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  1. The toilet cubicles at princes park having side walls but no doors. I remember as a kid at 1/2 time sitting on the loo and this red faced man with a hand on the end of each side wall and a queue behind him, leaning in towards me yelling at me to hurry up.
  2. Damn you guys. After reading this thread I have to watch the blitz again NOW.
  3. Fritter for me. How thrilled Barras must have been. Templeton was broken when he arrived at Melbourne, always thought of him as a footscray player. Captained their side, won a brownlow playing for them , 148 games and 34 for melb.
  4. I even think the Bont took it easy on him being so light when he slung him over the line.
  5. He's 21 going on 22. Can only get better. I love the spargs.
  6. I agree, he was good on both sides, but his kicking foot of choice was his right. Oddly, when he ran and bounced the ball, he would push the ball down with his left hand which is opposite to what would be natural for a right footer.
  7. Cam Pederson won his 2nd B&F in the West Gippy Fooball league. He won it in his first year in 2019. 2020 season was cancelled and he won it again this year. Been playing in the ruck.
  8. Be a big distraction for Clarry I recon
  9. Umps will get Bont over the line.
  10. I'm starting to feel sick already, guts are starting to churn. I think i will go mow the lawn.
  11. Be glad that my anxiety every game day will be given a rest. Win or lose.
  12. Remember a interview he did with someone on TV where he was asked about drugs or supplements (might have been during the essendon thing)He turned the the reporter and bluntly said "Not at this club".
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