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  1. Donald Trump should be on stand by. He would be good support for Peter Lawrence.
  2. Wade throws his wicket away. Plays a pre meditated shot Manus gets a hundred and not long after plays a pull shot and skies it. So undisciplined by both who should have done better. Let their team mates and themselves down. Those sort of shots are only played when playing park cricket.
  3. It certainly has been quiet on the Melbourne front with hardly an injuries and any training with almost a full list training is a good indication of a strong preseason . Makes for fighting for a spot in the starting line up interesting. It gives us a chance to have a good start to the season proper with a minimum of fuss.
  4. Thanks for the Information LH good to hear that almost all are in a healthy state, and training.
  5. Well done Fraser you are certainly striving for something special in my mind. Not just here for a good time. Achieving something for yourself and to help our great club to achieve the ultimate would be something special.
  6. Good call time to make Steve Smith captain again .
  7. 2021.... If we end up in Hubs so be it better safe than sorry . However please don't shorten the quarters. Don't we have enough stress during the season without the AFL tampering with the game?
  8. When BBB was at North and producing some great footy kicking multiple goals I was thinking this is someone that would be good to have being tall and hard to match up against. Going back as far as 2014. However one player that l would hope be injured was BBB when playing North. Never in my wildest dreams thought that we could get him at our club. . I wait for the day that he runs out with the Dees as well DZ that is a thrill for me. I rate him highly.
  9. Yes there was a thread.... However Phil Rhoden's best kick was a torpedo punt and he was so well balanced and so good at executing the kick the opposition supporters would sometimes applaud while spinning perfectly through the air. Mainly a reserves player as he only played 3 games in the ones. Wasn't one for many possession.
  10. Sew them together and make a trench coat for the winter. A great way to really show your support JJC.
  11. Marnus is the normal one and a good guy. The other two in Shane Warne and Simmonds are ratbags of the highest order.
  12. Ben Brown at training moving well also completed 4 time trials and I assume it was for all coming back for the official start . That is a good sign.
  13. Clarry __can take the next level by being more penetrating by foot. Maysie __ To follow up where he left from in 2020 He was superb. Jackson-- showed with a hand full of games he has what it takes to make the grade. Ben Brown -- is a vital piece and chomping at the bit. He will show why. Rivers -- 9 games under his belt plays like a 100 gamer. Amazing.
  14. Yes he certainly is on his last chance, however the Cairns game against the Swans didn't favour us with the transportation of bus and plane on the day as we know. I just can't understand why we were not given the time to prepare in Cairns and acclimatise prior.
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