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  1. Wasn't far off. Missed a few shots which opened the door. Could see in his face he knew he was letting his chance slip to Brown. If Brown or Tmac drop off for whatever reason Weid will be there play his role. Obviously loves the environment if he's willing to take a pay cut rather than chase more coin elsewhere.
  2. Had a nightmare last night. Demons didn't kick a goal in the GF. But for some reason we were playing Port.
  3. It'll wear real thin by sunday morning if we get done. I'll go numb with the horrors replaying in my mind for a long time. I'm still mentally scarred from our last 2 GFs and all the stuff in between. We as a club and supporter base need this win. Barring some disaster we should get it. Been on top most of the year, got a fully fit list in peak form with guns all over the ground. Opportunities like this do not come around very often. Gotta take it.
  4. That it's been 57yrs since our last flag. Gotta get this gorilla off our backs. Do that and more will flags will flow.
  5. They're gonna get so much heat they won't know what hit 'em.
  6. Come across one myself. When the '56 Olympics was in town. And this. https://www.facebook.com/212395152128015/videos/581069859741567
  7. Find that hard to believe TBH. Considering Jurrah would get himself into trouble on his return home having drunken skirmishes with his relatives do you think they only started drinking after he started drinking as well? Or could he have been returning home to some sort of drinking culture.
  8. Oliver 1st, Petracca 2nd , Gawn 3rd.
  9. Scoff all you want but he's an important role-player and one I want fit and playing. Certainly didn't look ideal.
  10. Are we there yet? This 2 week wait is BS. Why are we doing it again?
  11. Had a fool at work have a crack that I had dragged my Melbourne cap out. I wear the thing every forken day. Except on frosty mornings when the Melbourne beanie comes out.
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