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  1. 6 Clarrie (Willed us to victory in the final qtr) 5 TMac 4 Max 3 Harmes (was tough and clean over the ball) 2 May 1 Langdon
  2. Yep, no doubt. It wasn't a dig at his performance just that I thought there were some pretty special efforts tonight that were ahead of him. Clarry, TMac and Max come to mind but on reflection, Maysie's probably not far off those three.
  3. Maysie was good but not sure he was even top 5.
  4. Sydney are inconsistent but when they play well, they are hard to stop. I suspect they'll be up for this one and it's going to be a tough task. I'm hoping for four points any way we can get them.
  5. This is the key. He looks slow on the lead. He's never been a great contested mark. He might need a bit of help from our other forwards to get that separation. Did anyone see the block Charlie put on for Fritta to take an uncontested mark? It was absolute genius and exactly what we need to get Brown going.
  6. Having been able to watch a fair bit of VFL this season, I like both of these guys. Chandler is a footballer in the true sense of the word - he has good judgement, skills and decision-making but no stand out attributes. What excites me about Bedford is his first 5-10 metres after he gets the ball. There are very few players, if any, in the AFL with that level of acceleration. If he knuckles down and learns to use that acceleration defensively, he and Kozzy could form one of the best one-two punch small forward duos in the league.
  7. Love it but I do think injury and some significant line up tinkering (some forced) is going to bite us very soon. A forward line that includes Brown and Weideman is a massive change. The best teams design game plans for the players they have. We found something that works and we're now about to partially abandon it. It might sound as though I'm unhappy about this but I'm not. I think trying Brown and Weid is almost a must, however, if it doesn't work over the next couple of weeks, I hope we're bold enough to go back to what works and that is TMac and Jacko surrounded by smalls a
  8. I probably lean towards preferring TMac stays forward but your comments are ludicrous. This is elite level football. You don't fail for 7 years. He was very close to All-Australian as a defender in 2014, achieving that as the number 1 defender in an awful side. Don't get me wrong, his move forward was a stroke of genius, but calling him a failure as a defender, is just blatantly wrong and fails to take into account how difficult playing in that defence would have been.
  9. Yeah, that's fair. Tomlinson is a big out. He's been beaten once this season in a 1v1, winning 21 of 22 contests - that is elite.
  10. Like all of us here, I want Fritta to play and I don't think he was intending to hurt the guy, but he was certainly intending to make contact, so you couldn't call that an accident. That said, I have the feeling he'll escape penalty. There are a few precedents that should help.
  11. TMac plays like an interceptor. It might work while the opposition has no bigger bodied forwards to worry about but Tomlinson was excelling in those 1v1s, so it's certainly debatable whether having TMac back is sustainable.
  12. I agree with the general premise (more pressure players) but I'm not sure that combo failed. We were beaten at the contest and had a pretty good conversion rate going forward.
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