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  1. You judge this on one poor game and forget the good ones. That's the spirit. And FWIW it wouldn't surprise me if we were tired. Our game plan is intense. Built on relentless pressure, hard tackling and 2 way running. We haven't got enough skilled players to slice teams apart and need to resort to hand to hand combat in the trenches. So far this year the boys have been working their arzes off and getting it done for the most part.
  2. With the standard of umpiring these days it'd be a slippery slope for the AFL to go dropping umps for incompetence. Some weeks they wouldn't have enough umpires to put on the field. And when it all boils down they are trying to enforce some stupid rules implemented by the AFL.
  3. It's time Weideman - Omitted Brown - IN
  4. Fish fingers in the George Foreman. Salad .... Pffft.
  5. Stand alone game on national TV. The boys will take this seriously regardless. They're enjoying making statements with the football world watching these days. I know I'm enjoying watching them do it.
  6. I'll take Wang over Melbourne any forken day.
  7. Overrated according to Clarkson when they were winning flags too.
  8. That one still gives me the sheets. All the Hoo Ha about how they won it from 8th or whatever. Got lucky. They shoulda been out.
  9. Carlton must just bleed watching him.
  10. We shall see man. I do know what you mean about Dusty though. Reckon if he wasn't there they'd have none.
  11. We ran into Hawthorn in '88. Essendon in 2000. Both the the dominant teams of those eras. I've had a premonition we're gonna meet Richmond. The dominant team of this one. Can feel it in my bones.
  12. Still .... He'd be probably getting at least 300K for both. 6mths of the year off. No pressure, etc, etc.
  13. Was listening to Lyon today on MMM. Is playing the Roos card. Saying he'll happily meet with them but not really interested. Working 7hrs a week special comments game days and another 6 for Talking Footy. I can't understand why any club would want him to be honest. Gets decent results but turns clubs unwatchable IMO.
  14. Lets face it. Both these side have proved themselves recently. We are yet to do so.
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