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  1. For me its about the bigger bodies required in finals. For this reason I lean toward Hibbo
  2. With respect to the last home& away game. We only have to deal with not dropping our guard for 20mins. Geelong have to work out how to counter how we controlled them for 100mins. Keep your energy up, see us walking away easy winners, don’t drop into the past. Believe! Go Dees
  3. Brisbane were one of the form teams going into the finals. We beat them by 5 goals, some commentators regarded it as a 10goal win. We lowered our eyes when delivering the ball into F50. All the forwards except TMac presented at some stage but even he required opposition defenders which freed up others to shine. Our forward line (and delivery into F50) is arguably playing at its best(with room for improvement) at the right time. Enjoy the ride. Go Dees
  4. I mentioned to my wife at 3qtr time that the last quarter would be 'interesting' based on the appearance, demeanour and body language of the two teams. I didn't expect the magnificent result but was surprised that Geelong where standing and listening to their coach as individuals in a team of champions and we looked like a champion team, huddled together and buying in to what was being addressed by our coach IMG_0910.mov .
  5. Passenger aircraft can be refuelled(not AVGAS) whilst boarding or with passengers on board as long as the No Smoking sign is illuminated(always on) and the Seat belt sign is switched off. Crew cannot venture more than 4 seat rows from Emergency exit doors.
  6. Hey Nasher & Engorged Onion, hope you guys are ok? Hoping the Dees are providing some cheer. Reach out and pm me anytime if you need to chat. (Ps Demondland-Missing a ‘care’ emoji)
  7. Agree with all above. Last night he didn’t play the stay at home full forward and followed his man. I am sure he marked a ball close to the half back line at some stage. To fit into this defence first ethic, maybe the role the coaches required for him, he needed to build his tank first, in order to play the predetermined way for this role(multiple mobile goal kicking options??) Either way, the Jackson mark n goal and also one of McDonalds, were assisted by Brown taking the defenders. He has a footy brain and has to stay. Go Dees!
  8. Thanks D3, I was wondering why he wasn't in todays training photo's. He had to have a Covid test (AFL protocol before entering the system) and i assume will need to wait until the results come through (No Symptoms)
  9. AFL Trade Whisperer @AFLTradeWhisper · 5h #whispers Jye Caldwell will nominate St. Kilda, with negotiations continuing on length of offer. A great get for a young, building Saints...
  10. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-04-12/victoria-coronavirus-state-of-emergency-extended-to-may-11/12143168 Mr Andrews said the state of emergency was now due to expire at midnight on May 11. It had been due to expire on April 13. So, May 12th at best, for the next training report, lads. Hope you’re all ok
  11. Merry Christmas Demonlanders. Many thanks to all involved in running this forum. May the boys create heaps of magic on the field in 2020. Go Dees!
  12. MELBOURNE Pick 3 Luke Jackson declared to foxfooty.com.au at the draft combine that he wanted to play Round 1. But considering his preferred position (ruck) and the fact a dual All-Australian (Max Gawn) has worked so well as the solo ruckman in recent years, it’s hard to see him getting an opening-round debut against the Eagles. Same goes for Kysaiah Pickett, who has a sensational highlights package but is very raw — and likely to still be very raw by Round 1. But Melbourne’s Round 1 bolter could be its Pick 32 Trent Rivers, whose kicking and decision-making during his draft year was outstanding. The Dees need some class in defence and across the wing — and Rivers has the potential to provide that immediately. https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-2020-round-1-teams-afl-draft-2019-draftees-most-likely-to-debut-early/news-story/29b72bc2dfd19bd54163f3d5bb9b1018?fbclid=IwAR1waA8996twhiywOYx07zN1zpC1jBojRMaYbPdsQqhmJ76N-bm_kek1Zrk
  13. Agree with many , this kid can be anything. Gotta love Preseason at Demonland, hope rules! https://afl.draftcentral.com.au/player/trent-rivers/
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