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  1. Excited, anxious, nervous, impatient. It's been along time in the making! Go you good things!
  2. On a technicality - the AFL gave Jackson the funding he needed to fix the club (as mentioned in the SEN interview). Roos by extension, came a bit later. The AFL also gave us Schwab 😩
  3. The picture quality on Ch 7 is crud, let alone the aural offence of BT and JB. Is there anyway to get HD Ch 7 on Poxtel? I can't get digital and the only way to torture yourself with Ch7 is via Poxtel. For what ever reason, the picture quality is rubbish! I'd be tempted to drag out the B & W with bunny ears if I still had one. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Then I can venture into the abyss of intelligent commentary.
  4. I'm happy all our KPF's won't be 29+ years old. We need someone coming through at least until we procure another. Happy for him to have a crack in the backline if needed, but I just cant get past that final in 2018. To me it looked like being chock full of confidence rather than a coincidence or a one off.
  5. Whether you're 5 or 85, if Nathan Jones isn't your hero, there's something wrong. I'd be interested to see if he wants to stay in football.
  6. He played 11 in his first year (2019) then Covid and 9 this year. Not a lot to go on but those who watched his most recent games at Casey weren't that excited. I didn't see them but followed him in earlier games and was impressed by his foot skills, mobility and clean hands at ground level for a beanpole and thought there might be something there. His ruck craft was hard to read as he was always getting rag-dolled. He hasn't put on the size you would expect (given the old man's gargantuan stature) so I'm guessing they think he's not going to or there's a contest issue. Finishing the season in the backline would suggest he aint a ruckman. If that's the case, we'll be looking at draft ruck prospects. Fingers crossed that Andrew slides. Taylor mentioned recently the need for rookie rucks to be in a separate category (like internationals) and therefore be given more time to develop on the list. This will encourage clubs to train them rather than constantly pilfer them from other clubs. Great idea!
  7. If we're picking through the carcass that is Geelong, I'd take Jack Henry and maybe Mark O'Connor, who strikes me as the consummate role player. They can keep most of the the pensioners
  8. The only thing missing in his game these days is speed. He looks like he's running up and down on the spot when chasing but his skill and reading the play is as strong as ever. He's be great at GC or young side as an on field coach/leader if they can carry his lack of legs speed. If another club wants him, MFC will get him there. You never know - he fits the Geelong recruiting profile.
  9. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-09-16/afl-melbourne-demons-jake-bowey-journey-to-grand-final/100463912 A good read!
  10. If only this was on one side of the GF banner.... @longsuffering
  11. I can understand why Cerra would want to come to us ahead of Carlton if we could come to terms. There's no harm in thinking laterally about this: Cerra to Melb Future first (from Melb) to Freo plus Jordan Clark Player to Geelong Cerra to Melb Future first plus Jeremy Sharp Player / Wied to GCS Etc
  12. I suspect Morris mucked up his letters and is just covering himself by saying both.
  13. Agree, but I'd have him in the Caleb Daniel faculty.
  14. I interpreted it differently. I thought he was trying to be diplomatic, but effectively saying, we've invested in Andrew since he was 13-14, we stuck with him, even though he didn't feature in rep squads and now the AFL is pulling the rug out from under us. He was therefore advocating for a more staged withdrawal to correspond with their investment in NGA prospects. Had we known that our dwindling resources directed to the NGA kids would bear no fruit, I imagine it would have been directed elsewhere (not because it wasn't a great programme). I also thought it was a casual swipe at the dogs for either a) making out like bandits in general or b) making out like bandits without notable investment in JUH (that is supposition).
  15. I didn't know that! It still works remarkably well in my sentence
  16. ^ This. I wouldn't mind so much if they came up with something original, rather than pinched it from some US sport or soccer. It's so incredibly lame! Bring back the daisy cutter! And, who could go past the drop kick? A unique and technically difficult style of kicking that, as a bonus, became a popular form of derision. Eg. The commentators are a bunch of drop kicks!
  17. Any love for Nathan Wilson? I remember being super-impressed with him when he was at GWS. He then went home to WA on a decent contract only to become average. I'd go so far as to say he's fallen off the face of the earth. Is there a reason for this (injury?) , or is he in the in the Jeff Farmer, Jesse Hogan, Rory Lobbe mould of playing better away from their home state? Or, is it a Freo thing? Anyway, he looked a good to very good player before going to Freo. He's out of contract and hasn't had an offer yet according to the AFL website.
  18. This kid is sharp! You can just see he's playing within himself - just doing the team things and finding his feet I can't wait to see him get comfortable out there
  19. Several years ago I moved to a place with a flag pole. I couldn't believe it and bought myself a Demon flag. Just waiting to hoist it! ..... ok, I might have had a little practice run... but if/when we win, it's going up staying there until it falls off
  20. Congratulations on another year at the MFC Joel! His kicking look to have improved. Cheap depth ✅
  21. +1 Stiff: Gawn, Petty, Clarrie
  22. I'm hoping the rest will help and also wondering if wet weather footy is now past him.
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