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  1. Just for you 😊I have updated McAdam before signing off! He has a 3 year contract expiring in 2026 so I have changed his age to 31.
  2. Thanks stinga! By previous pages I assume you mean the 2023 Contracts Thread? To locate it go back to my first post of this thread. At the bottom of that post is a link (in the form of an image) to the 2023 thread. Just click on the image and it will take you to the thread.
  3. Thanks for that. I'm not sure it is the latest as there is no reference to NGA players and how they become A or B rookies. And the matching of F/S bids doesn't talk using points. I guess it isn't critical to our list management atm so will leave it as a grey area (in my mind anyway) for now.
  4. It would be great if you could post link. afaik it was three and changed to two during the covid years when the overall list size was also reduced. Some websites haven't updated their documents.
  5. He has joined as an A rookie; pick 22 in the rookie draft. The A rookie status is assumed in the list of selections. delisted-hawk-roo-earn-second-chances-dees-add-father-son We are allowed 2 B rookies and those positions are filled. We no longer have any list spots. We can gain one if a player has a long term injury and is out for the whole season.
  6. Thank you all and others for your for support, it is much appreciated. In the Chart I've added the Dees 2024 draft picks and made the corrections suggested. I welcome further corrections or new player contract info and I'll make the changes in March as after today, I am giving myself a holiday from D'land for the off-season.
  7. Yes, Charlie is a free agent in 2025 - he will have been with the club for 8 years at that stage. I'm guessing he isn't in our top 10 most highly paid players which means he would be an UFA By the way there is a new 2024 thread and the link is in the next post.
  8. The 2023 Table is updated for: Games played at start of 2024 season New draftees Caleb Windsor, a three year contract in line with new CBA Koltyn Tholstrup a three year contract in line with the CBA Kynan Brown as an A Rookie on a one year contract Inclusions to be confirmed by the club: Marty Hore as an A rookie (Supplementary List), assume a one year contract Dan Turner on a two year contract Andy Moniz-Wakefield rookie contract to be renewed Therefore, there are no more list spots. We have kept the 36/6/2 mix of senior/A rookie/ B rookie mix. Potential milestones in the H & A season: 50 games Bowey Chandler 100 games Rivers Picket Spargo 200 games Hunter Petracca Tomlinson Viney Key Senior Player signings for 2024 (imv): Sparrow and Bowey are the major ones to sign up. Langdon and Hunter will be re-signed. Also Adams will likely get another contract as it is rare for recent draftees to not have at least one extension. But a number of others may be encouraged to look elsewhere (eg Laurie, Schache, Smith and maybe Hunter) or retire (eg Brown, McDonald). Other notes I reckon Tholstrup will rapidly become a ‘cult hero’ especially among the young. He has the swagger and the charisma to draw the crowds!!! Looks like a fun loving kid. For any contract changes from the club or posters during the off season I will update them all together in March. The 2023 Contracts thread can be found here:
  9. The 3 'flights' were the two trips to Optus and one trip to Alice. If counting the actual flights yes there are 4 involving Optus plus 2 involving Alice a total of 6..
  10. A bit crazy that we have more travel hours than Adelaide and Port. (North looks high because of their trips to Tassie). That is what 3 long haul flights does! Will be interesting to see the impact of that travel on fatigue for our season.
  11. My point was the extra long haul flight vs a trip down the road or on the east cost. We will also play Freo at Optus. We have also played well at KP and Geelong don't frighten me at all certainly not the 2024 version.
  12. We may not play at Geelong but we now play twice at Optus meaning 3 long haul flights. While emotionally it is good to not play at kitty park I'm not sure it is a better outcome overall.
  13. Whlle folks might be disappointed that Kynan may not be with us the club is actually helping him by saying we can't (for whatever reason) commit to adding him to our senior list. Generally players would prefer a senior spot over a rookie spot (due to tenure, opportunity, income) and the mfc is giving him this chance by allowing anouther club to draft him.. The fall back is he will join as a rookie.
  14. 'Post Game' (and other) threads when posters make even mildly negative comments or express cynicism and are shouted down for simply stating their opinion.
  15. I saw just the last 45 minutes but it was great to see. Agree, saying 'it was only Afghanistan' does not do justice to either side. Maxwell took his chances, Afghanistan did not. As Demon fans we know how quickly a game can slip away when that happens.
  16. Not sure their allegiance changed to the Aussies. More that they knew they were witnessing a once in a lifetime cricket event and loved it. It was the stuff they will grand kids about in years to come.
  17. The less talked about part of the innings was that Cummins scored only 12 runs in a 202 partnership. Now scoring only 12 takes some doing!! The way Maxwell was able to keep the strike was quite special. Somehow the Afghanis set fields that left him time to stroll through for singles even tho towards the end he couldn't even walk. He was in The Zone and the AFghans seemed mesmerised.
  18. His best shot was a reverse sweep, around the stumps rising into the air, over first slip, over third man and went deep into the crowd for six. It was at a critical time when he couldn't move, they hadn't scored much for a few overs and time appeared to be running out. If he hadn't hit so many great shots it could be thought a fluke. It was no fluke!! I don't know how to post videos but follow this link: https://www.icc-cricket.com/video/3772779
  19. Oooops!! But no-one has solved it in the 3 hours since I posted the clue so it can't have been very helpful. Maybe folks need a clue for the Quiz Master himself !! Edit: since the 'early birds' had their chance to solve the quiz I have deleted the key parts of the clue! Over to you.
  20. Without high-jacking your gig, some clues for the 'early birds' this morning: I found the most familiar names first then the not so familiar. {Additional clues deleted} From there it was a short step to work out how the rest fit a topical subject. If you have the answer PM Demonstone, do not post it here.
  21. Reckon people will 'kick themselves' when they see how easy this quiz is!
  22. Thank you! Send the delivery truck to a charity...as I'm a bit of a 'mimimalist' with furnishings. I'll settle for a
  23. @Bring-Back-Powell I was incorrect, we cannot sign him as a DFA but all other clubs can do so and put him onto their senior list. Dee Spencer is correct he needs to go into the Rookie Draft so technically clubs below us can draft him.
  24. I think the way it works is he is now a Delsited Free Agent' and doesn't need to nominate for the rookie draft. We sign him as a DFA Any club can sign him as a DFA; just as North swooped on Greenwood a few years ago when GCS delisted him to then rookie him. Caught GCS unawares. I very much doubt Melksham would want to join another club.
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