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  1. Yes, all 4 coaches voted him BOG. "Petracca was the only player on the list to play what the coaches deemed to be a ‘perfect game’ this season, earning 40 out of a possible 40 votes in the Grand Final after a Norm Smith Medal winning performance". 2021-best-and-fairest-all-the-winners I couldn't find GF votes for other players. What we can guess is that Max (3 Finals average of 30 votes) scored very highly in the PF. Oliver was consistent across all three finals and averaged 31 votes. Petracca was in the same range (average for two finals of 31 votes) and excelled in the GF with a 'perfect game'. Not far behind was them Salem them (Finals average of 29) who probably polled highly in the GF.
  2. I assume so. But defenders usually don't get a lot of it. Understanding of our game plan and positioning should help in that regard.
  3. He sounds like Christian Salem but perhaps without the footy IQ: "One of the smoothest operators in the draft pool, Judd McVee is the kind of player you want rebounding the ball out of defence. He handles the ball cleanly and is efficient in his use by foot, showcasing class to manoeuvre out of tight spots and keep cool in a crisis. With greater consistency and enhanced midfield craft, McVee has the tools to become a tidy player at the top level". STRENGTHS: + Class + Clean hands + Kicking + Rebounding IMPROVEMENTS: - Production - Consistency Very happy with this selection. Edit: I just saw the write up at the club which mentions his 'footy smarts'. Maybe he is more like Salem than I first thought.
  4. No Senior or A Rookie spots left. For those above not too sure of the numbers, this thread (pinned at the top of he main forum) might help.
  5. Confirmation: early-membership-milestone-reached It will be amazing if we can reach the club goal of 55,000 before Christmas. It will exceed our annual total ever, months in advance! Dec 5 at the G should be a huge day for signing up new members. @george_on_the_outerIs it time to resurrect your comparative 'Membership Tally' thread?
  6. A few weeks ago the club submitted a list to the AFL of Rookies to be upgraded. Jordon was on it, Chandler was not so remains a Rookie. However, he cannot remain on the Rookie list after 2022, having been there for 4 years. I would expect the club will do the same for him as they did for Jordon in 2021- during 2022 renew Chandler's contract, extend it a year and place him on the Senior list as part of the 2022 draft.
  7. There are two reasons for that. Age is one factor ie those with more games are older. But significantly a large number of our top players have missed a season (approx) through significant injury: Gawn, Lever, Petracca all had ACL. Salem missed a lot for thyroid and concussion. Brayshaw, concussion. Viney, foot. Great credit to them to come back and become A-level/Elite players after those setbacks.
  8. As our NGA player we nominated to match a bid on him in the draft. As no bid came there was no need to match and we can automatically take him as a B Rookie without him going into any other draft. That happens later today but I've assumed that it is a fait accompli.
  9. The list for our next Premiership 🎏🏆 tilt is: At the excellent suggestion by @La Dee-vina ComediaI have identified the Premiership 🎏🏆players. Draftees added are: van Rooyen, Howes, Woewodin as Senior List players and Moniz- Wakefield as a B Rookie. This gives us one list spot for a senior player if we were take a Delisted FA or and A Rookie in the SSP draft or the mid-year draft. Note that Jordon is now officially a senior player. Milestone games in the 2022 H & A season could be: 200: Melksham, T. McDonald 150: B. Brown, Salem 100: Hunt In terms of 2022 contract renewals: Most of the 2022 OOC's will sort themselves out. However, Brayshaw and Hunt will both be Restricted Free Agents (See edit below). I can't imagine that either will want to leave and we would get comp draft picks if they did. Of interest is the length of Brayshaw's contract given that his contemporaries have long terms. Jackson is said to be in contract discussions. And of course, we would all love it if Oliver's contract is extended next year rather than wait with much angst to his RFA year of 2023. Can't see him wanting to leave. I love all our players and don't like to think of departures. Nonetheless, next years list management could be challenging as those OOC in 2022 are either Premiership 🎏🏆 players or have yet to play a game. The exceptions are: Baker, Bedford and Smith. Hibberd may be a retirement depending on how the youngsters shape up. Overall, it is a very stable list for the next few years and is a list that can go back to back. Edit: @old55has advised that Hunt and Weideman will be 'Unrestricted Free Agents' so have reflected that in the table with 'FA'. With Brayshaw it is a bit harder to tell whether he will be an RFA or a UFA. The difference being that with the former if there is an offer to him we can match it. With the latter it means we can't. Late Edit: Judd Mc Vee added to the A Rookie list. The only list spot we have left is one B Rookie. The 2021 Contracts thread can be found here:
  10. We went in with a 'fill needs' rather than 'best available' mindset. The club probably figured we had their skill sets covered and preferred to bring in a future 3rd round pick instead of drafting either. The club would already be planning next year's trade/draft so see value in an extra pick or two in 2022. That doesn't mean the club didn't rate them just not for us at this time.
  11. Yes, Fritsch was voted second best by all judges: Luke Hodge (Chair) – C Petracca, B Fritsch, C Oliver. Harry Taylor – C Petracca, B Fitsch, C Salem. Tania Armstrong – C Petracca, B Fritsch, C Oliver. Andrew Krakouer – C Petracca, B Fritsch, C Daniel. Callum Twomey – C Petracca, B Fritsch, C Oliver. On any other day the medal would be with Bayley. We could have won if he didn't kick 6. But, I doubt we would have won if Petracca hadn't put on his "I'm not going to let us lose this game" face and then went to town.
  12. They can get in to Victoria but won't get back into WA without 2 weeks quarantine. As there is only a few weeks training before the Christmas break it makes sense that they stay in WA until January training starts.
  13. What a wonderful draft result for us! Particularly that we started with just picks 37, 49 and 57 to which we added 17 before the draft started. We went out to fill 'needs' and that we did with: Jacob van Rooyen Blake Howes Taj Woewodin Andy Moniz-Wakefield (will automatically become a B Rookie) That Howes (and so many others) slid down the order shows the draft was, as predicted by observers, very even and it shows that many clubs went very early into 'fill needs' mode than 'best available' mode. All the better for us! Given we (and others) were strongly linked to Howes with our first round pick, one could say we drafted two first rounders for the price of one! How (no pun intended) valuable was that pick swap of our 2022 first for pick 17 this year! And, as a bonus we collected two 2022 picks by trading out what started out as picks 49 and 57 which otherwise would have gone unused: 3rd round from Adelaide (and I think tied to Adelaide; low 40 to mid 50 range) 4th round from St Kilda (but not sure which team it is tied to; mid 50 to mid 60 range). Some might think they are 'lowly' picks but they are not something to be sneezed at. They will be valuable currency next year. I can't see us using either pick as Taylor just doesn't do low order draft picks very often. More likely deal sweeteners for trades, help F/S, Academy teams, help us get back into the first round or move up the order. And we traded in Dunstan. Given that the majority of our Premiership Team is contracted for quite a few years, I hope we can find room in the 22 to get these (and prior draftees) games. First class off-season list management for the reigning Premiers🏆🎏
  14. They did and worked well when the rest of us were in lockdown and they were in bubbles. The number of positive cases in the AFL world is increasing which is really no surprise now that we have opened up. Apparently, a positive case went to last night's draft at Marvel. Probably fromone of the clubs who have staff or players diagnosed as positive: Essendon, Richmond, Carlton. But the show will go on: afl-intent-on-forging-on-in-2022-despite-prospect-of-regular-covid-19-cases As long as a club can field a team they will be expected to front up and play. In a way it will be harder for clubs to negotiate the covid landscape next year than during the lockdown years. One would think a rapid test before anyone enters a club building or club training will be sensible and mandatory.
  15. The wrong dictionary for an Italian word. Even in writing 'Capeesh' grates! Forget 'capiche' altogether! LD-vC's alter ego, Dante (the now deceased, real life one not the DL one) 'created' the Italian language as it is know today. I reckon LD-vC knows his stuff.
  16. His dad managed to get a Premiership scarf... I reckon young Jacob had it for the Finals. His family was very pumped for him to get to us. The man at the back in the video was like an expectant father when he knew the next bid was the Dees.
  17. We can use our next available pick which currently is about pick 80 something. I doubt it will come to that unless we trade out two of our three remain picks. Even then I think we would ensure we had a pick left in a 'respectable' range to take Taj. Not exactly sure about the rules but by nominating him as a F/S we should take him in the main draft rather than a subsequent draft.
  18. Maybe as his second team and he had the 'Away' jumper already or someone delivered that jumper late last night. Why would we have arranged an 'Away' jumper for him, I wonder. His dad has the right colours!
  19. I read somewhere that Carlton could be interested in moving their pick 27 and they don't have another pick until 56 but iirc they were looking for a future pick in return. We could do it by including a swap of future pics that roughly balances the points and that keeps us within the future pick trading rules (I think...). Some handy players will still be available at 27 and it gets us in ahead of Richmond's pick 28, 29 and 30 and the double picks that WCE and North have in the 30's. Edit: Not sure if Carlton's view of trading #27 has changed since losing Jones.
  20. Snap! Just made the same comment in the 'pick 38' thread.
  21. With Geelong in desperate need of a ruckman and Conway being a local I would be very surprised if he gets past their picks 24, 25, and 35. We would need to pick swap into the mid-high 20's to get him, using our picks 38 and 42 if we wanted him.
  22. Quite true. My post was to update DL on the impact in the AFL. Only an infected person has to isolate. Close contacts isolate only until they receive a negative result. Hence why Voss and McPherson weren't at the draft last night. In due course all clubs will have someone test positive. Clubs will have to take extra precautions at training to ensure a player who subsequently tests positive doesn't spread it to other players. At the moment it is off season so minimal close contacts/risk of spreading in the playing group.
  23. Has anyone found an updated draft order listing? Still can't see one on the AFL website... My guess is we now have picks 38, 42 and 50 which will become 49 after Saints match an NGA bid for Owens. Some good value there.
  24. Geelong also in a good spot as they have: 24, 25, 32, 34 and 36 so they could plug their age gap quite quickly especially with this being a very even draft in that 20 to 40 range. Richmond has 28, 29 and 30. Hawthorn also in a good spot with 23 and 26 but their list is a bit of a mess so unlikely to make much impact for a few years.
  25. The AFL cases keep happening. At the Giants, an AFLW and an AFL player test positive. As does Brian Cook, CEO at Carlton. All fully vaccinated.
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