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  1. Don't worry dd36...Oliver won't forget...watch carefully next time they play...Clarrie will be much bigger...Rioli may run but there will be nowhere to hide
  2. MELBOURNE v HAWTHORN 10 Max Gawn (Melb) 8 Jack Viney (Melb) 6 Cyril Rioli (Haw) 4 Dom Tyson (Melb) 2 Nathan Jones (Melb) Unanimous 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. By both coaches.
  3. Cyril can accept $1,000 for rough contact Sicily, 1 week Mitchell, cleared. Mitchell lucky considering Hawkins went 2 down to 1, for equal or less!
  4. Did Clarry 'fumble' as the commentators say? I thought he hand balled it off, was set for a receive back and not sure he even touched it on its way back when Rioli jumped off the ground and shirt-fronted him. Clarry was going for the ball but he certainly didn't have it nor was he in control of it. For the life of me I couldn't see how Rioli got a free kick. Not sure what qtr that was but Jet was groggy at the half time siren; hunched down, holding his head and need to be helped up. I thought he could have collided with Duryea when trying to spoil just before the siren. Maybe it was that contact that knocked him about. At least the game is being looked at closely by the MRP. I loved how Rioli was booed every time he went near the ball. Also, loved how our guys played hard and tough without being reported. Hawks found out in more ways than one last Sat.
  5. Was just reading this: http://www.afl.com.au/news/2016-08-06/forget-fourthorn-swans-set-to-soar and 15 of 18 coaches thought that Ess can make the finals next year. The media view is that the returning 12 will automatically lift them back into contention in 2017 and it seems most coaches share that view. But they don't have a decent ruckman, their key forward is a youngster, no forward line to speak of, Hurley is a swingman but can't play both ends of the ground, they have only a handful of on-ballers etc. Even when some or all the12 come back they will need to settle into the team, get their touch back, learn game plan etc. I think teams can cope with one or two players coming back after a year out but not with 6-12! I see them being several years away from playing finals but obviously I'm missing something the coaches can see.
  6. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2016-08-08/sam-mitchell-in-the-mrp-gun-for-strike-on-jack-watts?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=RSS+feed%3A+AFL+Latest+News Mitchell appears certain to be charged with striking Melbourne forward Jack Watts after punching the Demon in the face in the third quarter of Saturday's loss at the MCG...After slamming Watts to ground in a tackle without the ball, Mitchell struck the Demon high with his right fist in a blow that will likely be graded intentional, low impact and high contact...That would result in a two-match suspension that could be downgraded to one match with an early guilty plea, ruling Mitchell out of a match the Hawks must win to guarantee they stay on top of the ladder. The Hawks will also be sweating on Cyril Rioli's availability after the star forward laid a crunching bump on young Demon Clayton Oliver in the first quarter Young forward James Sicily will also be assessed for striking Bernie Vince after a crude spoiling attempt that forced the Demons midfielder from the ground with a bloodied nose. He,He! Sometimes, 'unsociable' football doesn't pay. What a victory for football to get some of those snipers suspended leading up to the finals. It would be like an extra win to be single handedly responsible for Hawks dropping out of top 4; firstly by beating them and then key players suspended.
  7. Hey Swooper, have another look at my post you quote. It was not about Jack and the captaincy. I quoted and commented on 'Diamonds' post: Viney doesn't seem too bright when interviewed. He is inaccurate and it could not be left unchallenged.
  8. Are you serious!!!??? You are either trolling or haven't heard him interviewed of late. Go and read the 'Demons in the Media' thread and listen or watch some of those interviews. He is thoughtful, honest without giving too much away, courteous, knowledgeable, praises teammates, never shows signs of cockiness and at times funny. And he is only 22! Jack is relaxed when interviewed and has the 'drawl' of some in his generation. To interpret that as doesn't seem too bright is just ridiculous!
  9. Too late! Jones has anointed Jack Viney! http://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/nathan-jones-says-jack-viney-will-be-the-next-melbourne-captain/news-story/b552d255ab4f756475f02935733d0921 Not up to Jones to decide I know but Viney is how the cards lie. He was born for the job. Jack Watts is a happy lad, showing good on field leadership which will continue regardless of who is captain.
  10. Sorry, didn't know where to put it or to start a new thread. Maybe the mods can move it.
  11. BUMP! Edit: Sorry if bumping this thread has you thinking Jack has signed a new contract. Almost better. Nathan Jones anoints Jack as our next Captain! http://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/nathan-jones-says-jack-viney-will-be-the-next-melbourne-captain/news-story/b552d255ab4f756475f02935733d0921 Tho I doubt it will be anytime soon: “I don’t think there is any real doubt about that (next captain) ... he plays the game exactly how you’d want a leader to play the game,” Jones said. Glad Jones will hold on to captaincy for now and let Jack grow. On track to following in his father's footsteps. Then hopefully exceed them with a Premiership
  12. Your point is? None of the posts have criticised Jesse. Posters are just throwing ideas around and explaining why...isn't that what a fan forum is for?
  13. Jetta looked very groggy on the 1/2 time siren. He must have crashed into Duryea while trying to spoil; stayed crouched, rubbing his head. Jet has had a few concussion incidents. If post game testing shows he has had a delayed reaction or a relapse he may miss. Hope not.
  14. Can't barrack for the them but hope Carlton wins so we can stay ahead of Saints on the ladder! Would be great to finish above them at 9th or 10th...a real springboard for 2017.
  15. Comments form Jack: Club went into game trying to prove ourselves against the Hawkes but we still have plenty to prove (over next 3 weeks). He had Max have great chemistry and know what they are going to do before they do it. Changes in Jack W: he was always being positive around the club, has always worked hard. Has gone to another level. Doing a lot of work helping young players. Players love his positivity. Even contribution over the field but good to see leaders stand up. Fan of Pokemon Go. Nothing especially new but love seeing him represent our club so well and with such pride. ...and commentators think Max is a lock for (official) AA.
  16. No, I don't. And I was not saying he should. No need to read something negative into people's posts. Am saying that he should give the warranted praise and recognition. Ox is a passionate Dee who wears his heart on his sleeve. He goes OTT sometimes but he is also fair.
  17. Jack V will be a guest on the Ch9 football show, sometime in the next hour.
  18. Hope Ox gives us the biggest rap of all time tomorrow! The boys deserve it after the bake (warranted or not) that he gave them a few weeks ago.
  19. Can't help but think that he will mature a lot this year. His contemporaries (Boyd, Daniher, McCartin, Moore) are all showing signs of being great forwards and some commentators are putting a few of those guys ahead of Jesse as the 'best forward of his generation'. Of course we know they are wrong! Tom Lynch (GCS) just a few years older is being touted as one of the best players in the league, in contention for the Coleman and ranks top 10 in the AFLCA votes. That these discussions are happening, that Jesse has not built on last years performance and that we have taken two big scalps (Cats 2015, Hawks 2016) without him would give him some food for thought. It may even cross his mind that he could be dropped if he has a string of poor games... I wonder whether winning the RS and all the hype put too much pressure on him to star every week and maybe overly fed his ego a little bit. But his year should bring him down to earth, not with a thud but with a gentle bounce. He just has some growing up to do. I think we will see a better, smarter, fitter Jesse next year.
  20. If Jesse needed to see what improvement we made, yesterday was the definitive answer! I remember Roos' words a few months back: '1 player can't win a grand final, it takes 22', when discussing contract worth. Winning without him vs Geelong and now Hawks would bring this message home to the young man. He now knows he is not our saviour and we can take big scalps without him. He may be desperately looking for a pen today! Well, maybe not but I wouldn't be surprised if he signs up very soon on the back of yesterday's win.
  21. And this young man will find it the hardest to say goodbye: tbh, I choke up looking at these pics.
  22. Poor sportsmanship on his part I thought, especially when he said 'they were off a little and we were on a little'. Anyone else would say they were beaten by a better side, on the day.
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