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  1. That is the problem - it has all been 'stop gap'. Nothing of any substance. Now that government distractions have passed (covid, election) there are no excuses for not announcing the plan including location to gt funding. Other clubs seem to have their act together sufficiently to get necessary approvals (eg community, LGA, etc) and funding. If they haven't found a location by now we may as sell forget it happening.
  2. This was interesting from Dunn who is standing for the Ess Board: board-contender-dunn "Dunn said it was important there was a contested election and members had a say after being frustrated at the lack of democracy and having new board members appointed without an election. “I am not looking to be an agent of change, I am looking to be an agent of stability..." Ess have got a lot wrong but seems to have no problem with their contenders taking their case to the media. While we as MFC members vote, I'm not convinced our processes are democratic in that contenders do not have an effective means to put their case/credentials to members. We are nearly a quarter of the way into the next century and it is a digital media world.. It makes sense that our (and all AFL clubs) move into modern day and improve their democratic processes both in nominating to stand and allowing candidates to take their message to members be it via media, forums, mail etc. There is nothing to fear by incumbent Board members. I don't mean those there today, I include those to come when the incumbents move on.
  3. We may not get so many night games this year with four teams finishing ahead of us wanting the bright lights. And Carlton, Ess and Bulldogs will as usual get more than their ladder position warrants. I would rather have our night games in Mar to May than June to Aug and hopefully the night games in the winter months are in the warmer states. The MCG is bitter at night in winter. As an aside, I note the AFL has brought forward the Friday night game but by only 10 minutes to 7.40 pm. Bit of a token effort given nearly everyone wants it at the same time as Thursday (7.20pm) or Saturday (7.25pm) night.
  4. The might do something of that ilk next year. Keep an eye out around May.
  5. They must know a demon supporter as that is an 'old style' scarf; not sure how long ago it was around. Its my fave and the one I wear despite the many 'member' scarves I have received.
  6. Thanks for the extra info guys Chart now fixed...with just a few key strokes - the wonders of an Excel spreadsheet
  7. Your maths is perfect! Due to covid the AFL extended the rookie list timeframe in 2020/2021. I believe it is now 3 years again.
  8. Re the chart: Senior draftees added: Jefferson and Adams as Senior List players. A - rookie draftees added: Sestan and Verrall Games played has been updated. Chandler is now officially a senior player. A new addition to the chart is the 2023 draft picks of which we have 2 x F1 and 2 x F2. Time to death ride Freo all the way in 2023. !!! Assuming the 2022 mix of Senior/A-rookie players, we have no senior spots and 1 A-rookie spots. However the club can change this mix to what is allowed if it wants to add a senior player eg a DFA ala Dunstan last year. Otherwise we keep the 1 A-rookie spots for the SSP and mid season draft or not fill our quota of 42 players. Quite a talented list of potential 'Milestone' games in the 2023 H & A season: 200: Hibberd, May, Gawn, Grundy 150: Neal Bullen, Harmes, Langdon, Lever, Salem, Brayshaw, Oliver 100: Spargo If 150 games is the 'sweet spot' for an AFL player at their peak, we are there!! In terms of 2023 contract renewals the potential outcomes are: Retirements: Hibberd, Melksham Non-renewals: Dunstan Trades if requested: Jordon, Neal Bullen. Note: Both are Unrestricted FA's so they could go to a club of their choice and we take the AFL compensation pick. New contracts for most of the other players, particularly Rivers. The special one is Kozzie's signature, hopefully sooner than later for 4 years ie his FA year (or longer) but would settle for 2 years. The 2022 Contracts thread can be found here:
  9. WOW! That is really bad. Making fun of people's names is not OK. It is worse than mispronouncing someone's name; something most people get offended about. It certainly didn't please Petracca at the Brownlow when Gill kept misprouncing 'Petracca'.
  10. I was thinking that. The common usage of a person being 'thick' is they are not very bright. So 'Thick-ett' could imply such of Kozzie and therefore easily taken as an offence if not by Kozzie by those close to him or senior people at the club, on Kozzie's behalf. Sloppy wording by whoever wrote it and it shouldn't get past the club's editors of marketing material. On that point alone I can see why it was taken down.
  11. Lets not get too excited! Weddle and Jefferson are the two players drafted 11-21 that were Tsatas' Oakleigh Charges teammates!! Who else would he nominate....
  12. We don't need to use all the picks we have. We simply 'pass' when that number comes up. We could have one more senior player and one less A-rookie next year if we wanted to use a later pick or one we trade in.
  13. Dockers didn't really pay much for his potential. Last night showed how grossly unbalanced the trade was. We couldn't get into the top 5/6 of the draft with their two mid/late first round picks nor get there when we added our F1 pick. The trade looks worse when we note that we gave them 47, (the pick we got for Bedford but we had wanted more from GWS). So all up the trade was Jackson, Bedford (aka #47) for two mid range firsts and a mid range 2nd. I've moved on but imv there is every reason to think he will be a champion for them altho most of us prefer he wasn't. Can't bring myself to not wish him well but I do hope Freo fail miserably in their pursuit of a flag for being such miserable trade players and especially after Bell's swipe at mfc recently.
  14. I wonder how Phillipou felt sliding to the Saints. He was reported as saying he 'was made for playing in Melbourne' and wanted to play in front of big crowds...
  15. Love that the official photo has the whole squad and not just those that played yesterday!
  16. Premiership winners to be precise... ... and we all know how you like things to be precise
  17. Maybe. If 2023 is such a great draft how many clubs wit a top 5 or top 10 pick will take 3 picks in the teens, which will slide. Trading up the order into the elite part of the draft is simple in theory but difficult in practice as we are finding out. Elite players can win flags.
  18. OMG!! iirc you weren't a fan of the 'demon' drink when you started on DL. Either DL or DA have corrupted you. Congratulations to you and @Katrina Dee Fan for being invited to the girl's MM. Have a great time and thanks for all the reports and tid bits of info about the players (boys and girls) and the club.
  19. At first reading three first round picks makes one go WOW! But 2023 has a few early Academy and potentially F/S players. So a 2023 F1 in the 14 to 18 range will likely become late teen/early 20 picks. Not really that exciting. I doubt Ess will do it.
  20. It is like picking the scab off an old sore. But 10 years later!...Weird.
  21. While Bell is right about our 'narrow' entry i50 he could have kept the criticism to himself and simply talked about how Jackson's role will add to their team which is primarily as a forward. That wasn't his role for us so how we deliver i50 isn't so relevant and didn't need mentioning. He 'won' the trade by some margin No need to prove himself (again) as a snarly, little man.
  22. I wasn't talking finances. It was more that if the 'Magic' round is our Home game then the return game vs that team is an Away game for us which could add an extra i/state trip as we will likely play some of Lions, Freo, Sydney, Geelong twice. That return game will be in addition to the usual games we play interstate. As sure as the sun rises we will play at GMHBA whether we play Geelong once or twice.
  23. Each team plays 5 teams (or maybe 6 with the 'magic' round) twice. If a top 6 team the double up could include up to 3 of the other top 6. The fixture will be less fair than usual as some sides will double up 5 times and some 6 times. Some bottom half teams will get a very good tilt at the top 8 from an easy draw ala Collingwood and Carlton this year. I'm always cynical when it comes to the fixture so wouldn't be surprised if we get hit with 3 double ups vs the top 6 teams while higher finishing clubs (Geelong, Collingwood, Lions and Sydney) get only two and/or get an extra double up vs a bottom half club. Given that QB is our Home games we will most likely have a return match against Collingwood. I reckon we will play a 'Home' game in SA in the 'magic round'. 7 -8 teams will so why not us! Unless it is declared an 'Away' game for all clubs so it won't affect membership rights. Not looking forward to the fixture release.
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