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  1. Is someone suggesting that something that someone else said in the “rumour only file” didn’t come to fruition? I can’t believe it.
  2. When I heard this excuse trotted out previously in the media I thought it must have been made up. What a pathetic reason to kick off a trade. I would be furious Treloar’s shoes.
  3. I continue to be bewildered by the love of draft picks. There’s a greater than 50% chance the draft picks in the region we’re talking about will yield a player who plays 0 games. There’s about a 90% chance they’ll contribute little to nothing in the short term. Brown clearly helps us immediately and in the medium term. If Mahoney missed Brown because he wouldn’t cough up two picks in the 25-35 range I’d be furious. Sure I hope one pick gets it done, but I still think it’s cheap.
  4. Thanks PaulRB. Favourite MFC memory of this century. Still gives me goosebumps. Deal feels right. All the best Mitch.
  5. Right? It’s almost like Mahoney trades to a strategy and not for the entertainment of the fans.
  6. Preuss wants out. While it’s not unheard of for clubs to hold players to contracts, usually if they want out, they get their wish. I suppose it’s a) because they don’t want players who don’t want to be there spreading negativity amongst the group and b) because they want to be seen in the industry as a club that looks after its players.
  7. Walking and chewing gum at the same time. With Preuss gone, a capable ruck *is* a player we actually need.
  8. This guy has been in the AFL system for 10 years for 46 games. That is Jake Spencer-like longevity. I’m pretty sure I’ve literally never seen him play.
  9. I’m slightly worried North will be hard to deal with. Inexperienced manager whose main qualification is “ex-footy player” in Brady Rawlings at the helm, currently under the influence of another meathead ex-footballer turned board member in Glenn Archer, during a time when they’re a complete shambles as an organisation. It has Peter Bellend written all over it. I’m glad we’ve still got Mahoney at the helm. At least I can be sure our party will negotiate in good faith.
  10. Agreed old dee. I think it’s important for the club to maintain its reputation for being fair to its players as well as being easy to deal with. And I think it’s great that it looks like we’ll be dealing with GWS - a club we’ve had good dealings with previously. I expect a swift, fair deal to be done.
  11. If we gave Smith a three year contract, he contributed strongly for a flag push for two seasons and had one season of pension padding, that is money extremely well spent in my eyes.
  12. To the topic at hand, surely the arguments of trying to balance Weideman/Brown or neither of them tackling much are just looking for problems where there are none. Brown falling on our lap would be an absolute KotD (for those that remember). I’m sure we’ll manage to find solutions to whatever “problems” fall out of landing an 60 goal a year forward in his prime.
  13. What is with you damn Victorians and wanting to dump your basketcases in to Tassie? You can keep North, thanks.
  14. I thought his answer on hub life was interesting. As an introvert, being around “the boys” 24/7 sounds like hell to me, and while pro sport tends to be an extrovert’s game, I did wonder if there would be a few who found it tough going. I fully empathise with you Ed! He mentioned that his kicking is at career best level. I’ve spent all year wondering what all the hoopla was about his kicking, because what I’ve seen has been of no concern at all. I was expecting the biggest butcher since Simon Godfrey. Maybe he’s just improved on previous years. Really excited about the back end of the
  15. Soooooo, I was out and didn’t see a second of this game. I gather it went okay? 😁
  16. You’re not exactly Max Gawn yourself from memory! Long time ago now though.
  17. 4 weeks, where he served 3 in the PS, so he missed 1 H&A game.
  18. To be fair, one of the three was Matthew Lloyd, so realistically it was only two.
  19. Damn. I'd forgotten how sick that bump was. I'm not normally a big lover of "flying the flag" but I love seeing the Ox in that instance. How about the body slam on Hird. Even though that was a hundred years ago now, it's hard to not still hate that f-ing club.
  20. I'm with you. I can't see Smith adding anything to the side at all at present.
  21. I don't think any single game is important enough to put the rest of Gawn's season in jeopardy. Even with Preuss potentially out, my position is still not to take any undue risks with Gawn. He only plays if he's 100%.
  22. From memory someone who knew him (@rpfc?) said he actually stylised it that way, i.e. Van Den Berg. I think the AFL media may have been the ones who bastardised it.
  23. If Preuss is injured but Gawn is fit, I guess Gawn can just about cover the loss of Preuss...
  24. Thanks. It might not come across this way but I am actually a fan of Preuss, I just think we need to be realistic about what he is and where he is in the pecking order. As you allude to I was surprised he wanted to come here to play second fiddle to Gawn when he is capable of being a first ruck, but I’m certainly not complaining about it and I’m in favour of keeping him if he wants to stay.
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