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  1. An excellent first quarter kicking 6 goals in the first quarter and looking good. Then to kick only 2 more goals for the rest of the game, very disappointing. I'm afraid after seeing Lachie Hunter played today, it appears to me he didn't look interested at all. His contract expires this year.
  2. For your information Harrison Birch (Libby Birch's brother) will be Field umpiring our game.
  3. If you watch from the 10 minute of the 3rd quarter Roy George kicks 2 goals in 2 minutes. It's on the AFL website. The commentators said it would be a frightening to see Kozzie Pickett and Roy George playing together in the forward 50. The commentators were in their element seeing Roy George play. I'm interested to see if he will play this Friday afternoon at Ikon Park against the brown paper bags
  4. The commentators are demanding to see more games from Roy George. I loved his second goal
  5. Roy George has got some serious Forward craft.
  6. I would love to have Josh Treacy. He took some great marks against the Western Bulldogs
  7. Do you get your information from Bernie Dunn and Bernie Sheehy Picket Fence.
  8. Yes, I agree with you Dazzler. I hope Casey will give a few games to Noah Yze and Ricky Mentha. Both of these players trained with the club for a while during the Pre-season and Noah Yze was a stand out.
  9. I hope Disco Turner will play get an opportunity to play in the forward line in the AFL. Honestly, Disco was presenting strongly and crashing the packs. He looked a natural playing in the forward line and got a goal as well. I'm still trying to get my head around Andy Moniz-Wakefield playing in the backline. But he played well, just needs to work on his disposal efficiency.
  10. Yes, Ollie Sestan was excellent and played a great second half. Sestan played in the centre at the start of the last quarter and played very well. I want Sestan to remain playing in the centre. That last quarter was great to watch. Hunter lifted in the second half as well. Daniel Turner went to the forward line at the start of the third quarter and took some great marks. Disco played well considering he was coming back from injury. But Will Verrall played his best game for the year and has a very bright AFL career.
  11. 45,000 would be an excellent crowd and during the school holidays as well. Koltyn Tholstrup making his debut as well so hopefully young children will be asking their parents to come to the match on Thursday night.
  12. (The Club) Movie 1979. I love watching that Movie. The confession makes me laugh every time
  13. Andy Moniz-Wakefield will make his debut this year if he continues to play well like he did last Saturday. His game against a strong Footscray was very good playing in the backline. I'm intrigued to know whether he has made a permanent positional change (Backline). Woewodin or Tholstrup will replace Chandler if he isn't fit to play. Anyway we are playing Adelaide at the right time with long injury list and down on form. We have an excellent playing record at the Adelaide Oval.
  14. He is playing in the VFL against Sandringham on Sunday.
  15. Jefferson did an excellent side step for a great goal
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