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  1. Same reason media outlets go with any headline these days. Will it make good clickbait. I'll bet they couldn't wait to run with it.
  2. No doubt he's got underlying issues with how he spends his spare time but I'd suggest mental health concerns relating to his personal safety are the priority after he has been so publicly exposed. I'm not defendng his behaviour but it's the sort of thing that could tip some over the edge.
  3. Doesn't surprise me in the slightest TBH. Young bloke front page of the paper and all over social media outted for being a serial self flagellator. Long tough road infront of him as he'd be gettng sledged from all directions for years to come. Public humiliation such as this would be tough to deal with. I'd be concerned for his mental wellbeing also.
  4. From what I can gather the big bloke with the beard in the middle tries to tap the ball to one of the smaller blokes gathered around. If the little blokes can get it they usually close their eyes and boot it as far as they can in the hope some other bloke in the same colour jumper can get it and kick it between the two biggest sticks. Hard to watch , rarely works.
  5. 100% All he needs is a good confidence hit. He's got the tools.
  6. Reminds me of James Hird. There .... I said it.
  7. Hated his penchant for throwing stones at opposition clubs from his glass house. In the end he's just become a parody, much like Jack Elliot.
  8. Boys are flying and starting the best pre-season ever.
  9. A couple of years he polled highly and then went down with injury for half a dozen games.
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