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  1. For a tiny clip up there Grundy looked like he was moving well.
  2. Funny how people see different things. My thoughts are her skills are probably the best in the side but decision making is suspect. I saw alot of handballs go to someone less than a meter away who'd then fumble and get pounced on though Hanks is not the Lone Ranger for that. I try to like the womens game but as a spectacle it's mostly awful with flashes of competence here and there. But it is getting better.
  3. I'm picking up what you're putting down man. As good as they've been, it just tells me we don't have the youth pushing them out. But I'm happy for both players they get to around again.
  4. Will always remember the young cocky Luke Hodge getting in his face in his 1st or 2nd year. Powell gave him a biatch slap Nate Diaz would've been proud of. He was a tough uncompromising footballer not about to take rubbish from a snotbag kid. Pretty sure Powell got a week or 2 for it but I'm sure Hodge learnt his lesson. You don't fork with Stephen Powell.
  5. You mustn't read Lord Nevs posts.
  6. Well .... As disappointed as I am he's gone. He'll be forever smiling at me with 23 other fellas and their Premiership medals from my shed wall. And I'll be smiling back. Even further immortalised by handballing to Oliver which I would argue will be the most watched goal by Melbourne supporters ever. Whenever we look back in the future we'll always make sure to watch those 3 goals late in the 3rd. And there Jackson will be, right in the middle of it. I'd be disappointed if he didn't get life membership for what that Premiership meant to the supporters, and the club.
  7. My god you're full of carp. There were footy nights booked all over the state with 2-3 players in attendance at all of them. To make out that this is normal stuff is just total BS. Just admit you're wrong and shut ya mouth for once.
  8. They sure did. Was watching from the fence behind the goals one game and Cordner took a strong grab right in front of us. He got belted 3 times in the face while being dragged to the ground. Still held the ball out in front of him and didn't retaliate at all. I was amazed both at what he copped and his resigned reaction. Was always gonna be a tough career if you put up with that every week.
  9. Whatever the coterie members say or do is irrelevant. You saw how Richmond supporters come out've the woodwork when they got on a roll. Essendon would have more, they were dominant throughout the late eighties and again in the late 90s'-2000' while Richmond were struggling. They fill the 'G' on ANZAC day regardless of how the club's going. I'd only put them behind Collingwood for total support, They not part of the big 4 for nothin'.
  10. Like it or not, they're a sleeping giant.
  11. Or as you want to make it. You've just picked your side of the coin as usual without facts or context, just hearsay. Ever had a mate who was seeing a toxic nutcase and told him he'd be better off without 'em?
  12. I remember asking myself "Why" when watching Schwarz run around like a man possessed in a pre-season game starring in the 2s at Lavington after his 1st or 2nd knee reco. Popped it again early in the 3rd qtr. In the 2s, playing like it was a final during pre-season. Could not believe what I was watching.
  13. I admire the way the Pies go about it. They just will not lay down. As a supporter you couldn't ask for anything more.
  14. Pendlebury and Sidebottom alone are head and shoulders above anyone we have. Now they've added another Daicos. And they didn't have too much trouble picking their way through our famous defence last year either.
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