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  1. Sad but true. There is many lives like this and not all are necessarily filth supporters.
  2. Another Collingwood player,Colin Tully who sadly passed away in Sept of this year was also renowned as being the longest kick of his era. In 1966 he kicked a drop kick from the centre of the MCG for a goal that was estimated to have travelled 78-86 metres,not yards, but metres.
  3. What a cracker of a game this is.
  4. That last 10mins was the only time worth watching.
  5. Can't stand the stress. I think I go and look at Patti Newtons noggers.
  6. I dare say if anyone brought this up with Goodwin they would get the obligatory hollow stare.
  7. that wiedermam,he no good that bloke.He cant hold a mark.
  8. Well I guess we have to hope Hogan turns it on and kicks 10
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