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  1. Well he can make the choice between turning up to work at a club with state of the art facilities and money falling out've its pockets. Or to the club with their arzz hangin' out their pants. If he's going anywhere, it'll be to The Hanger. https://www.austadiums.com/stadiums/the-hangar
  2. No he won't. Not gonna hit the draft jackpot again like he did at the Dawks.
  3. Forget the cash strapped Roos. Clarko will follow the money and go to Essendon.
  4. I loved the bit about their broken hearts. Be good to look back on in future years
  5. I also need Boak to go big for Supercoach Needs to get a wriggle on.
  6. I'll throw in Tom Papley from the Swans.
  7. Not just collingwood. They've all lifted when they've played us. All wanna take down the big dog.
  8. Flag in the bank. Rd22 , sittin' 2nd with a healthy list. We all know there's another gear if they can find it. All the years I would've killed to be in this situation.
  9. Well .... We've certainly given Ch7 their moneys worth this year.
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