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  1. For what is is worth, here is my take. Like many of us - I suspect - I was rapt in the first two thirds of our season, but like most of us, I was just waiting for the wheels to fall off. I posted on here on another topic, that the I could cop the Adelaide loss as an aberration. But the Collingwood game I could not accept. Our life member coach; Neale Daniher, who chose to make the Queens Birthday game as the marquee event for his charity for a health condition which will finally take him, should have been enough motivation for our team to overcome the "Buckley, last time as Collingwood Coach" motivation. We then had the Pink Lady game, which is our franchise now. Fraser Rosman's mum is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer and Oscar Baker lost his mum to the same insidious disease. Motivation enough? We then had a great win over Port and I thought, yesssss, we are back. But then follows a draw to the lowly Hawthorn and a loss (honourable?) against the Dogs. By the way, I am summarising here, so excuse me if it appears my timelines are somewhat skewed. But the more recent form caused me to reflect. We have a gun backline, but as Ross Lyon proved, you will never win a granny on defence alone. Leigh Matthews, on the other hand, was always of the view that if you can score more than 15 goals a game, you will usually win. That said and with the benefit of hindsight, our forward line has been, at best, makeshift. Fritta is a 'cameo' forward, yet he attracts one of the best backs from the opposition. TMac - whom I have a man crush on - is not a natural key forward. Despite the fact he has done very well for much of the year, thus far, he has been worked out by opposition coaches. Kossie is still a lad, but now a target for the opposition, Spargo is still to show consistency, Dogga will be a gun, but as a big bloke, needs more time to develop and we have to establish a key role for him. ANB??? I remember the ANZAC eve game against the Toigs, when he bent that goal from the boundary line. I thought, yeah, he's back. He has done little since. We then have Melksham, M Brown, the Weid and of course Benny Brown. The latter 3 are lead up forwards, who need space to run into and mark. None of them are going to sit on the opposition's shoulders and take a speccy. So what to do with them? Pagan's paddock? If that were to work, I would think Benny Brown would be best suited, but I doubt it will happen. So what is the alternative? To me that is the worry. Did we trade away draft picks for too many (and the wrong) trades. Despite that the fact that Casey has been cruelled by the lack of game time, due to COVID, has given limited opportunities to assess the progress of the next tier of players. Bar for Bowey, I can see little else, in terms of elevating new talent, other than recycling what we have already seen. AKA, Melsham, Weid, Jones, M Brown and Jetta. Other than that, I see little depth in the 2's. To me this is our major worry going forward.
  2. If Burgo is, indeed going, then we cannot thank him enough, for his contribution, to the list's fitness. However, our more recent lapses on game day, where we have incurred losses, have nothing to do with Burgo or his fitness regime. To me, it is for a number of other reasons, which can only be sheeted home to the coaching staff. Adelaide. The MFC were top of the ladder. It had seemed we had shown our credentials by beating other contenders, including the Bullies. Simply, we were not mentally prepared. Collingwood. Given it was Buckley's last game as coach, they were always going to come out, with fire in their bellies. We surely should have been acutely aware of that factor. On the other side of that coin, it was Neale Daniher's Queen's Birthday, Big Freeze game. A guy that coached Melbourne for over 10 years and while there were some down years, under Neale's stewardship, he gave us plenty of joy. We owe him. Simply, we were not mentally prepared. GWS. After some ordinary performances and some surprising losses, the Giants were still on the verge of the 8, when they played us last Saturday. Simply, we were not mentally prepared. Our midfield guns are now marked men. Their earlier from was stellar. They are hunted by the opposition now. It was perhaps, Clarrie's, Trac's and Viney's worst games for a while. Opposition coaches have worked out our previous use of the "corridor". Our coaching staff need to adapt. Simply, we were not mentally prepared. Kossie and Dogga are still quite young. To me Kozzie, in particular, looks tired and sore. Understanding the loss of his Mum, he still played some amazing games, following his return to Melbourne. Do these young fellas need a rest before the finals? It would also seem that most opposition teams have worked out of forward structure. T Mac has done an amazing job this year, given he was on the trade table last year. But he was never and is not a natural forward. Fritta is slight, not a tall key forward and gets knocked around. Recent history show us (see Ross Lyon), that you cannot win a grannie, if you do not put the required score on the board. A great defence - like we have now - is not enough to get to the pinnacle. We got BB and had the Weid on our list for a while, both recruited as key, tall forwards. My view now is, going into the home straight, we have to bite the bullet and persist with one or the other before the finals. My view is Big Ben Brown is the one, but if he is to be, he needs the space to lead into. My opinions only.
  3. Was there actually a practice match?
  4. Garbage??? If you aspire to being a premiership contender, losses such as this one are simply not acceptable. My reference to age and length of support of this club has nothing to do with me trying to take the higher ground here. Rather, it means I have seen it all over time and as such, I know what it takes to get to the top of the hill. Given the significance of the 'event', Neale Daniher's quest, his length of service with our club, his life membership with the MFC and the blood, sweat and tears he shed for us, I cannot think of a much greater incentive to get the job done. By any measure and under the circumstances, yesterday's performance was just not good enough, for a team that seeks to put its hand on the holy grail. I am not rubbishing this club and I never will. I am just calling a spade a spade.
  5. Ohhhh please. Slitting my wrists? I suspect I have followed this footy team for a wee bit longer than you have. I am 65 years of age and was there in '64. 11-2 is sensational, but if you want to win a flag, today's effort was deplorable. That is all. Pure and simple.
  6. Gus has played a specific role this year and mostly, done it very well. I had so hoped that the Weed would break out this year, but it would seem, this will sadly not happen. Gus will be OK, but I hope, collectively, this team will understand that today's effort was nowhere near good enough. After the bye, we need to seriously come out and smack some [censored].
  7. Maybe, but both sides played on it. One of those sides is a bottom 4 team. That was the team that won the game. Don't blame the bloody ground. We were very ordinary today.
  8. In Goody's presser, I hope to hell he does not say we still have things to learn. I really hope he says that our performance today was totally unacceptable and no-one's position is guaranteed. Controlled anger can be a constructive emotion occasionally.
  9. Head in my hands. Sad for Neale. If we needed anything to fire us up today, Neale's plight should have been enough. So they send Buckley out with a win? Given he is no longer their coach, WTF does that mean anyway? If our players could not adjust to that aberration, then they need to sit down and have a mid season chat. Pathetic really. Line in the sand from here. Start again, with a new focus guys... BTW, other than the draw, which doesn't count, I've tipped one winner this round. .
  10. Sorry, it's OK, clearly it's after Big Smother. Geez I love TV these days.
  11. Excuse my ignorance, but what time?
  12. Blair Campbell, who began at Richmond with footy, was a fair cricketer as well. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-e&q=blair+campbell
  13. No evidence of this, but I think the filth precipitated Buckley's departure, because they have intel that Teague is on the way out. As a result, Collingwood did not want to have to go into a bidding war for their preferred candidate as a replacement for Buckley - whoever that may be.
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