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  1. I'm tired of symbolic /tokenistic bullshyte not just in the AFL ,but globally.
  2. Mids have been [censored]. Don't start until half time most games. Big names relying on reputation.
  3. McADam- Cut that stupid looking rats tail off your head mate you're a grown man on good money not some meth head in a housing project.Try and act like it. 3 words not enough.soz
  4. It looks like skill errors but it's actually tackling and defensive pressure. When we don't show up to tackle we get done. The first quarter sets the tone.
  5. Thanks-Tv software update fixed it.
  6. His eyes are dead.Like he has no soul.I like it.
  7. It's a hypothetical question at theis stage and I'm not sure a contender would want him on their list either.
  8. I'm hoping it's all good news. I think he is vital to our success. The most phenomenal runner in the comp and like having 2 players the way he follows up. Gives Billings a reprieve.
  9. Ok. Boomer Quetion. When it says "video wont play" through the smart tv is that a router issue. Asking for some [censored] that doesnt know and I just want to see if you know.
  10. He would suit a different club . Horks or Norf perhaps. I think we've got enough youth coming through and enough middle stage talent to keep drafting kids. Our recruiting has been top notch. There will be some free agents coming up that suit us but our list is pretty healthy (in terms of age spread) . Max will be hard to replace for so many reasons .We will need a ruckman at his peak in about 2 years that can take over until Kalani White settles into the role. 27-29 year old maybe.It's a shame Manbag/Bun din't work out but he'll love Sydney. Could eaily be Tmacs testimonial year and what a great servant he has been for so long and through so many dark years.
  11. Is appreciation week over? I'm ready to go full slag mode again.
  12. You may be right about the coaching staff giving him games. I doubt he is 6 ft tall and if so he’s not strong enough. Selection may have cost us 4 points . I hope he proves me wrong one day but I don’t think he should’ve been chosen.
  13. the AFL gets all of its original ideas from America.
  14. I'll try. He's not good enough for the AFL. He's not big enough for the AFL He can't kick gaols. His player always beats him. He belongs at Casey.
  15. Oliver-Kicks to advantange every time off a step in no space and gains distance. Billings-Why?
  16. More than the umps. I despise people sticking up for them. Why should anyone support them? They're well paid and deserve to have their performance heavily scrutinised. Pay them more even.I dont care. But make them accountable so we get the best,most consistent,most professional. Umpire bashing is a human right. "They do the best they can"."It's a really hard job" etc etc. Be good at your crucial job. When in doubt, "Play ON". Not hard.
  17. The Donald and Sleepy Joe provide us all with Moral guidance. Two fine upstanding Americans doing their best to guide the country in Truth and Light. I’m shocked at some of the scurrilous accusations being made. These are good , honest , clean living men. Especially if you’ve ever visited The Manor in Romsey.
  18. My feelings on this are that you are harbouring some lingering grudge based on some ideological viewpoint that I have long forgotten. I don't really recall much of your thoughts or feelings about anything but I will acknowledge your petty resentment and hope you grow from it. Glad you enjoy my superior analysis of the game.
  19. Football- not stats. If I need autistic analytics I’ll look you up. I saw the back six dominate their opponents. The mids turned it over. And the forwards wasted opportunities. May was elite. Tmac Elite Lever elite I acknowledge the tackling was good throughout the game which kept us in it but if you were there it was a scrubber of a game. Go make a pie chart
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