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  1. Agreed, but keep in mind that Hawthorn commissioned it's own, independent and external review. Based on the results of that review, the AFL has initiated its own independent review, which will include a KC and indigenous people on the pan. Whatever the outcome, it is clear we still have not, as a country, addressed the concerns of our first nations peoples. That is simply not good enough, by any measure.
  2. I work as a volunteer behind the bar at my local sports club. Tonight, as the Hawthorn story aired on the news, I heard certain patrons refer to 'niggers' and how they don't get charged if they beat their wives. I walked out, leaving someone else to close. No racism is Oz? Of course, the people concerned would say they were only jokin'. It is never a joke, when you insert race into your debate, as a slur.
  3. The hunters of 2021, became the hunted in 2022. Trac and Clarrie ran around with targets on their backs and in the end were playing sore, week in week out. Others were also very sore. My mail is that the week before the final against the Lions, 11 of our players went in for scans of various kinds.
  4. Can someone please tell Gerard Whately, who said on SEN this morning that he thought the Harme's incident deserved at least a week
  5. Team seemed lethargic (Gastro?) Trac plying hurt. BBB- Create some space. Kozzie- Where was he? Team - find a target.
  6. Running with the flight, eyes on the ball, would would have been easy to infringe his opponent. Not a bad effort at all really, but doubt it will win MOTY.
  7. Mark Robinson has sunk to an all time low. How on earth is this bloke a journalist, let alone head football writer for the Hun?
  8. I did include in my post the word "IF"
  9. I was at the Carlton v Adelaide game on Mother's day, at Marvel. My other half is a Carlton supporter. Carlton supporters were chanting Taylor Walker is a racist. The motivation was obvious at the time, but if the vilification came from Carlton supporters last night, then not only is that totally unacceptable, but it's hypocritical.
  10. God forbid, but if Ah Chee has lingering concussion symptoms as a result of this action, then the AFL better lawyer up some more. Seeking compensation for damages would seem to have merit if that is the case.
  11. Ah Chee misses a week, under concussion protocols and Cripps has his ban overturned. Makes sense? Even if Carlton were playing someone else tomorrow night, I would still say this is an appalling decision and sets a terrible precedent. As a side note, I remember we played Carlton at the 'G years ago - it might have been Cripps first year. He received a love tap from, I think Hogan. Carlton claimed Cripps suffered a hairline fracture of the jaw. Hogan got a week and Cripps played the following week.
  12. Won the West...... tonight. In the context of top 4, this was huge. 3 word analysis? Never, ever, forget. Tonight was huge. On their deck, in the West, against a top 4 contender. We are just warming up.
  13. Kozzie a magician Really MIssing TMac Mid, forward disconnect
  14. Sad news. I cannot remember the game at the 'G, but pre-game he and other legends of the club, were on the field. Noel was fist pumping, as he walked off the oval. I things were pretty low for us back then. I am glad he got to see and hold the cup. RIP mate. Condolences to family and friends.
  15. At no stage did I say Selwood was trying to kick Clarrie's hand. My point is, if a player is trying to take possession of the ball, a kick in hope clearly has a potential to injure the opposing player. There is the duty of care right there.
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