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    Demonland has made the difficult decision to not permit this platform to be used to discuss & debate the off-field issues relating to the Melbourne Football Club including matters currently being litigated between the Club & former Board members, board elections, the culture at the club & the personal issues & allegations against some of our players & officials ...

    We do not take these issues & this decision lightly & of course we believe that these serious matters affecting the club we love & are so passionate about are worthy of discussion & debate & I wish we could provide a place where these matters can be discussed in a civil & respectful manner.

    However these discussions unfortunately invariably devolve into areas that may be defamatory, libelous, spread unsubstantiated rumours & can effect the mental health of those involved. Even discussion & debate of known facts or media reports can lead to finger pointing, blame & personal attacks.

    The repercussion is that these discussions can open this website, it’s owners & it’s users to legal action & may result in this website being forced to shutdown.

    Our moderating team are all volunteers & cannot moderate the forum 24/7 & as a consequence problematic content that contravenes our rules & standards may go unnoticed for some time before it can be removed.

    We reserve the right to delete posts that offend against our above policy & indeed, to ban posters who are repeat offenders or who breach our code of conduct.


    Thank you for your continued support & understanding. Go Dees.

Press Conference Called.


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Guest MFC4Life
I think it will be a statement say that the Club and players realise the disappointment and frustration of the supporters at the performance. The Club is working hard to improve those performances and is seeking the continued support of members and supporters as it develops its players.

You don't happen to work in the PR department do you Rhino? Worthy of Wordsworth!

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Why was Neitz kept? If the football department was half as competent as you, they would have realised they could have put Jeff White on the veterans list and had more room to move with the salary cap. Or perhaps we didnt want more room in our salary cap as we cant afford it, due to a number of reasons, which I wont go into.

Who would get promoted if Neitz retired? I'd say Valenti. Therefore Neitz playing (and I use that term loosely) is not allowing us to develop our list.

As for Holland and Robbo, Holland would be a much cheaper alternative to Neitz and more useful as a player in 2008, and Robbo had more to offer the Melbourne FC at the end of 2007 than Neitz. The leadership argument does not hold up. We've got Neitz in charge and we're 0-4. Had it been Isaac Weetra as captain we'd still be 0-4. The leadership group is a rabble and the man in charge of that leadership group has been in charge for the last 6 or 7 years, and it continues to be a rabble whilst he's in charge. A change in leadership was probably the way to go.

So Rhino tell us all, why did Neitz continue in the first place? My argument is he did so to be the face of the club in it's 150th year. To me, that goes against everything Bailey is trying to do at the club.

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Surely they must mention something in the news?!?!?!

I am tired and angry!

Worked all night and expected to hear a live cross to this PC this morning..... Or at least some damn news on what was said!

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All I can think of is that it's a very long and indepth press conference and no journo's are allowed to leave to break the story until it's actually finished.

Which makes me edgy. Long press conferences are almost never good news.

Either that, or AFL Journos are pathetic... let's see which it is.

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Have they mentioned anything about it this morning?

Do SEN even know it is happening?

I would expect this sort of inept reporting by a mob like 5aa here in Adelaide....

But not from SEN....

Sports Entertainment Network my arse!

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I dont think it was a salary cap issue. I honestly believe that Neitz thought he was still capable of providing leadership and a KPP influence. And the given the Club's lack of both lead them to acquiensce to the decision. I wish we had ready replacements for both roles. We dont and the Club had a decision to make. As for Neitz I think its a case of players not knowing just when their time is up. You see it alot with cricketers and footballers. Its a smart player that can clearly understand their time is up especially after doing it for 15+ years.

You are very knoweledgeable with hindsight now. There is no doubt that Neitz has deteriorated from last year. There is no evidence that Robbo and Holland offer any solutions to us. Robbo's continually dragged during games and must be on the edge of being dropped. We had him on the trade table and we should have traded him without doubt. He is exactly the sort of player who would not fit DB's requirements.

The 150th issue is a furphy and out of character for a guy who has been a valiant foot soldier to the Club and not sort to be selfish throughout his career. And given that goes against what you believe DB is trying to do at the Club should make you think twice about the veracity of your speculation.

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