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  1. 6mths off a year, sit in a chair talking footy a couple days a week without having to prove anything and top coin. Good decision.
  2. Hilarious coming from you. Nearly fell off my chair.
  3. In your own words. "Getting personel like this is weak as p.ss."
  4. Agree HFF. Shows the bloke makes poor decisions. Taking the head coach position at Melbourne another.
  5. Got sucked in by the hype for Neeld in the media and Malthouse recommending Neeld, undermining Buckley by unloading assistant coaches before their coaching handover. There we're also a couple other clubs in the market for a coach at the time which made us a little too forken jumpy.
  6. With our deplorable skills too much can and does go wrong. Especially when the opposition turn on the heat. And the oppostion know it. i can hear their coaches .... "Put them under pressure and they'll fork up and turn it over ...... I know it , and you know it."
  7. Richmond sung their song through 35yrs of garbage. But over the last few years its finally seeped into their subconscience. Having said that I don't think all that much of our song either. But could you imagine what the nongs in charge would come up wth as a replacement. Quite possible it would be far worse.
  8. I think you'll find it was Roos who utilised Ross Lyons game plan at the Swans.
  9. Clarkeson has coached for the last what .... 13-14yrs with an unlimited football dept budget. No way would he come here on our shoe stringer. And as I stated back when we appoonted Goodwin. He was obviously a poor decison maker. Got sprung gambling on games, then got tangled up in the Essndon drug saga, and then accepted the position of head coach of Melbourne. Whoever takes this job on would have to be up for abit of career suicide. The issues with this club are far deeper than the coach.
  10. And they save their worst for prime time TV. Just love humiliating their supporters.
  11. Lets not forget the bloke who should've retired 3 yrs ago.
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