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  1. Might not have got the win but Isn't that what Dangerfield was doing? And if it wasn't for Martin they probably would have.
  2. If we ever get into a granny that's how I want our blokes playing. No beg pardons.
  3. He was still a loose cannon asking for a billion dollars a year. Similar story to De Goey now. I feel the slap in the face that no-one took the bait is half the rocket up his A... that he needed.
  4. 100% It was a given in the football world at the time that Scully and Trengove were 1+2. And no-one blinked when we did. Of course Richmond are re-writing history now after 3 Norm Smiths they would've taken Martin at 1. BS.
  5. Turns out she's just another Richmond [censored] out've the woodwork.
  6. Was listening to Brown on the radio last week. Stated pretty much the same thing. He overhypes himself for big games trying to do too much and fluffs 'em.
  7. Purely the reason I hoped Geelong would win. Certainly a couple flogs at work I'll have to listen to now.
  8. I don't think he is a "Censored". Just a gun.
  9. What pisses me off is that we made these same faces look ordinary in an Elim a few years ago. And we dropped the ball and went backward as we do and here they are.
  10. Hate 'em both. Hate the night time slot. I refuse to watch. Having said that I haven't watched a GF since the Bulldogs game and missed a couple before that. Sick of seeing the big money clubs play off.
  11. Only read bits of the thread but FWIW, I'm glad he's staying. Be a sad day for the club if Viney ever pulled on another clubs jumper.
  12. I'm not watching the game but watched Richmond/Lions last week with Daisy Pearce doing special comments. She's got 'em all covered. Insiteful and coherant.
  13. Reputation points eh .... Who knew. Who cares. On another note. How enjoyable is watching Essendon implode right now. Even in our darkest days I can't remember every-one of note we had wanting out.
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