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  1. Moish, I am not under it. Just pointing out that he is still a hater. Even with the vast improvement this year, he consistently overlooks the Dees and talks them down. Really don't need glowing reports 24/7 just an observation.
  2. Check out his comments in the BPL Mid season review. Hates the Dees http://www.backpagelead.com.au/afl/1614-bpls-afl-mid-season-review
  3. http://www.afl.com.au/news/newsarticle/tabid/208/newsid/94654/default.aspx
  4. http://aflpa.com.au/node/2465
  5. Apparently Joel McDonald will be on KB today in the next 30 minutes
  6. There is no way NicNat could carry two Subway bags like that... and that's why JW went #1
  7. Thanks for the vote of confidence chicken.
  8. This thread was started last Friday - not after Footy Classified. Have some respect please. As for the ground being roped off in the centre during training. Yes of course it was - why should we train at a ground where you can use the corridor?
  9. I heard Rivers was icing his knee all week. Probably was the knee. Posts should be up by now. Would like someone to drive past and give us a quick update. Reckon in 2010 its a bit average not to have posts at an AFL training venue.
  10. I took my 2.5 year old to training today. The players and staff were fantastic. It is incredible how accessible they all are. For those interested Wanna said he is 2-3 away from playing. Col said he wasn't that close this week but should be right next week. What was an utter shambles was the fact that there are NO GOALS AT JUNCTION OVAL. No wonder we cant kick. Attached is a photo of the Auskick goals they were using.
  11. As reported on Robbos twitter - number 22 and 25 will most likely join him at the Swans next year. Woey and Doggie Brown!
  12. A few comments/observations: - Still don't know how Jack Watts went - Sam Blease and school is not something I ever want to hear in the same sentence again - therefore didn't ask about him - Phil and Brian Goldberg played Melbourne reserves and U19 in the early 90's - Phil was captain of the U19s
  13. Any news on how Scully, Watts etc scored in VCE? Were any of them at Mt Scopus?
  14. Anyone else think Paul Johnson will be "next cab off the rank"?
  15. Emma Quale and Schwabbie have been having a great discussion on Twitter. Check it out!!
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