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  1. I think if we pick up a key forward in Ben Brown with his height and ruck ability in the forward line that could ease some of the heavy work load for the Weid and and free himself to concentrate purely playing key forward bash and crash bringing ball to ground for the likes of Kossie and Spargo. Wied, Jackson and B Brown could be an awesome combination to watch when they fire. Who knows if it eventuates I can keep Dreaming.
  2. If you have a solid backline and an AA ruckman also 3 super competitive midfielders where 2 of them are powerhouses, What are you missing? A smart experience coach and there is someone out there.
  3. Only Oliver combining with Petracca can conjure up something special, 2 handballs and a kick from the bounce in the centre outside 50 that resulted in a goal . The 2 Powerhouses at work.
  4. Oliver and Petrac working in tandem two powerhouses and at their prime. Umpires will take notice from now on, no doubt.
  5. Well done Christian Polling 6 best on grounds and a 2nd best. A brilliant season and it showed with the umpire's noticing you. Hoping you can take it to the next level again in 2021.
  6. The form was good enough, 3 less pos a game in 2002 better than 2001 however he won a Brownlow and helped us into a GF. in 2000 the CLUB had a good year.. . Maybe your right your recollection is somewhat hazy.
  7. Woewodin wins a Brownlow in 2000 and then down the track in 2003 he is virtually handballed to Coll/wood .because he was underperforming. The club said he hadn't reached the heights of his Brownlow year. That is a fact and it was poor judgment by the FD. It was so sickening to watch him play for the filth. That is the way we treat our champions
  8. If Petracca has won the Brownlow it would have been best if they surprised him at home. With a delayed telecast they could have got him out of bed and presented him with the Medal. with his PJ's on... It would have been some viewing. 1968 Bob Skilton has been woken from his bed and told that he had won the Brownlow .polling 24 votes.
  9. You racial vilify someone then the problem is with you. The problem is not Lumumba's however you made it for the 2 of you so you are held responsible. It comes down to the club and whoever is in charge. Lumumba has a right to sue and good on him. The club with whom he first played for in Collingwood and the AFL. This is a serious issue and it has to be cleaned up for the good of humanity and for the sake of our game. Heretier Lumumber deserves some peace.
  10. Neville Jetta the great servant of the club like an underdog boxer that gave his all and you cheered him on because you knew he had something to give and you just couldn't knock him down. He was the dependable one consistent until injuries and the dreaded age when you hit the 30s that slows you down. I thought that he would be retiring gracefully and now Collywobbles Buckley is interested. For the life of me take him and give us Tom Phillips .....Jetta and a thiird round pick will do.
  11. Hannan has still something to offer the club. He chases hard and can run and mark well with sure hands a height of 190cm and is talented. His kicking is far better than most and doesn't butcher the ball. He had his injuries the previous year and managed only a handful of games. This 2020 season is out of the ordinary and hope that we have some normality in 2021 and play games at the G in front of crowds. A strong pre season from Hannan might be the trick. He is well worth persevering with.
  12. 1.. Luke Jackson to take the next level as he has had a taste of what to expect. Pinch hit in the ruck 2. PETRAC and OLIVER to become an unbeatable combination and catapult us to the top of the ladder. 3. To play home games on the MCG.
  13. Dunny a reliable and consistent performer playing Full back where I believe played his best football for the Dees. He certainly gave his all and was a fan favourite one l had time for. Off to the sunset with you Dunny you had a good stint enjoy your retirement.
  14. Petracca took his game to another level this year however in the second half of the season he found an extra gear and shot to the next level again, 2 levels in one season Imo . The Brownlow medal count will be interesting to see in which rounds he votes best. Christian can dream of winning a B&F as a young boy as he did, one day it might be a Brownlow. However l hope he dreams of winning a Premiership with our great club The Mighty Dees!
  15. My first jumper with his number 16 and wore it proudly. He was my favourite at the time.
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