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  1. He was fine till Neitz retired. After that he got no support from his teammates and the taggers did what they pleased. Needed some protection but never got any.
  2. And to think there was those trying to tell me Oliver was a good kick a couple weeks back. 7 kicks ..... All of them ineffective.
  3. If history is any indication. GWS coming off 2 losses with 2 players down. They'll get us. 'Cause that's how we roll.
  4. I knew it was in the bag within the 1st few minutes. Could tell they were switched right on. Was very impressed wih some of the lightning handball chains. The skills are coming along very nicely. Zanker crashing a couple packs early letting her presence be felt and would have loved it if she held that screamer. One thing is for sure , win or lose, these girls won't die wondering. Love the effort.
  5. Carro the font of all gossip reckon he'll go into the media. And why not .... Big coin and only show up for work 6mths of the year for 2-3 days a week.
  6. https://www.afl.com.au/video/574111/trading-picks-and-mario-kart-the-most-underrated-list-management-tools?videoId=574111&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1617084000001
  7. No-one blinked an eye when we took Scully and Trenners at 1&2. No-one anywhere said we should have taken Martin sittin' there with his bikie president oldman.
  8. Which is why he's my Supercoach lock midfielder year after year. Doesn't often go huge but consistent 100+Pts.
  9. Yeah well. I was being very generous. When did Uze retire ? 😁
  10. Won't happen tonight. Been waiting for us to clean up our skills for 15yrs.
  11. I feel many coaches are thrown on the scrap heap too early after unsuccessful stints. When I say that I mean that they may be disguarded as viable options when their 1st appointments don't go as planned. They learn what might have gone wrong at 1st club and make sure the same mistakes aren't made again at second and 3rd clubs etc. Williams has that much experience around football clubs it's not fuunny. He understands what motivates players and what doesn't. He's learnt over many years how to be a man manager. Learnt not to sweat the small stuff that comes with being an AFL coach.
  12. Mithen gets smashed because she goes in hard and the oppostion knows she's dangerous around the goals. Hanks wll also find herself under more pressure soon as well. Also small but provides so much drive from the middle. They're gonna have their hands full with Zanker though. Big strong girl with clean hands in the middle who can run all day. Very tough to match up on.
  13. I'd sure contemplate Hanks in the midfield. Ball magnet with great disposal. Ripped off with that goal.
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