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  1. https://www.news.com.au/sport/afl/meet-the-new-afl-cult-hero-who-doesnt-care-what-others-have-to-say/news-story/e4db376825f4be00021e379dcf30dd87
  2. If I said I wasn't very disappointed in both the Men and Women I'd be lyin'. Chokers.
  3. Whereas I prefer to call what most of the MSM label conspiracy theories spoiler alerts.
  4. Cause we beat 'em by more than 15 😜
  5. MRO, Goal review, Umpiring ......
  6. Replace NBA with AFL. Sixers with Melbourne. Heat with Collingwood, Celtics with Carlton. Tell me I'm wrong.
  7. Unless they're outta smokes.
  8. Who was that bloke from the swans who 10yrs ago declared half the comp was doin' coke and got shut down by the AFL. Dale Lewis?
  9. Wouldn't matter with our game plan. He'd have to jump on top of 10players heads every time the ball come in. And if your 6 guns aren't firing you aint winning a flag.
  10. No. I watch the footy for the footy. Not the propaganda.
  11. So as soon as another club shows interest in one of our players who is showing abit of form we should trade 'em. Got it 👌 All these media parasites who think they're club list managers. Fork 'em all.
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