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  1. Reminds me of the traditional Brazillian joke; "Brazil is the next big economic power and has been for 50 years."
  2. If a change of club will bring Melksham back to top form then it is frankly good for football. His best is football art. We have a lot of small attacking options around at the moment including some more kids looking for opportunities. Any salary cap difference it makes would be handy but minor. Respect is the modern football version of loyalty and if he gets a reasonable offer somewhere else I'm quite sure the club will facilitate. Yep, I've basically said nothing there. It's all okay, that's all.
  3. Good call, that would pretty much swing the game. Can't think of any other single contest which could make so much difference compared to the pre-game assumptions and ratings, and Petty has it in him. Another might be Ed Langdon controlling the ice-boy and winning a few counter-attacks. Dominating there would realistically stall two opposition goals and create two for us and we'd really be cooking.
  4. It seems that it took a few weeks for the Dogs to reorganise their attack without Bruce and they are now relying on smalls to kick goals while Naughton provides and almost singular marking and contesting target. First thing first: Aaron Naughton has had 4, 3 and 6 contested marks in the finals. He is their designated target who the Bulldogs rely on as the 'bang it long' option. With the small forwards they have, they know and he knows all he has to do is get the ball to ground. In contrast, Tim English has had a total of zero and Schache has had two. Schache did prove effective at getting general marks inside 50 and keeping mobile enough to demand attention. But here's my main point - Bulldogs goals in finals by tall (190cm+) or small (under 190cm) vs Essendon Talls 5 - Naughton 3, Shache 2 Smalls 8 - Weightman 4, Hannan 2, Smith 1, Vandemeer 1, vs Brisbane Talls 2 - Schache 1, Naughton 1, Smalls 9 - Smith 3, Liberatore, 2, Johannisen 1, Macrae 1, Hannan 1, Weightman 1 vs Port Adelaide Talls 3 - Naughton 2, Schache 1, Smalls 14 - Smith 4, Hannan 3, Bontempelli 2, Johannisen 1, Treloar 1, other Smith 1, Vandermeer 1, Scott 1, Did I do better than ol' Kingy?
  5. It might feel better if you think of it as "I have a special bond with everyone who has been ****** around by the arrogant establishment at the Essendon Football Club."
  6. Socks with sandals? Should nip that in the bud before Geelong come to recruit him.
  7. Nathan Jones not being at this Grand Final will be remembered like the punch Ali didn't give Foreman. Should we win, Jones' entry into AFL folklore will be complete.
  8. What a terrific find! Surely there's scope for the club to do a mock-up putting a modern one next to the old, with Haymes Paint instead of the British Paints. Gotta look after the sponsors. Also, how funny is that 'view of Waverly Stadium' with its projected capacity of 166,648!
  9. Can't find the words for it but Nathan Jones... he is 'us'. It is almost fitting that on Grand Final day he will be 'with' the supporters. He's one of us now. And you know it is peak MFCSS when people are investing effort looking for negative connotations between the lines of an instagram post of someone who just gave birth to twins by emergency C-section! Grand Final can't come soon enough and I look forward to watching and celebrating in much the same way as Jones will be. Well, except I hope I won't be needing to change any nappies mid-game. We'll see how close it gets.
  10. I regret I have to say that the only two Dogs supporters I've known personally are both excellent. Very different, too. One is a properly sophisticated yet unpretentious intellectual who really should be a Demon based on stereotypes. The other was in that brilliant category of 'first in the family to get a degree/office career' and was proudly committed to doing it well at the same time as being equally committed to taking the [censored] out of the entire system. I can't hate them, but I still want to crush them.
  11. By my count, at home we can assemble two current phones, one old phone, one work phone, two home laptops and one work laptop and have them all on video calls, each to multiple people. I picturing a rig something like the twelve monkeys set-up. Should we go full Covid-era and have an official Demonland Zoom meeting or is that just too likely to get too profane? Could be worth recording for posterity, too!
  12. Honestly, we have so many father-son selections coming through in the next few years, he'll barely have a job to do.
  13. Fair enough. I'm a bit taut about it. Life in Sydney married to an Aged Care sector worker is f'n tense these days.
  14. So... you're the reason the game is not in Melbourne, are you? I call BS. Send me a message if you have any basis for that claim, but let's not have any debate in a thread that is supposed to be about making the most of the situation we're all in.
  15. The timing of this is superb. It's a low-key reminder that the future is still going to happen whatever the result on the 25th and that we have the right people attending to it. I'm definitely a little less anxious now.
  16. For his birthday some troll online put together a video of all of the times he screwed up during the finals...
  17. Well, we've got two weeks to pass and we're in lockdown. Anything that creates a sense of a crowd and community is welcome. It's time for team "Get random celebrity endorsements from around the world." Points awarded for both quantity and quality.
  18. Unless his wife is giving birth at that exact moment. Or... especially if his wife is giving birth at that exact moment?
  19. Sometime in the third quarter I suddenly started calling Charlie Spargo 'Banksy' and I like so I'm going to keep doing it. Nobody knows who he is and he keeps producing little works of art in unexpected places.
  20. Any last minute tips for any unexpected heroes or special moments?
  21. Those three are also the only Demon coaches with better overall win-loss ratios than Goodwin. Two more wins to fill that all-important 'PR' column at the end of the table, which would also give Goodwin our best winning rate in finals. Aaaaaaaaand there it is, my gut just twisted and I am no longer successfully putting off nerves for tonight. The awareness that 'success right here and now' means being legitimately on the same level as the all-time greats... that's a massive thought and my brain is cooking itself trying to process it.
  22. I think that B. Smith is actually Brock Smith - yet to play a game after being taken at 33 by Brisbane. The B.Smith of fame and fortune was in the 2018 draft.
  23. Continuing the theme where a club pushed itself up to the peak through a series of draft boosts; both Hawthorn (Rioli) and Geelong (Selwood) had that one last super pick right before their premiership breakthrough who played most of the season with real impact. Not sure Bowey quite counts as that for us but it is an interesting pattern.
  24. Did you know (yeah, you probably did but let's make it explicit): In finals the Western Bulldogs average 50% more free kicks than their opposition. Under Luke Beveridge, Bulldogs have lost every final where they lost the free kick count, and won every final where they won the free kick count.
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