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  1. I was still thinking we were in it against the Cats at 44 points down. Its scary to think that as a group they have more improvements to make. Next year they will be a force.
  2. Gus' speaking to Lyon in the rooms afterwards is just brilliant. The passion and love of the jumper and the club is real. The sincerity of these guys surprised me. will admit to slightly watery eyes watching that.
  3. I'm a much better person today than I was yesterday. I'm more humble,more glorius and just a little bit more winning.
  4. Must admit my faith waivered. I reckon Mark Williams has helped us put the icing on.
  5. This quarter will be the either the best or the worst I've ever seen in my life. I'm grateful for that at least . Exciting times you pack of nutjobs. Bless you all.
  6. Take it easy Hem. Stick around for the Five-Peat and leave the gun in the desk.
  7. Both TG and The Wiz have a bit of in them. Big men feared the Wiz.
  8. '88 and 2000 I was just hoping . This time it's belief based in reality and ability. Our opponents deserve to be playing in a GF. Bring it on.
  9. Alistair "Sleepy" Lynch was allowed to take steroids during his last season at the Lions then go psycho throwing hooks and uppercuts during the game. The exemption for steroid use was that he claimed to have CFS. What a crock. There is a major flaw in the game-no sin bin.
  10. I’d love him to start but Med Sub might be even better especially if he start late Q2 or later. Nobody will catch him
  11. I’m all for tempting fate. Somebody make one saying Five-peat! 2021-26
  12. The story isn't that sad. He's 33 and life goes on. We could have 3 more Generations of Jurrahs in the next 50 years at current replacement rates.
  13. When Tom Hafey coached the Tigers his game plan was to kick it to Royce Hart. When asked about his plan B he replied "Kick it to Royce Hart".
  14. Hungarian. Russians Drink,Fght,then cry.
  15. The 3 best I've seen in Red and Blue or any other colours. Wayne Carey is the only addition I can think of.
  16. Hard times Goffy. I at least knew that you could a jump a cab at Mebourne Uni and never be arrested because you're on Federal Land.
  17. I'm mentally prepared for defeat. I'm absolutely resigned to the possibility of a loss. But I think we will win.
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