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  1. I doubt it. My hunch is hibberd is considering going out on top or doing another year and the club is giving him time to consider it. I would think the flow on effect of his decision is if declasse stays on rookie list or if hibberd decides he wants another year they move hore to rookie list and declasse is delisted. I have no info though.
  2. Worked out how dees make the trade for cerra. Trade picks 33, 42 and 54 to dogs (1200 points) for pick 17 (will become 19 - worth about 1000 points) dogs want points. Trade dogs pick and dees future to Freo for cerra. Those two picks worth more than pick 6. Dees recently extended tmac for 23 and 24. I think because he has a big contract in 22, so they’ll spread it over three years. Cabt see t Mac playing good footy beyond this year which makes it odd as to why they extended his contract for two more years after 2022. Must be to do with clearing room for cerra. If they do all of this for one bloke he better be very good.
  3. If dees trade 26 and 43 to dogs it's just under what their pick 14 is worth (according to points index). If we throw in Hannan, does it get the deal done?
  4. Not even sure if this is possible of if it favours us but ... Let's say Dees nominate Green with pick 3. Giants come to us and say we will give you pick 4 and a future second round for pick 3. We say yes, then giants get jackson at 3 and green at 4 (as dees nominate him again at pick 4). Dees pick then becomes pick 5. Dees nominate Henry. Freo come to us and say we give you picks 8 and 9 (after green match) for pick 5 and 28 (i know they gave it to us so it can be that pick, but lets pretend to keep it 'easy'). We say thanks for that. Freo pick say Aish at 5. Swans pick Flanders at 6. Adelaide pick McAsey at 7. Dees nominate Henry again - matched by Freo at pick 8. Dees then have picks 9, 10 and 12. Presumably dees would take Young with pick 9. Dees could then do a trade with the Cats for example they have two future first round picks WCE and Cats. Dees could trade 10 for 16 and a future first round picks. Meaning dees would go from picks 3, 10 and 30 (after matching picks) - to picks 9, 12, 16 and get a future first and second round pick. As I said, not sure if that is even a good deal or if its even possible, but if possible dees could screw up a lot of clubs plans.
  5. Now that the futures have been picked we can put names to the various picks and players that were traded in 2015, 2017 and 2018. 2015 Two trades - one with Gold Coast and one with GWS Gold Coast In Pick 3, pick 10, pick 43 Out Pick 6, pick 29, future 2016 1st round GWS In Pick 7, Bugg Out Pick 10, 43, 64 (this pick was used along with others to match a GWS Academy Bid for Flynn, so I have not included in analysis) In summary, if you knock out the pick 10s and the pick 43s as they came in and out in both trades this is the result In: Oliver (4), Weideman (9), Bugg Out: Callum Ah Chee (8), Darcy Tucker (27) (GC must have traded with Freo) and Will Brodie (9) 2017 In Lever, Pick 35, Future 3rd Round Out Pick 10, future 1st round, future 4th round NB Two trades took place in 18 which effect the original deal, Adelaide also traded a few times with Carlton in 17 and 18 with st kilda, we traded adelaide's future 3rd (46), plus our second round pick (36) and we got back pick 28 Adelaide then traded our 4th round pick (67) via Carlton to St Kilda In summary, if you include the 2017 trade and the eventual outcomes of the 2018 trades In: Lever, Petty (37), James Jordan (33) Out: Lachie O'Brien (Carl) (10), Liam Stocker (Carl) (19), Bytel (41), Parker(47) , Robbie Young (67) 2018 The GC and Freo trade did not involve future picks so it is far less complicated In: May, KK, Tom Sparrow (27) Out: Hogan, Brett Bewley (59) Summary of all trades (in order of best to worst): In: Oliver, Lever, Weideman, May, KK, Tom Sparrow, Petty, James Jordan, Bugg, Out: Hogan, Lachie O'Brien, Stocker, Callum Ah Chee, Darcy Tucker (GC must have traded with Freo), Will Brodie, Bytel, Parker, Young, Bewley Who knows how well KK, Petty, Jordan, Sparrow vs O'Brien, Stocker, Bytel, Parker, Young, Bewley will be, (I think Ah Chee, Tucker, Brodie and Bugg are depth players at best) If you take all of them out We got Oliver, Lever, Weideman and May for Hogan. Take a bow Melbourne Football Club.
  6. Hannan and garlett will have played 11 games each for season 2018 after this round. But only played in the same team twice. I suspect it’s either hannan or garlett. Jkh will drop out for melksham next week I would think.
  7. Having heard Goodwin's press conference about going to the draft this year and having studied the bulldogs list strategy and success, I believe Dees will trade the 2017 first rounder for 2 early second rounders. The dogs traded pick 11 and a future 3rd round pick to Carlton last year and received pick 21 and 22, which later became pick 25 and pick 26. Josh Dunkley and Kieran Collins. I believe GWS and the Suns, are after picks for the 2017 draft, so they seem the obvious clubs to set up such a trade. Our list management has been top notch since the 2012 draft, but good clubs stack good drafts together consistently. I think we need to add more talent through the draft as the dogs have. I believe it is also why we are not pursuing the likes of O'Meara, Prestia, Mitchell etc. We are not there yet, and have free agency to pursue with rigour, if not next year, definitely in 2018. The giants and dogs have shown that you can never have enough draft picks.
  8. Glenn Bartlett made the same link as me - Smith to Barassi to Blight to Goodwin at today's press conference. I like Bartlett, does not seek the limelight and runs a very tight ship with the support of others. Good luck Simon.
  9. I have been sitting on a theory for years about the tenuous link between Norm Smith and Simon Goodwin. Having read the Red Fox, but certainly not being an expert, part of Norm Smith's strategy during his coaching career was to attack and demand the highest of standards from his best player. During Norm Smith's coaching era, this player was Ron Barassi. Result 6 premierships. When Ron became a coach, he employed the same strategy, and his target was Malcolm Blight at North Melbourne. Result 2 premierships. Malcolm had some of the craziest strategies, but I'm not sure he ever attacked Goodwin the way Barassi did to Blight, and Smith to Barassi before that, you could reasonably argue Goodwin was the best player at the Crows during Blight's time as coach. Result 2 premierships. This legacy has netted 10 premierships. And now, it has come full circle with Goodwin coming to Melbourne, which has never been the same since Smith was sacked. Wouldn't it be great if Goodwin is the man to end the curse.
  10. I think we all agree the dogs are a pretty good team, so I thought I'd have a look to see how they did it, to try to understand when/if the dees will rise and how we might compare. The dogs jumped in 2015, and look to have a sustainable future for the long term. I think, based on the table below the dogs are two years ahead of us. So if the dogs made the finals in 2015, it would mean the dees would make finals in 2017, I think the dees 17 side might be better than the dogs 15 side, so dees may limp in a year earlier. It assumes we can keep hogan etc. I would expect Jones, Vince to be the equivalent of Boyd and Murphy in two years time, both probably playing off half back. If you compare the draft classes (considering the two year gap), I would think the dees compare favourably in all comparable classes. Much will depend on the Petracca, Brayshaw, Weideman, Oliver combo, compared to Stringer, Macrae, Bontempelli, Boyd. That is the big unknown for the Dees, whereas the dogs already have a pretty good idea of what they have. I think one more year of patience, then the dees will rise, also I don't think we are that far off, in spite of last weeks results. 2015 2012 2010 ND 25 Dunkley, Josh MD 2 Hogan, Jesse ND22 Mitch Wallis ND26 Collins, Kieran ND 19 Kennedy, Ben ND44 Tom Liberatore ND35 Adams, Marcus ND 26 Viney, Jack RD22 Luke Dahlhaus ND 48 Kent, Dean RD39 Jason Johannisen 2014 ND 52 Jones, Matt ND26 McLean, Toby ND 68 Terlich, Dean ND27 Webb, Lukas RD 1 Frost, Sam ND39 Hamilton, Declan ND45 Dale, Bailey 2011 2009 ND 3 Tyson, Dom ND23 Koby Stevens 2015 2013 ND 3 Oliver, Clayton ND1 Tom Boyd 2010 2008 ND 7 Weideman, Sam ND4 Marcus Bontempelli PLS Bugg, Tomas ND31 Jordan Roughead ND 46 King, Mitch ND60 Mitch Honeychurch ND 35 Newton, Ben RD30 Liam Picken ND 50 Hulett, Liam ND 44 Michie, Viv RD 6 Wagner, Josh ND 53 McDonald, Tom RD 41 Smith, Joel RD 17 Pederson, Cam 2014 2012 2009 2007 ND 2 Petracca, Christian ND5 Jake Stringer ND 2 Trengove, Jack ND43 Easton Wood ND 3 Brayshaw, Angus ND6 Jack Macrae ND 10 Melksham, Jake RD Suckling, Matt ND 40 Neal-Bullen, Alex ND21 Nathan Hrovat ND 34 Gawn, Max ND 42 Stretch, Billy ND49 Lachie Hunter ND 53 McDonald, Oscar RD 13 Shane Biggs 2008 2004 or earlier RD 2 Vandenburg, Aaron ND 1 Watts, Jack 2004 Dale Morris RD 20 White, Mitchell ND 51 Jetta, Neville 2002 Will Minson RD 6 Jeffrey Garlett 2001 Matthew Boyd 2013 2011 1999 Robert Murphy ND 9 Salem, Christian ND57 Tory Dickson 2007 ND 40 Kennedy-Harris, Jay PSD11 Fletcher Roberts ND 14 Grimes, Jack ND 57 Hunt, Jayden RD9 Lin Jong RD 35 Spencer, Jake RD 2 Harmes, James RD27 Tom Campbell RD 19 King, Max RD62 Jack Redpath 2006 ND 28 Dawes, Chris ND 46 Garland, Colin 2005 ND 12 Jones, Nathan ND 32 Vince, Bernie 2004 ND 15 Dunn, Lynden RD 20 Lumumba, Herieter
  11. I was at the game admittedly looking after my kid, but I thought Jack Fitzpatrick was superb. He battled really well against Gardiner (did not look out of his depth), his field kicking was very good and his attack at the ball also good. Im surprised he was not listed in the best. From the game he played, I was thinking he'd be a chance against the eagles. Kelvin Lawrence too looked really good, had excellent defensive pressure but was also dangerous in the forward line. Probably needs a few more weeks like this before he could be considered. Sylvia didnt do much in the first half but worked he way into it in the 2nd. Probably not much else to get excited about, Morton was ok, I didnt see Blease get 27 touches, he is very much an outside player and reminds me a lot of Simon Buckley when he used to play for Sandi and eventually Casey, gets well away from the contest and gets his kick from the switch of play, or what some would say the easy kick, unfortunately I dont think Blease (nor did I think Buckley), at this stage has the foot skills and decision making to be damaging, but I hold great hope for Blease, I'm just not seeing at the moment. Jurrah wasnt good yet wasnt bad. He has elite skills and decision making, just doesnt get near the contest enough and doesnt impact a game the way he should. Has the potential to be as good as Micky O, but needs to harden up, bulk up and get some contested football. To be honest though I was only watching snippets so may have missed parts of the game and I missed the first quarter.
  12. not a big deal, but you are correct. my memory of the deal was this it was a 3 way, melb gave 3rd pick 37 to adelaide for meesen adelaide gave up pick 37 to nm for brad moran, and nm eventually used pick 37 on scott d thompson.
  13. Mitchell Clark from Brisbane Close to AA last year, but stunk it up this year, I'd suggest a first and second round pick and we might get the deal over the line. ottens got picks 13 and 15 or something, so it'd need to be a bit like that. he is a big bodied player, still young and can swap with jamar in the ruck and go forward. i believe he is exactly what we need.
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