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  1. Why do you think l am bagging him? Read my post properly. PF......I am calling him the surprise packet if he doesn't perform. Read my posts on Clarry I rate him as our best player. Put your glasses on P F. FFS.
  2. Why do we need one when we have Joel Smith ?
  3. Clarry really is the barometer needs to bring his 2018 form with a bit of ex factor. The only S P he will be is if he doesn't perform.
  4. S P J Harmes just to prove that Goody made another blunder. Consistent game time in the middle and he will pay dividends. Tom Sparrow could be an S P i think he felt comfortable at the top level and handled the pressure well. I just hope there aren't any whipping boys but unfortunately it cannot be helped Goody will see to that.
  5. Great for most MFC members to be at our first home game of the season against Fremantle . Hoping there is no major concern for any major outbreaks of the COVID 19 which could ease more restrictions. Be there or be square to watch the Dees dismantle Fremantle and to cheer with a beer .
  6. Congrats to Max Gawn for also being awarded Life membership A great clubman and current captain . 2 X B& F, 2018 AFLCA champion player and 4 X AA's Well deserved and more greatness to come. Well done Max.
  7. Congrats to Tom McDonald for being awarded life membership of our great club and a loyal clubman. 170 games mostly solid football and hoping that you are injury free and ready to produce some of your best football in 2021 and beyond. Well done Tommy.
  8. We got side tracked by our own party PF. Minootz that rings a bell Smith st Collingwood.
  9. As Jack Dyer use to say Bad kicking is Bad football
  10. I remember the bounce of the ball in the centre it went slightly angling towards Jeff White and Malcoim Blight, oh the opposition ruckman unfairly disadvantaged saying did you see the bounce. Spare me Malcolm ! Never ever had a good word for the Dees. Honestly i am not even exaggerating. He was a Whinger.
  11. My condolences to you Sam and your loved ones. Our thought are with you. Captained the 1958 Magpie Premiership team against the Dees . However he will be looking down on Sam and supporting him playing for the enemy with a grin. RIP.
  12. What beats the Melbourne V Bulldogs at the Western Oval when we needed to beat them and Hawthorn needed to beat Geelong for us to make the finals for the first time in 23 years. It was the final round. With 2 mins to go in our game and holding The Dogs just about every Dees supporter at the ground was glue and listening to the radios as the siren went at Kardinia p[ark and Hawthorn hung on to a 3 point win coming from behind thanks to Dunstall's winning goal. The Dees supporters at the ground all went ballistic while our game was still in progress it felt by the players of both clubs had stopped and thinking the siren had gone. However the Melbourne boys would have worked it out quickly l believe. Brings a tear to my eye, 1987. They did it for Robbie,
  13. Sign up Max and l believe that Oliver will stay and sign well possibly between rounds 5 and 11 just a hunch that is my gut feel. As for the Trac he is signed till the end of 2022,. Max is a Melbourne boy no doubt and l think that Clayton is along the same lines l am confident of that I wouldn't say it if l wasn't confident. However it will be a big sigh of relief when Clayton signs on the dotted line. Just need a good start to the season .
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