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  1. We got so many of our picks wrong that Harry Houdini as player development manager would not conjure a capable AFL player out of them. To have failed to convert so many top 20 picks to capable AFL footballers is embarrassing. IMO we have failed on character judgment in determining the capability to make it AFL level. Morton, Watts, Cook, Gysberts Blease are all examples of this. And 2ndly IMO we have been screaming out for quality midfielders over the past 7 years we have recruited a number of players who are tweeners ( Tapscott,Bennell),that cant cut it in the midfield and dont have the skill to cut it elsewhere. We took too few true midfielders when we had the picks. While we took Watts and Jetta (pick 50s) in the 2008 draft, we could have a solved our midfield issues in one draft but we comprehensively shot blanks in a quality and deep in talent draft. There is no doubt we have stuffed the player development in a couple of cases but we drafted many of our problems before we had a chance to develop/ mould them
  2. Agree. The folly of throwing Grimes and Trengove to the captaincy of an underwhelming side when so young has damaged the confidence and development of both players. Roos is to be applauded for allowing Salem to build his football confidence in the VFL where Trengove and Toumpas are seeking to resurrect their confidence.
  3. Notwithstanding the lack of resources at hand, it was an error for ASADA to have agreed to perform an early joint investigation with the AFL. I agree about dragging out the pain but Duttons farcical oversight just undermines confidence in the process particularly when the seven member panel appeared ably qualified and experienced.
  4. *sigh* I never said that about Murdoch. It's just that particular paper is hardly an impartial judge off political issues given it's insidious record And the ACC launched an ASADA unprecedented investigation into two clubs/codes concurrently. As an event confronting a resource strained Govt body like ASADA, this ACC report was a tsunami of a project. I don't blame Andruska expressing uncertainty at the magnitude of what was involved.
  5. You are correct about Governments changing personnel. But if they chose to do that at this 11th hour to ASADA then it would represent interference on due process at a critical time. And FWIW, the panel constituents seem impressive in their skill sets and experience. The reality is likely to be an embarrassing avoidable administrative bungle in not contracting panel members whose contracts had expired. And who would have thought a politically impartial, fine upstanding quality journal like the Daily Tele would attack the Labor Party....wow
  6. Agree. But both organised crime and match fixing are alot more insidious and difficult to pin or limit to Australia. And ASADAs brief is narrow concerning doping. There would be a number of authorities involved in tracking organised crime. The Purana taskforce did nab low level soccer match fixing. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-09-15/police-uncover-alleged-soccer-match-fixing-ring/4958946 And you only have to look at the debacle of world cricket with the impotent ICC and the Indians to know the sport at the international level is impacted. I am not aware of evidence that Australian cricketers are specifically involved. But the World cup in 2015 will be interesting. You are splitting hairs if the Government would even do as you suggest. It has the same impact.
  7. Due process requires that it goes through the legal system. The process was frustrated by Pratts illness. It's a pity he was not brought to justice as his actions were disgraceful and he was responsible for and owned Visy. Had they got Pratt guilty they would have got Visy.
  8. The report was serious given the implications for the integrity of Australian sport. Richard Inge needed a soapbox. Neither Government has properly funded ASADA for an investigation that unprecedented, complex and was always going to time consuming especially given the profile of the codes and the media glare. The ACC report was about the importation and distribution of illegal substances within sporting clubs. The evidence found about Essendon and Cronulla has damaged their respective codes and put Australian sport under question globally. Gutting/closing down/removing resources has the same impact....nobbling an anti doping investigation.... No clear thinking Government could be that stupid. This should be a short term embarrassment that can be readily addressed by Dutton to re contract those panel members who's contract have expired
  9. The blackest day in sport was a quote from the human mouthpiece Richard Inge. This whole issue highlighted by the ACC is an embarrassment for Australian sport and sporting bodies impacted. It had nothing to do with the previous Government who only did what it should have done. I am not sure about panning ASADA until the review is completed. Regardless of what went before it, the current Government is responsible for ASADA and are responsible for the conduct of ASADA now. They can't walk away from ASADA without global sporting condemnation. If the Goverment were to bizarrely walk way from ASADA then why did it appoint a federal court judge to assist in the review and assessment of the accumulated evidence?
  10. Agree. Rather incredible none the less at crucial stage it should not have happened. Storm in a teacup. Dutton should get them re contracted and let's move on.
  11. Pratt is not a good example at all. While not denying the gravity of his crimes you are poorly informed on the sense of justice and any cynicism he got away with it. Pratt had terminal cancer when the case commenced. His health deteriorated as a consequence of the cancer during the trial. There was no sense sentencing him to term beyond his rapidly shortening natural life.
  12. Do you reckon the AFL would spend that sort of money if it has already pizzed $3m on a failed effort on Roos. Money talks but it does not grow on trees.
  13. I should have said for a period. I think if there is enough outrage over the number of players infracted and the length of their ban. If it's a few players and a 2 year ban then Hird won't have much to coach!
  14. I dont think thats fully correct. Melbourne Rogue doctor operating under poor governance and oversight arrangements. Doctors failure of professional duty of care and judgement. Thankfully issues were limited to short time and few players involved. Appears limited to use of AOD cream Essendon Rogue sports medicine "expert" operating poor governance and oversight arrangements. Program extended across full playing group over an extended period. Numerous club officials failure of professional duty of care and judgement. A number of potential illegal substances may have been involved
  15. 6 to 12 months ago you were probably right. However, I reckon the support for Hird is split between the true believers and those who have seen the cost and trouble to the club (also the players) and cant reconcile Hirds me first attitude. I know a number of heavy financial EFC supporters who now seriously question Hird coming back or think he shouldnt. Little has dug a hole for the Club. It will be interesting to see what the reaction is if one or more players are banned from the game.
  16. Seriously I dont think anyone wanting a career after coaching MFC would want to coach MFC. The issues at the Club are profound and its impact on the playing group is clearly deep. And when you think the AFL, you should be thinking PJ and Roos who were installed by the AFL. We are already well on the AFL drip and are a long way from ever getting off it.
  17. This a low grade issue so Wilson knows it's not worth the chase. It's not enough to discipline him. It's not enough for Jeep to have a hissyfit. The registration of the vehicle was not the players responsibility.
  18. Look Martin is redneck simpleton who is unable to manage his life. This has been covered sufficiently in the news. This latest incident is a minor fluff piece. He wasnt drunk and he does not appear to have any issues with breaking the law besides his suspended licence. In itself not a hanging offence. if he was drunk and/or been in an accident then the severity rises. But what else was there to cover? If anything she scooped this news and disclosed it.
  19. Believe it when I see it. Flies in the face of what Jackson said in pre match and other occassions. While I dont think Thompson will be at EFC regardless of Hird, I cant see any logical reason why Thompson would coach MFC. Sunday would have spooked in clear thinking coach. Too many players cant/wont execute fundanental skills with basic discipline to a simple game plan. Absolute caveat emptor. I am not convinced Thompson is coaching for any more than restoring the wreckage associated with him at EFC. I am not sure he has the desire to resurrect a LT basketcase like MFC.
  20. Agree. Neither player deserves a gold star. But as you say Beamer admitted a problem. It just did not need to be done in the full glare of the cameras. It could have been done in front of the team mates he let down. But Shaws and Didaks issue was more than being drunk. Firstly it was on the eve of the finals. Secondly they were repeat offenders. Thirdly as they did on their earlier misdemeanours, they lied profusely when challenged about the incident. Finally for Shaw he took it an extra step further by actually getting in a car and driving. Add Given the number of past alcohol offences at the club, the Pies had to act hard on both. Moloney was no great footballer. He seems a pretty WYSIWYG sort of bloke who has/ is dealing with a publicly admitted issues. I am not sure why he is vilified by those who seek to revise history.
  21. Strength and physical development required the consistent adoption of an intensive weights program be maintained and built upon. Do you reckon those players might have been in a gym since the end of 2012?
  22. Not sure that adds much Jack. I cant see how development was fast tracked beyond that short stanza when the output on the ground over the course of the year suggest otherwise. And we are not in a position beyond guessing as to what did and what did not work. All we have is the final result for the season.
  23. Correct you do. Shaw was suspended in 2009 for drink driving and being out with Didak. He crashed the car and was lucky no one was killed http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/alan-didak-in-shaw-car/story-e6frf7jo-1111117103140 It was another chapter in the litany of Shaw stupidity. He was not a first offender. The extent of his frack up and to add his behaviour post incident by lying about it with Didak did him no favours. The club had to act especially with Didak involved. His crimes were worse that Beamers and not a first offence. He also sought to give coverage to the perennial ratbag in Didak. I am surprised you cant work out the different issues involved.
  24. I don't think an unknown person speaking on a supporter forum provides any more credible basis on this topic than some of the crud on Demonland. And given we don't know what EFC took how can anyone conclude otherwise? The drugs taken may have given them a point in time benefit but in the absence of those drugs how could they have been "fast tracked" particularly when the 2nd half of the 2012 season EFC became significantly slow tracked.
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