration ok - abuse not, in my humble opinion.
  17. I remember Ron demonstrating how to handball, wearing a sleeveless footy jumper, I couldn’t believe how big his muscles were
  18. Gary Pert mentioned this issue during his recent interview. Apparently turf surfaces have a life of 10-15 years before going “hard”, and Gosch’s is well beyond this life. So it may have been another benefit to be training at Casey this year
  19. Seven, Premiers, Barassi, Norm Smith - Melbourne was the best team and club - why wouldn’t you barrack for them....
  20. Met Gary Lyon in about 2000, he sat next to me at a buffet lunch in the Ch 9 box at the Grand Prix. Once I got over the shock, what to talk about? We talked about his Speccy McGee books - top tip:if you meet a “personality” the best subject is to talk about them, there is no interest in you. He was very talkative, but after 10 minutes, I confessed that I was a lifetime Dees supporter, and loved his career. Then Sam Newman joined the table - completely ruined, in his driving suit, kept calling “Gazza”, a really arrogant mocking piece of work
  21. I am really enjoying the podcast this season - helps when we are winning. While I am with Andy on the MFCSS, I appreciate the work that he, BinMan and George put into the analysis of the matches - helps understand what’s going on. The TV commentators are hopeless, except for Jimmy Bartel, Daisy and recently Leppa. The Demons definitely have a process/system which is founded on pressure acts, and if we are “on” the system works! Thanks again
  22. Ordered mine today. I had been “over” reading MFC history, this season has renewed my enthusiasm. I started barracking for the Dees in 1964, so it is an important year for me
  23. This is not good news, JLR not travelling well in the UK - the cars are rubbish, so it will be more injuries, last minute fade-outs for the Demons.The largest refund on a new car under ACCC law was against JRA for a lemon Range Rover - $244k. This sponsorship will not last the warranty period.
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