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  1. The world is depressing enough right now, without reading this bull tish.
  2. I was booked in for the AFL season launch lunch this Wednesday in the MCC dining room. Not surprisingly, this was cancelled this morning. I really enjoy these days, but clearly I don't get the chance to enjoy this year. I suspect there is more and worse to come for the AFL in the not too distant future.
  3. We self reported when Joe Gutnick was in the chair. Carlton and Essendon were recidivists and by comparison to our penalty, got off rather lightly in my view.
  4. Clubs perceived by the AFL to be powerful regularly get off lightly. Yet minnows like us get whacked all the time. To call the error "inadvertent" is a cop out of the highest order. A failure to abide by your fiduciary obligations, for any "business" is inexcusable. Ignorance is no excuse under the Law
  5. From November 2018 AFL Draft Central:
  6. Isn't nice how we all get along on here? A difference of opinion is fine and understandable on such a forum, but petulance belongs in the schoolyard.
  7. Agreed. He is fitter, leaner and hopefully injury free. With a few others around him, who had injury interrupted preseasons last year and who will also be fitter this year, Viney's bullocking work will be rewarded, as we will have more outside run than in recent years
  8. Great photos. Well done. I know every team says it, but our boys do look very fit.
  9. Nup. Good ole fashioned pub grub. The bar featured in the ABC series Jack Irish was modelled on the Napier bar. It is like stepping back in time and I and a group of mates eat there once a month on a Friday. Good craic as well.
  10. How did May look? Is he set to go on Friday?
  11. Obviously the club's nutritionists are trying something different this year.
  12. While I am stuck in traffic at the boom gates on Glenferrie Road.
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