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  1. And how do you get a huge supporter base? Not by boring everyone to death that's for sure.
  2. If sport isn't entertainment .... Why do we watch? The AFL is fighting for the attention of the masses against all other forms of entertainment out there. And if you have contact with any kids these days you'll notice they have the attention spans of gnats. Then try keeping one amused through a Melbourne game.
  3. Well 5 yrs from now when you're at Marvel among 20thousand other miserable people on a sunday arvo every week I'll remind you of my beef. Or maybe not cause they're losing my interest and when Gawn and co. retire and we inevitably fall off the cliff I'll be done. The game isn't what I loved anymore.
  4. Aint that a fact. My beef is that we play dour, unattractive football every week. A few weeks ago we played the Cats in primetime and neither team kicked a goal in the second qtr. An advertisers nightmare. Meanwhile Essendon gets gifted multiple primetime games over the rest of the season. Coincidence ..... I think not. Anyway, we've got the best list of my time (tho' Danihers list was pretty good) and we're wasting the opportunity to expand the club by playing boring, unattractive, scrappy football. Goodwin needs to remember he's in the entertainment business. For the club to not just wither away we need to entertain "the mob". Get bums on seats, eyes on TVs, sponsors at the door and keep the Premiership generation kids attention. And ya don't do that by playing boring footy in primetime games, chocking in finals or embarrassing the club like they did last week.
  5. I'm struggling watching us week after week. And we're supposed to be good. This week I watched the 1st half. Half time I decided I wasn't gonna waste the whole afternoon watching this boring sheet and so headed to the back yard. I get out there and Nathan Brown's on the radio talking about the Aints making the game a boring scrap in order to stay in touch with us. I'm there thinking "BS, it's us who turn games into boring scrap .... Every forken week, no matter who we play." And we're supposed to be good. Goodwin is wasting the golden window to build this club boring us all to tears. And then we lose to teams like West Coast led by a kid. We might not be as far away from another flag than the aints but we're drifting away, not closer.
  6. Not that I do much watching of opposition unless they're playing us. I gotta go with Toby Green too. Plays on the ragged edge and ya just never know what he's gonna do. Dazzle with some brilliance or kick somebodies head off.
  7. I'm on my way. 2024 and the outbreak of squealing Karens is forked .
  8. He was near stationary. Both feet planted. In this new world he might get a couple weeks cause the bloke was KO'd but the Karens calling for his head need to get a grip. Play on I say.
  9. Twice I've teared up watching footy and I posted both of them. His after the siren goal to finish the season on top for the 1st time in my life. And then the moment I knew he was taking us to the GF with his running bomb in the Prelim. Both against Geelong 😅 Good times.
  10. Now I didn't watch the Eagles religiously when Cox was playing but I don't remembering him taking control of games like Gawn does. He might've at times but not like Max, or as regularly. And it's a travesty that he probably won't win a Brownlow.
  11. As NFL coach Mike Ditka once said, "New coaches need to win and win early."
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