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  1. McGowan is sitting on a record-high 83% approval rating. Don't expect too much change in strategy from over there.
  2. What's the opposite of recency bias? Rose glasses syndrome? Both are equally prevalent around these parts. I'm not going to attempt to answer the original question as I was a bit too young when Flower was playing and have little idea about Barassi. That said, Max is an absolute star of the game and I'm grateful that I get to watch him run around in the red and blue. He'd be very close to the best player we've had since 1990.
  3. Jetta wasn't overly prolific but he looked fit and agile and was able to compete at his usual level. It's great to have him back moving well. If he stays fit, he's going to be a huge asset.
  4. Ben Gibson is a real gem. Knows the game both from a strategic and historical standpoint and presents with a relaxed confidence. I don't think he'll last long in the Dees media team before moving on to bigger and better things.
  5. There's a bunch of good ones but I do love Farmer's nine second half goals against the Pies. I also have good memories of our 2006 final against the Saints. I was living in Sydney at the time and watched the game with a bunch of other ex-pats (mostly Saints supporters) in a bar in King's Cross. My cousin and I were outnumbered and being heckled the entire game and then something changed late and we sprung into action. Brock McLean's goal is forever etched in my memory.
  6. The issues with this idea have been well covered but I'd just add that your initial premise regarding Majak is probably not all that likely either. If our current list of available players remain fit, Daw shouldn't play a game, even if he receives a contract.
  7. Well done Alex and well done to Kavisha, who I taught at Monash, a couple of years ago.
  8. I think we've seen what he offers. He's no world-beater but he's going to give us some insurance for at least the first month or so. It's quite possible he doesn't play a game for the Dees, even if he does sign on. That said, I think it's just sensible short-term recruiting.
  9. I agree with what you've said here but I think we saw glimpses of LJ being able to hold the forward line together last year. If we're short on good key forwards, we need LJ to be able to settle there for the first month or so. I think having him rotate through the ruck will be the go when Ben Brown returns. Not sure we need an extra defender - only as insurance.
  10. We need an insurance policy and this guy - while not a world-beater - provides the widest range of coverage currently available. This looks an astute move.
  11. Wholeheartedly agree. This is far more important than any other consideration but you can't isolate it either - you need 3-4 players covering the field with intent. It's easy to look at a bloke and think he's not putting enough pressure on but a lot of the time, they'll be stuck covering a weak link in the chain and trying to decide whether to stick to their role as planned or try and be a hero and cover for someone. That's why Richmond, as you've highlighted, are good. There are so many of them on the field pressuring, as a team. It's not up to two small forwards to generate all of
  12. I don't disagree with this point but I would add that the midfield being beaten on occasion shouldn't necessarily mean we lose. Brisbane Lions circa 01 had an immense midfield but if they got beaten, then the backs would rescue them or the forwards would take the game by the scruff of the neck on limited chances. I'm bullish about the Dees because of this. In Goodwin's time, it could be argued, that no team has put a worse forward line on the park - there are competitors for that title but we're in the conversation. If we can pull together a balanced forward half, I think you'll
  13. I can't speak to Chandler's ability as a small forward as I've not seen him play. I like Spargo when he gets the ball in his hand but he's always struck me as a ball chaser - a mid playing forward because he's small. I put ANB in the same bracket but he's bigger and not as clean as Spargo. Bedford played his junior footy as a small forward and has the specific attributes required for the position - elite closing speed, tackling and knows where the goals are. What he seems to lack is the footy I.Q - the ability to read the play before it happens - but I'm going off a fairly small samp
  14. I've been a bit of a broken record on this but we don't have eight. Before this season, we had two genuine small forwards - Kozzy and Bedford (who can't crack a game). It is a massive issue for us, particularly with the way we are trying to play. We absolutely have to find some good ones and stop relying on makeshift forwards (ANB, Melksham etc). Hopefully, at least one of Bowey or Laurie can play in that position.
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