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  1. The only difference being, the crims aren't proud of their previous life.
  2. Loves the sound of his own voice, does old Dermot.
  3. A lot of results have gone our way over the last couple of rounds. We have a real opportunity to lock in a top two or top four spot.
  4. Yep. I'm a massive fan of Bedford but that comparison is not only absurd but unfair to Bedford. I still think Bedford is a big chance of being one of our small forwards that can attend the odd centre bounce - like Kozzy. He has some elite attributes, namely acceleration, agility, overall speed and stamina. We're talking about an incredibly rare combination of athletic traits. I would love to know exactly what he's been told to work on to get to the next level because I think he's very close to next in line should Kozzy, Spargs or ANB be rested.
  5. Absolutely. We're already pushing the envelope.
  6. Harmes has been very ordinary the last two weeks but at his best, he's a good player. I'd back him in to find some form over the next couple weeks.
  7. 6 Trac 5 McDonald 4 Oliver 3 Petty 2 Pickett 1 May
  8. That's not his go, though. He's a lead up forward. I think it's part of the reason he's struggling to get a game. If the opposition don't provide space in our forward half, he's not as effective as you'd imagine a 200cm forward to be and for the most part, is a liability when it hits the ground. Hopefully, Port leave a bit of room for him to lead into and he can get hold of the ball. I was so excited to see Ben Brown when it looked like the game was opening up but coaches have found a way to continue to get numbers behind the ball which makes it difficult. I think one of the reasons we've been successful against the good sides is that they back themselves and don't bother overdoing numbers in the back half. Hopefully, Port do the same, however, I think the strategies that the lesser sides have employed against us might become the blueprint for better sides.
  9. I do enjoy this thread. Had a couple of the boys hit the ball an inch or two either way, all of these negative comments would somehow be positive. A Divinyls track comes to mind.
  10. The criticism of Gawn here is so far removed from reality. He was immense.
  11. Calling him just athletic is under selling his value. His skills are almost unprecedented for a man his size. He is sublime below his knees, works way through traffic with ease and makes smart decisions. There's nothing wrong with his hands per se, but by his own admission he does need to put some weight to help him stay strong in the contest. Hogan is an unfair comparison - his body was ready-made for football. Jackson has work to do in that area but has the potential to be one of the most complete players the game has seen. There's not a position on the ground that he's not suited to and that kind of flexibility is everything in the modern game. In cricketing parlance, Jacko is our Richard Hadlee, Andrew Flintoff or Jaques Kallis. He allows so much flexibility at the selection table to go small, tall, or in between. The fact that we haven't had select an underdone Ben Brown is a testament to this.
  12. Essendon are almost the best team we'll come up against in terms of flooding back while maintaining some semblance of a forward setup. Personally, I'm glad we're sticking this setup. I see there being a time in the future where either Weideman or Brown are mainstays but Brown isn't covering the ground well enough and Weid needs to build confidence. GWS are unlikely to be able to fill our forward 50 in the same way that Essendon did and as a result, I think TMac, Fritsch and to a lesser extent Jacko will all benefit.
  13. Not going to disagree but much easier to be consistent in those roles. Also, in the case of JJ, he's seems as close to a finished product as any player his age. Rivers has had the chance to play along side the best two defensive leaders in the game. While neither of those two points should negate their consideration for the award, LJ is a genuine rising star and I've always thought this award was more about picking the next big thing rather than just simply choosing the best performed young player.
  14. I don't think it's too far-fetched to say Brown's couple of games at AFL level were poor. The current lineup is the one that played on the weekend - without either Weideman or Brown. I'm not against a system that includes those guys but we've lacked a little fwd pressure when either has played and I believe we're unbeaten when neither has played.
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