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  1. Today I was listening to the 3AW call while in the shed. Got into the 3rd qtr and Bont just kicked his 3rd. I think Lloyd stated that the dogs had kicked 8goals to 1 since qtr time. How often had we got off to a good start over the years to be dominated for the rest of the game. Man ... No wonder I was in a dark tunnel at the time watching the game live. "C'mon .... Not in the forkin' Grand Final." I turned it off. Will listen to the rest tomoz when I start weeding the yard. Hope we make a comeback.
  2. As a kid I had Steven Smiths number on my back. Every game the players would kick a footy or 2 into the cheer squad on the outer wing. One game Steven Smith headed over with a footy. I turned around to show him his number on my back. He sent it straight too me. Bloke in front of me marked it. Was spewing.
  3. Always wanted to sit in the street outside the ground behind the goals at Arden street and pinch a footy that come over the fence.
  4. I went to Windy Hill once. The game Jacko punched on with Rotten Ronnnie Andrews and threw the VB can back into the crowd. Highly entertaining
  5. Hmmnn .... Though I've been to a few neutral Grand Finals and cheered for opposition clubs you wouldn't ever see me in their colours whether they handed them out or not.
  6. C'mon. Waverly was the 2nd best ground in the league.
  7. I know a few members of Taylor Duryeas family. He was told by Hawthorn when drafted in 2009 that they'd take 3years to turn him into the player they wanted him to be. Made his debut rd3 2013. I know VR's a different beast but we're in a similar position to what the Dawks were then and he'll get a run when Goodwin and co. are happy with him. Not before.
  8. The Dee girls are cookin' up another flag 🏆
  9. They all saw what we did to the next best teams in the comp. They know it's us .... Then daylight.
  10. I'll always remember walking into the MCG before all the new stands and lights were put in. Through the turnstyles, across the road, up the steps and popping out of the tunnel to see the ground. Dunno if it was cause I was a kid but got a sense of awe when seeing the ground near everytime. Seems to have lost that with the design now. Also remember it being really just a huge tin shed. Get 50-60 thousand in there and the place would dead set shake when the crowd got going. Has lost that atmosphere too IMO. Mainly watched MCG and VFL park games as we lived close. Now and then we'd slum it and go to opposition grounds. Never went to the Western oval or Kardinia Park though. Victoria Park was a real eye opener for a kid. Walking in there with my old man we were greeted with a row of retarded blokes in black and white wheelchairs outside the gates telling us to "Fork off Melbourne." 😱 Honestly, you didn't hear that sort of stuff at the G.
  11. Cracking goal from Bannan. Took 'em on and kicked straight 😎👌 Demons survive early scare to tame Tigers
  12. Find the QR code for that moment and follow Nathan Vardy's idea 😉
  13. Not till later in the year did we dish out some floggings. They all thought they could come back if they kept up the pressure. We need to stamp our authority on the competition and when they look at the scoreboard and see they're 5goals down they think they're forked. Not, "If we keep up the pressure they'll choke."
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