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  1. You wonder why the coaching panel 'agreed' to drop Jack, given they had doubts about Hogan's fitness. A pep talk from the coaches to Jack about how much the team needed him might have been the incentive he needed. It worries me, since when do players call the shots.
  2. Melbourne FCVerified account ‏@melbournefc and we have decided to rest him for today's game. 2/2 Melbourne FC @melbournefc · 3m 3 minutes ago We have been managing Jesse through the year, after training on Friday he wasn't fully recovered from last week 1/2 2 retweets 0 favorites There is no God All for looking after Jesse but if we raised the white flag before the game even starts its a bad message to players.
  3. To 'fix our midfield' we need 'ball-extractors' which we don't have right now (except maybe Tyson). Jones and Viney are 'ball-getters', in and under types who too often get caught with the ball before getting it to the outside, running types eg Toumpas. Our best prospect for a 'ball-extractor' is Salem: has footy smarts, getting stronger, has 'soft hands', quick decision maker, calm under pressure, silky kick. The whole package. Can't wait to see him in the 'engine room' from time to time. Hopefully, one or more of Petracca, ANB, Brayshaw or Stretch can join the Salem 'extractor' type of midfielder. I think those 8 players can give us the right mix in our midfield but most are a few years away from having the experience. And, I'm not sure that getting a gun midfielder is going to speed up the process of 'fixing the midfield' very much. We just have to wait while the kids get games.
  4. For some reason that line conjured up the image of the 'Everyready' battery man who's power never runs out!! I wonder what is in the bomber's power-aid!!
  5. Jack Viney does the same. We have 'ball-getters' but we don't have 'ball-extractors' in our midfield (or around the stoppages) Tyson when he is on song is ok at it but tends to just try and kick it out. Until we have 'extractors' it will limit the work any of our 'outside' players as the ball doesn't get to them. Maybe one or more of Brayshaw, Petracca, ANB or Stretch can become an 'extractor'.
  6. I think we are singing from the same song book, rpfc. I just hope the coaches haven't run out of ideas on how to get the senior players to pull their weight. They are the ones letting the team down atmo.
  7. All true rpfc. The problem is 9 of our best dozen just haven't fired a shot most of the season and right now I have little faith they will. Cameo's here and there maybe but not AFL standard football week in week out. This shouldn't be left up to our talented 'newbies'.
  8. Interesting thread title: 'Ready for the kill'! Shocked that we have brought in 4 supposed NQR players all at once. 2 maybe but 4! Yep, ready to get slaughted. What I wasn't ready for was my hopes for a good season being killed off. This team is comprised of: walking wounded, has beens, non-tryers and talented newbies The only experienced players who have been valuable each week are McDonald, Garlett, Salem and maybe Vince Shocked that this is the best we can put up against the reigning premiers Shocked that this is what our team amounts to after 6 games. Can't bear to watch the carnage tomorrow.
  9. Something about 'biting the hand that feeds you comes to mind' so it would never happen. Not only do AFL determine handouts they also have a huge say in who gets jobs in the football world. Not only is the AFL highly controlled it is also highly nepotistic - job for the boys stuff. Some clubs might make noises but no-one would go to bat for the admirable principle you raise of" the AFL might bring the AFL into disrepute"
  10. Totally agree...in the rest of this country 'employees' have to contribute to their union...and that is all AFLPA is - a players union. However, the AFL is happy to fund it (and the AFL Coaches Association) to keep them as puppets on it's strings.
  11. Because they are funded by the AFL so they tow the party line...its all politics.
  12. Agree about careful what you wish for. But: A. I don't care if Hird/EFC admit responsibility (I do care if they admit guilt). I don't care if they apologise to anyone or no-one. I do want Hird punished. B. On Life Bans: Most of Hird's staff at the time are gone as are most of Little's then board and a new governance regime is already in place. To ban Hird's then staff is only going to penalise a lot of people who have gone on with their lives, had little to do with the 2012 program and are at other clubs eg our very own Simon Goodwin...I want him coaching at the Dees not on the sidelines, watching. So, yes I agree with the careful what you wish for sentiment but don't share your 'wishes.' Plenty of good has already come out of it and the AFL game will be stronger regardless. Having said that nothing will change the AFL's penchant for controlling, pulling strings and favours. FWIW. I think the players will be found guilty and will receive suspensions (< 1yr) which will be backdated so they will not miss games. I am ok with such an outcome as the players aren't the real villains here. I doubt EFC will be punished from the WADA appeal. (Can't speak for the Worksafe review) So Esssendon will continue as a viable entity. As for Hird, throw the book at him!!
  13. So much for the 'rumour' last week that Hawthorn were into him big time. Ha! What I like about the young brigade signing up beyond Roos' tenure of 2016, is it signals they are confident in and believe in Goodwin as well.
  14. That is true cards. Maybe I should add 'poorly advised' and 'misguided decisions' to the players errors. Nonetheless, I feel for their predicament.
  15. WADA can introduce new evidence only if it was not known/available at the lower jurisdiction. So, no if ASADA had it and didn't use it WADA cannot.
  16. This is a great article from journalist Sandra Olle (someone I haven't come across before at 'Foxtel'); http://www.theroar.com.au/2015/05/14/wadadya-think-going-happen-time-frame-essendon-saga-properly/ Extract: - And with the introduction of WADA to the fray, the framing of the issue has once again changed. It’s now a David and Goliath battle as a team from Australia takes on a body that was founded in Lausanne, Switzerland, but now officially presides in Montreal, Canada. Australia versus the world. No, Essendon versus the world. No, it’s got to be Hird versus the world. I love the David and Goliath metaphor...hope Hird has his slingshot ready but alas medieval toys won't cut it! Yes, Hird versus the world. Has a nice ring to it! All his media mates, stand-over men, lies and back room manipulations/intimidations can't help him now. Despite my dark glee at Hird squirming, its time to get back to the really important and serious issue in this: I believe the players were naive, stupid and maybe a little complicit. But there is no way on God's earth that they deserve or should endure what is about to unfold. Sadly, they have no choice but to accept they have been mere pawns in a high-stakes power game. They will be the only real losers. Hard to imagine those young men are not feeling shattered. I wish them well in coping with what is about to unfold.
  17. I really think Hird had a major brain fade when he made that claim, perhaps accidently. The records and documents were handed over to Deloitte's (a major, highly reputable accounting/audit firm) on behalf of AFL/ASADA. They would also have copies. Hird knows all this. He put mouth into gear before the brain and will surely regret making that claim. He is stoking a bear that is already at raging point. Foolish man.
  18. An interesting update on the appeal: -David Grace, QC...is required to recuse himself from the formal proceedings under Court of Arbitration for Sport rules. -WADA has eight more days to submit its brief to the players’ lawyers, who will then have 20 days to respond. -It emerged on Wednesday that any player wanting to end the saga and do a deal with ASADA had missed their opportunity. -The saga is now tipped to drag on into 2016, overshadowing a fourth AFL season. -Several other Australian CAS arbitrators have had involvement in the Essendon saga, likely ruling them out them from sitting in judgment on the matter. Malcolm Holmes, QC, Neil Young, QC, Hayden Opie,Brian Collis, QC. -...CAS official Katy Hogg told the Herald Sun CAS can subpoena witnesses but warned of more local court action. “If they refuse to collaborate, the CAS, like any arbitral tribunal in the world, would be obliged to seek the assistance of the competent state courts to have them testify,” Hogg said. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/david-grace-qc-unable-to-represent-essendon-players-against-world-anti-doping-agency/story-fni5f6kv-1227353891389 Better order heaps of that popcorn BB, it is going to be a long wait.
  19. A bizarre claim by HIrd. He sure looked rattled and deflated on 360...there was a little defiance but that air of invincibility was gone...knows his goose is cooked, perhaps.
  20. Thanks Chris. Its good to get a different, considered perspective and your posts provide that. Look forward to more posts from you. Cheers.
  21. Hey Chris. Your comments seem both informed and considered (unlike some of us who are rather zealous on this subject - me included). Without giving anything away are you close to/have experience with anti-doping cases, ASADA etc Would you like to hazard a guess on the appeal outcome...reading between the lines of your posts, it would appear WADA will win the appeal.
  22. Probably explains why Eddie declared the club and its processes squeaky clean within a few days of the announcement and isolated the two young kids from the club. Still believe Eddie is scared that ASADA could invoke the '2 in a team found guilty and the team could be sanctioned rule'...not saying it would be a ban or that a sanction would be imposed. But the possibility has caused Eddie and co to go into self preservation mode. If it wasn't for the WADA appeal a lot more questions would be asked of Eddie.
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