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  1. Vanders in a hurry to get to the game. 474383643_NumcabeleireironoQuebecv1.mp4
  2. Browns doing more than The Weid so far
  3. Although heart stopping close game are great to watch if we win, I'm a bit sick of being anxious the whole game as it seems most games this year. I hope we come out to play and don't give them a sniff all night.
  4. Not only our run from the middle to a non existent forward line, but now opposition teams know now how to not enter theirs, ie high kicks because either May,Lever or Max are going to mark it and send it straight back. They will be all instructed to keep it low and the forwards to lead up. Bit like what we need. Can't remember who it was in the goal square standing behind his opponent, pointing at the goals instead of leading into space, and there was a lot of it, when Hunt did his run with no one presenting for him to kick it to
  5. Well someone's got to try there's no one else
  6. The only chance we have getting out of this, is fitness.
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