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  1. Call me old fashioned but I like both types of music, country & western.
  2. If all these allegations are proven true, Clarkson should never be allowed to coach again at any level.
  3. It's not a word, it's sound they make.
  4. Kozzie so strong for age height and weight
  5. What time does the catheter go in?
  6. Imagine having that beast in the team now. Unstoppable. Never mind, we have Sam.
  7. Well folks, I've just come out of surgery or so it seems, to have the middle lobe of my right lung removed because of a growth in the collapsed lung and my diaphragm piltrated (stiched down). Don't want to bore you all with the ****ty stuff, but I must say timing of this operation was of not my doing. To my elation I was to be at the hospital at 6.30 am Friday to be prepped for a morning procedure that would likely last 4 hrs. So I'm thinking start at 9 finish at 1 gimee time to come around to watch the game. Didnt allow for the effects of the ongoing drip fed ketamine and oxycodone . So to say it appeared as a dream is an understatement. In and out of consciousness but managed to see the whole game (I think) unless I have died and gone to heaven.
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