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  1. MRP: Hodge referred to Tribunal Lewis can accept 2 (down from 3) So Hawks will be missing those 2, Lake and Frawley for our game. It may just be the difference between us winning and losing
  2. ...who had 9 marks, 12 tackles and kicked 4 goals. Not a good day for any of our players but particularly bad for Grimes. 12 tackles for a forward, really! Its no wonder we couldn't get the ball inside 50. If it wasn't for so many DL's getting stuck into Watts, Grimes and a few others wouldn't be allowed to fly under the radar here and escape scrutiny. Grimes (and Jordie) seriously hindered their cause to stay in the 22 when injured players return. If their cards weren't stamped before they are now.
  3. 1. Nobody said Tyson was a dud. 2. Nobody said Newton was a wrong choice. 3. Nobody said Van Demon was a wrong choice. You do yourself no favours at all by being disingenuous. I get your frustration at wrist slashers; I share it. However those players along with Jones all had poor games, people are allowed to point that out. Your "superstar to dud" comment shows how black and white you see things. Tyson is neither a superstar nor a dud and more to the point, nobody has suggested that he is. Quoting Nasher's post so it appears a 3rd time! Too often differing points of view are shouted down, misrepresented or ridiculed. Thank you Nasher for calling this out.
  4. No surprises today so not going to get too worked up about the result. But am struggling with the team giving up in the last qtr. Very, very disappointing. Thought we had left that behind. We should never give up no matter what state the game. Never give up - that has to become our mantra. Never give up!!
  5. These are such uninformed comments. We have 7 players over 26 years of age and 7 players with more than 100 games. How much 'youth policy' do you want??
  6. Pro Dee, Henrietta Lumbago, jabberwocky, Frosty Demon et al, could you guys just bury the hatchet for one day and wish Jack well for his 100th game. After all he is playing in our colours. Whatever your disappoints about Jack, he is out there doing his best for us. Cheer him on today. Tomorrow, go back to bagging him(...altho I for one would prefer that you didn't).
  7. This is very odd: "The Demons told AFL.com.au Dawes hadn't strained his calf, but given his history of calf issues the club didn't want to risk him against the Dockers". Uh?? Really?? Looks like Dawes was dropped, albeit late but dropped nonetheless. Not disappointed. Pedo is a far better match up against Freo than Dawes. He can do Dawes job forward and a better job in the ruck.
  8. Pedo is a good in for Dawes...it gives us a bit more to fight Fremantle in the air (their strength). And, it will be good to see the forward line work without him. Dawes can be somewhat superflous and Jack and Jesse will have more room to move and do their thing.
  9. Having an idle look at AFL stats (http://demonland.com/forums/index.php?/topic/38311-match-preview-and-team-selection-round-5/page-7#entry1083443) to see how we stacked up against Freo: Generally ok. Surprised to see Free are average or low in the AFL for most stats. They lead only on Hit-outs and Marks ie they are winning in the air. This suggests if we can get the ball to ground it will give us an advantage. Not to say we will win but it is an angle we can exploit especially when combined with our exceptional tackling record this year. Wouldn't be surprised if we have a record number of spoils tomorrow to nullify their aerial dominance.
  10. Oh how quickly we forget! Sounds like us 5 years ago! Last night for the blues was as bad as our 186 game. Different score diff but the same on and off field shemozzle.
  11. Hate to say it but Collingwood might just get scary in the next year or two. We have yet to see Freeman and Scharenberg (two top 10 picks in 2013) or Darcy Moore and Sidebottom is to come back. Their list is looking a lot like that of GWS: 14 of last night's team have played less than 50 games, very good senior players showing great leadership. Collingwood have made a point of having 3/4 top 20 picks in the last 3 years and it is paying off for them. Like Geelong and Hawthorn, they have rebuilt quietly. They didn't get much resistance last night but the signs of a very good team were clearly visible! Yuk..it doesn't sit comfortably praising them. Unlike those 'bruise-free' Carlton players we will put up a decent fight and will beat them on QB! Footnote: it gives me great pleasure to label Carlton players as 'bruise-free' footballers
  12. I would imagine he is fine. There were reports last year that our board grilled him on his role and he was totally honest. Also, AFL was consulted and OK'd it. And, would think some 'out' clauses would be in his contract, just in case. One never knows, but he would be down the totem pole of who WADA is after. Don't think there is any reason to worry about losing Goodwin.
  13. This may already be happening. I heard an interview with Mark Robertson (yes, I know he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed) where he was asked "what happens if a future TB4 test shows the players did use it". Instead of ranting and raving as only he can, he said rather quietly, 'well yes, well, we will face that when the time comes" Not dismissive at all. I noted the 'royal we' and noted the 'when' it happens. Slips of the tongue maybe? But on the other hand me thinks he knows it was TB4. And, 'they' are also thinking a TB4 test will be found. Of course, this proves nothing. Just hope Dees2014 is right and the TB4 tests are just a few months away.
  14. Signs are Carlton are self-destructing! Two weeks into the season: -Coach says he has a crap list -Announce list rebuild - amazing with 20 weeks to go. -CEO questions the Coach's age and energy -Talk of trading their captain Great recipe for destroying a team's morale, right there!! Then, they embarrass themselves big-time under the spot lights of the MCG. Many more MCG spot lights to come. Hard to see them recovering from the 'shock and awe' of all this. Fair chance they will get the wooden spoon this year! They of course will look for a 'saviour' as they always do but there isn't one. They will flounder at the bottom of the ladder for the next 10 years.
  15. Wouldn't be surprised if the hype around Jessie brings in a few thousand more especially if we have a good game this week! Even if people don't join up I suspect home crowds will be up just to see him play and launch himself at the ball!
  16. Just catching up with reading of press articles and saw Ross Lyon say that Melbourne are the #1 tackling team in the league this year. That came as a delightful surprise and something supporters have yearned for, for a very long time. It will be a fierce game tomorrow. Whatever the result the dockers will know they have been in a 'bruising' football game! . Will be there to cheer Jack Watts every time he goes near the ball. Its great how he brings so many team mates into the play, an often unnoticed skill. Hope his confidence is back and that he has a great game. Congratulations on your 100th loyal game, Jack. Thank you for sticking fat with the Dees!
  17. Fancy footwork and not just on the footy field!! They have cool skate parks in WA!
  18. I'm hoping that has more to do with match-ups/required roles rather than anything else. I suspect it is to do with his defensive game. If an outside player was needed he would be a more likely inclusion. But it does signal he has work to do in the coaches eyes which goes beyond no of possessions.
  19. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2015-04-30/ricciuto-mcleod-head-crows-inaugural-hall-of-fame-inductions?utm_medium=RSS While it was at the Crows, thought it is worth acknowledging this achievement. He was a dual premiership player and later captain of the Crows. Hope that his next premiership success is holding the Cup as Demons coach Reckon there is a good chance!
  20. If a player is uncontracted the club has little choice but to delist them. That is what Newton did at Port, altho Port obliged him. Yes, it is a risk that any player OOC could become an DFA. It is another flaw in the whole FA. The OOC risk is another reason why more good players will be traded out the year before becoming an OOC player or UFA/FA, it looks like they won't stay
  21. Am with you there Hemingway. I fear there may never be legal or moral justice meted out to them. Karma: essendon missing finals for years will be nice consolation. Hird then being sacked will be icing on the consolation cake.
  22. I'm a Watts fan but that part is a very fair comment, jabber
  23. This borrowed 'Sir Paul Roos' avatar says it all: As they say a picture is worth a thousand words!!
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