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  1. About 6-8 years ago a room was dedicated to the game at the Bentleigh club. The pull down screen was fuzzy but I doubt if it would cost much to upgrade it. There was a bar in the room and free nibbles at half time. A nice sized crowd would usually be there and it was a good experience to be among only dee fans barracking loudly and as much as we liked. Gradually each of those disappeared to the point where for the last few years, games are shown in the sports bar (with the races etc) or on small 32cm screens in a corner of the pokies room. It was like they wanted us out of there. As
  2. BTW, his dad reads and for a while posted on DL. Ess wouldn't poach him if he wasn't very highly thought of. PJ promoted him to the role so that says something and I think it is churlish to blame him for all the communication issues people perceive about the club. While I think he is a loss, it is good for his career to get experience somewhere else. I wish him every success
  3. After the committed allocations (eg MCC, AFL, etc) the 'Home' side members get priority. If there is any left the 'Away' team members get priority. who-gets-in-to-watch-football-in-round-one- One would think that for atmosphere they would allocate some to the 'Away' team otherwise it will be one sided barracking. Carlton fans won't be happy being locked out of round 1 but hey who cares! Good for us in round 1 as we are the 'Home' side vs Freo. It shouldn't affect us unless the system is still in place in round 5 when we play Hawks as the 'Away' team at the G. G
  4. See my comments in the body of your post.
  5. Nobody steps up. Put in a 'Committee of Administration' like shareholder's or banks do with companies or governments do when the incumbents are incompetent or lacked achievements over an extended period; this has happened to a number of Local Government Councils. Bartlett has had 8 years with little to show for it. And for mine too many mis-steps. 8 years is long enough to make some sort of positive impact. He hasn't If what you say about including MCC affiliates in our member numbers is correct it is very concerning. Not so much that they are included but if the club has c
  6. Thanks for the excellent summary. So he wants to vet potential Board candidates. mfc isn't his private law practice. It is our club and he can't run it like a fiefdom. The more info that is coming out about the Board election and the AGM the more concerned I am about Bartlett's appropriateness for the role and therefore the direction of our beloved football club. As an aside he needs to tell members why it is so critical we are in the MCG precinct. I'm not advocating a move to Casey. But there are other options within 5km of the MCG. Other MCG tenant clubs not locate
  7. I'm pretty sure the $5m was to upgrade facilities at Casey as part of AFLW start up. The longer Bartlett is obsessed about our facilities being in the 'MCG precint' the longer it will take to get any proposal going and to get any funding. Geelong, Bulldgos and Saints have done very nicely. North not so.
  8. 21 inside 50 to 3 and we trail by a point! Like other years we may kick ourselves out of finals/top 4.
  9. That was rather selfish (by Zanka, I think?) trying to kick a goal form outside 50! Didn't even look for a team mate. Low percentage play.
  10. Not sure how much of an advantage as not all teams play each other so the fixture depends on how the AFL manipulates it to help the teams they want in the finals. I've mentioned it before but Carlton is one such team. Since they lost their first two they have played newbie teams; Saints and Tigers. I would expect them to get a lot more of the low teams to help them to finals. On the other hand we will get Freo, Crows, Lions and GWS making it harder for us to finish up the ladder/top 4. How many of those 4 games are i/state who knows but we need to win i/state because of 'Home' finals
  11. Am beginning to think North aren't as good as many thought. Track record so far is: Rnd 1: vs Cats. Win 11.5.71 vs 1.3.9 Rnd 2: vs Saints. Win 5.6.36 vs 1.4.10 Rnd 3: vs Mighty Dees: Loss 8.3.51 vs 9.6.60 Rnd 4: vs Pies: Loss 0.8.8 vs 4.4.28 I don't think they are as bad as the score vs Pies suggests (bad kicking) nor as good as the first two wins vs newbie teams. Are they becoming the 'flat track bullies' of the AFLW? Hopefully today's game gives more insight on where we sit in the comp. It is also a classic '8-point game'. Win and we go two games u
  12. If only it was the footy as the price being paid. The financial, physical and emotional price is extensive for many.
  13. Maybe change the heading to 'The Football Impact of ...' as it is it invites frustration and the politically related comments.
  14. Steam is coming out of my ears at the bold bit. Lockdown 3.0: Panic, over-reaction, distressing, destabilising and unnecessary! If our quarantine management and contract tracing were really effective we wouldn't need a state-wide lockdown. Other states seem to manage it and are able to lockdown parts of the city - not the whole state. There will be other cases - we can't lock down the state or shut borders every time a case pops up. Get the processes right, Dan! I fear this post will set off derailing of the thread but need to let off the steam!
  15. With Hore on the LT injury list we have 3 rookie list spots available. Room for Majak, Farmer and our NGA player (whose name I have sadly forgotten).
  16. I agree it was the right outcome. He should have gone long ago for everyone's sake. Yet, I think it is poor, even cowardly that people are supporting him now that the dastardly deed is done. Had they spoken up earlier a bit of dignity may have been injected into his final downfall. As it is he had to suffer a humiliating end. For all his shortcomings he has contributed much to many in all walks of life and I would have liked him to go out with some dignity and respect. You raise a good point about his and his family's mental health. After all he is only human.
  17. It s a bit of a cop-out to support Eddie now that he has gone. challenge-the-behaviour-support-the-individual-indigenous-leader-backs-mcguire It would have been far more courageous if it had come a week ago. Not necessarily to change the outcome but to put a bit more perspective into the media talk.
  18. Garry Lyon is very close to the McCartin family and good on him for supporting the kid. I have only media knowledge of Paddy's concussion issues and what he went thru in 2019 sounded horrendous. He had no lifestyle at all. All credit to him for getting to a point where he could be recruited. I think he spent some time training with Sydney late last year. But he is a knock or two away from a life damaging injury if not now in the future. If he was my son I would encourage him to find another career. From an mfc view I don't think it is worth the risk in part because there is no wa
  19. “Following some soreness in his hip region, the medical team decided to conduct a scan, which has shown a stress fracture in his femur. “We didn’t expect to find anything this substantial, but it’s better to get onto it now and prevent it from getting any worse. “We will take a conservative approach and an exact return to play date will be determined by how Sam responds to the on-going rehab program.” Doesn't sound good. Didn't he have injury issues prior to being drafted - can't remember where. Sam had hip issues two years ago which kept him out on and off for most o
  20. Thanks for the excellent report, Earl. That sloppiness/inaccuracy is rather concerning at this stage of the pre season and in near perfect, windless conditions.
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