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  1. Seeing Barass on the big screen singing the theme song brought a tear to my eye. For those like me, who are over 60, I'll take this anytime......Ugly win or not. But geez, there are some of you on here that need to take a chill bill and FFS calm down. If I relied on this site for updates, I would have thought we were getting belted. We would have lost a game like this last year. The one I really want is next week..... please... we used to be the Carltank's biartch. Time to give it back big time.
  2. This thread is evidence of why Cornes has the modus operandi that he does as a sports broadcaster shock jock. He would be loving this. Trac's long term contract is a gamble, yes, but this signing is bigger than the contract itself, in terms of what it means to our marketing, attracting and retaining sponsors and increasing membership numbers and membership retention. In other words, revenue generation. Look beyond the contract and see the bigger picture.
  3. In the context of the recent signings of Salem, Oliver, Gawn and Viney, this is huge for a club, which used to have a habit of shooting itself in the foot. This shows solidarity. The current administration is showing foresight and evidencing that the 'brotherhood', which currently and clearly exists within this group, is priceless. Of course, some naysayers will deride the length of tenure and money contained within the contract, but none of us can possibly know what the fine print says. I am rapt with this. Go you Mighty Demons.
  4. I was there in '64. That's how old I am, but like most on here, my heart has been too often broken since that time. However, from what I have seen, so far this year, this is a group willing to go into battle for each other, are brothers in arms and simply love each other. Over the course of this year, there may be performances, when we collectively say.............. WTF was that? Inevitably, we will lose games before the home and away season is finished. But despite the pain over history, my view is we start to believe, support the boys/club and let's turn out in maximum numbers.....
  5. The truth is the most cogent defence against a defamation suit. Robbo. Robbo. ROBBO. Are you awake???. Man, why are you jibbering?
  6. 2 key players out. The Weed and Browny playing a significant part in the 2's. Surely we can go on from here? I am appealing to the ghost of Norm Smith. The Red Fox. Let it go mate. We all love you, but it's time.
  7. As a Dees supporter for 54 years, should I now believe? 5 to zip. Not a pretty win, but our guys stumped up when it mattered. Should I dare to believe now?..... Well...I continue to dream. Dad, this might be our year. Love ya. #myheartbeatstrue
  8. The Max Factor. I like it. Apologies to those not old enough to remember.
  9. I thought Jones, while not accomplished, was the: Ultimate team player. A great job in my view
  10. Given the changes at the top and Ms Roffey's background, could this.......finally..... be it? https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/caulfield-racecourse-unveils-570m-sports-entertainment-precinct-plan-20210413-p57iu8.html
  11. As per my previous post. I am not saying anything more.
  12. Even higher than that. I'm saying no more.
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