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  1. Ditto. Due yesterday. Fortunately mine are to be gifts so hopefully arrive in time to give to other dee fans.
  2. LOL!! It looks like @bingersand a few others were hanging out for the clock to strike midnight to start this thread! This will be the 'Mother' of all game day threads. Win or lose we will all probably shed a tear or two. At least we know that out in lockdown land, there are tens of thousands of others doing the same. Enjoy whatever the day and night brings, fellow demon lovers!
  3. I thought it was a bit condescending, given it is their stringent border controls that are keeping us from being at Optus. Ok keep us fans out but gee not make a quarantine allowance for the likes of Barassi and a few others of the '64 team like they do for their mining and tv magnates. Double standards. Best they just watch the game.
  4. Fantastic! Best In Show by far. LOL. I did expect to see some of the 750m of ribbon adorning your bantams🙃🙂
  5. Part of me agrees. My avatar says Noooooooooooo!!
  6. That, the demons being favourite on most tipping boards and that apparently we are getting most of the media attention plays right into Bevo's "us against the world" mantra he has adopted for the finals. The mantra will be galvanising but I doubt it will get them over the line. They don't look united or menacing enough.
  7. I can't see the article but am guessing it is very similar to this: melbourne-demons-list-build-analysis-drafts-trade-and-free-agency with a bit more about Taylor's and maybe Lamb's role in the process who also deserves quite a bit of credit.
  8. I hope one of them is not Hunt...😟
  9. i-ll-play-barassi-s-up-for-demons-big-day Barassi's 'advice' to the team: “concentrate on doing your best. You can’t do any better than that. Do your best, make sure you listen to the coach – and hope the umpiring’s good.” Of course the last bit is out of the player's control but fingers crossed the umps are consistent and don't just guess the frees for either side.. It was good to read he was invited to Perth. Its a shame the quarantine protocols didn't have any concessions. This comment gave me a laugh: “there’s only one thing wrong with that dog. It’s black and white.” after patting a local pooch. The 1958 GF still burns deep. He hasn't lost one iota of his competitive streak.
  10. It will be live streamed on club website and app. open-to-all-training-to-be-live-streamed Tune in folks!
  11. That is the weirdest thing for Ross Lyon to say. It is called trust. Goodwin trusts his team in the box and he is getting feedback from the box. It has been incredibly successful this year. How Lyon can say it is an advantage to the op coach is beyond me. He usually makes some sense. Not this time.
  12. On the assumption @Mazer Rackhamgets the overall prize for most 'gold' and 'silver' medals, well done MR!
  13. iirc, dc has given the 'denim' medal for such occurrences.
  14. Thanks dc for all the work put into the teasers. You have provided a nice distraction, entertainment and much head scratching during the finals.
  15. Great compliment to 'kicking like Whitfield'. With the bulldogs talking up how they will neutralise our stars Bowey might just go under the radar enough to cause some damage. Another candidate for the 'GF unsung hero' gong.
  16. I don't mind Schache on Lever. It won't be the same as on Allir Allir. From the PF it looked like Allir Allir took most of his intercepts deep in defence. This made it easier for Schache keep him accountable while blocking for Naughton. Lever takes most of his intercepts 35 - 50m from goal. Schache will have to do a bit of running if he is going to keep up with Lever!! Of course we need to put pressure on the ball carrier to not allow delivery deep into their fwd 50.
  17. I wouldn't mind if one of our defenders gets into Naughton's path occasionally in a manner that he can't flop around 'begging' for a blocking free. Or May put a bit of side ways body contact on him before he takes his leap/takes a run. I'm expecting their staging exaggeration to be at an all time high, especially Hunter and Weightman. Both very good at throwing the head back for a 'high' free and leaning back into their opp as if being held, especially when they know they can't get to the ball! Not to mention others who drop the ball before being tackled and get a 'holding' free. They know all the tricks and will exploit them.
  18. Injury free is the key. He has the work ethic but lacks confidence in his body. Get that and his overall game confidence will improve. By the end of his contract in 2023 both TMc and Brown will be 30 (albeit both contracted until 2024) and any injuries to them will see opportunities open up. No one wanted either TMc or ANB when on the trade table last year and look what happened. I suggest a few clubs would be lining up to take them now. If Sam follows their example and earns a spot in the 23 then at the end of 2023, his FA year, he will have more options.
  19. Scott's coaching panel is getting thin. Matthew Knights has gone to Eagles, Corey Enright off to the Saints. Now Voss (if he gets the Carlton gig) has his eyes on Nigel Lapin. And there have been a few articles that Matthew Scarlett may be moving on. From an outside view the coaching panel has looked insular. Scarlett, Enright and Lapin have only known the 'Geelong way' for the entirety of their coaching careers. Scarlett and Engright were ex Cats players. And both Lappin and Scott come from the Leigh Matthews stable of players. So Scott will not only need to rebuild the playing list he will need to rebuild his coaching panel at a time when availability is low, having already found new homes. Not to mention he has to do something with his out dated game plan. He has had it fairly easy as a coach. Took over a multi premiership team. Had to do very little development of his player-turned-coaches. Is he ready to do the really hard work? I have my doubts. Based on this article, Scott won't be calling the shots: chris-scott-contract-offseason-changes-coaches-leaving-steve-hocking-new-ceo-age-of-playing-list
  20. Hope the umpires are reading this can-t-allow-him-a-free-run-dogs-weigh-physical-approach-to-curb-gawn “I am sure it [getting physical] is an option. It is not something we have spoken about … but I am sure teams have tried lots of different things on him in the past to try and curb his influence, and being physical is, obviously, one of those,” Hunter said. That is probably why Martin is in the team. They are copying Port round 1 2018. The difference is Max will be ready and this time teammates will have his back. At worst Max takes a few for the team while others get free.
  21. I think it was Hades stirring in the underworld declaring: Give 'em Hell, demons! Lucifer is very happy to have Hades on board the bandwagon!
  22. He has a mixed record. He won a GF in his first season which appeared to be on the coattails of Thomson's work and a star studded list which virtually coached itself. But he was their coach so deserves credit. But in the 10 years since he is in the Ross Lyon category: regularly gets teams deep into the finals but can't win a premiership. And like Ross Scott would leave the club with an aging list lacking balance and talent. At least the Saints had a few FA's they got decent picks for: Dal Santo, Goddard. If he goes next year he will leave their list in a bit of a mess without a lot of draft or trade currency. .
  23. In terms of recent form in Bulldogs games: Elim Final vs Ess: Frees 22/14. Umpires: Rosebury, Stevens, Williamson Second semi vs Lions: Frees: 28/19. Umpires: Stevic, Williamson, Findlay Prelim vs Port: Frees: 16/22. Umpires: Rosebury, Stevic, Findlay. The Port game is the odd one out as being a bit more balanced. Lost track of how many goals Bulldogs kicked from frees vs Ess which Rosebury officiated. At least 4 before half time. Didn't change the result but the goals gave the bulldogs the momentum/score board pressure at an important stage in the match. As others have mentioned Stevic was part of the gifted 2016 premiership to the bulldogs. Can't say any of the above gives me much joy.
  24. When it was announced we would sell Leighoak and Bentleigh I recall PJ said the lost pokie profit would be covered by investments, more sponsorship, naming rights for our new facility, increased memberships, increased gate takings. By the sound of it the Bentleigh club was in need of refurbishment to make it an attractive venue, which would eat into pokie profits. It was quite a soulless place a few yeras ago. Factor in those refurbishment costs we won't spend and other revenue sources I'm pretty confident we come out in front. And if Evergrande becomes the new Lehman Brothers we may be in for quite a rocky economic ride in the next year or two. Good time to cash in imv.
  25. Andy D may have deserved a lot of criticism but he always had our back. For years he deflected the mfc tanking talk. Then while he was overseas Anderson pulls this tanking investigation out of a hat and we were sunk. Sometimes I think our 'first football and oldest football club' history is overplayed. But It attracted PJ to want to drag us out of our abyss. Forever grateful to all who played a role in getting us back on track.
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