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  1. That is big news Lord Nev. Looks like Simon Goodwin will be surrounded by new coaching staff.
  2. It would be a great pick up if Nathan came back to Melbourne. We never should've traded him.
  3. This is Excellent news. Hopefully Adem will bring Isaac Smith along with him as well.
  4. It appears there will lots of movement in the Football Department. I'm intrigued what will happen. It appears that Simon Goodwin will be surrounded by new staff. I think Alan Richardson will probably be the New Football Manager. We will get a clear picture soon.
  5. I'm hoping the club would be having a strong preference to dealing with the Sydney Swans. We would potentially get a better draft pick in return.
  6. I couldn't agree with you more on this. I'm very worried about it. Much much a required player.
  7. But Sam McClure made it very clear he is contracted and will be playing for Melbourne 2021.
  8. There are positives. We finished 9th coming from 17th. We could've finished anywhere between 4th and 7th. Should've won against Brisbane and maybe against Geelong. We were favourites against Fremantle and Sydney. Big improvement with injuries as compared to last year. Two press releases today on a Sunday was not the way to finish a season. The club will have a busy few days. I miss going to the Football and I will be there for the club next year. Let's hope we have a great 2021. Stay safe to everyone here on Demonland.
  9. There is still a half of football to be played. You can only imagine what is going through the minds of the Melbourne players and coaching staff at half time.
  10. I would not be trading Tom Sparrow. It is only his 2 year with us and the club has put so much time and effort with his development. I would be very surprised if we traded Tom Sparrow. I still remember we traded Nathan Bassett to Adelaide and he ended up playing over 200 games for Adelaide. Melbourne supporters have long painful memories. I don't want us to make the same mistake again. I hope Tom Sparrow stays at Melbourne.
  11. I'm very disappointed about this. I will await the investigation process to take place.
  12. Much better quarter. Special mention to Mitch Brown playing well
  13. Wasted opportunities. Could've been 3 goals in front.
  14. I think Jack win be staying with Melbourne and if he stays then I will be happy about it. I remember last year during the trade period many people were asking Fox Footy whether Jack Viney is going to Carlton. I wonder if Carlton make some enquiries about Jack.
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