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  1. You've struck a nerve for me with that call, Dee. A second or third small forward could be the key to unlocking our entire game plan. We're trying to play Richmond's mosquito fleet game plan with only one mozzy (Kozzy). Whether we have the right guys on the list ATM is debatable but we need to find some support for Kozzy and stop relying on stop-gap, medium-sized solutions.
  2. We should be able marked improvement regardless of results but the bottom line is going to be finals. If we fail to make finals, he'll likely be gone. If we make it, he's safe.
  3. Cousin, apparently. From highlights, moves a little like Nev but has a bit of Lewis' leg speed.
  4. Tend to agree but he does have a tendency to be able to completely nullify a player when he gets that role so he must be doing some running. That said, I agree there's probably not another position for him.
  5. We've got to add at least one more small forward. All of the forward lines put up here, still look way out of balance. I'd like to see Melksham moved to another position (except when a HBF requires a tag) and replaced with a genuine small forward (Bedford or incoming player). Our forward strategy is to pin the opposition defence in for repeat entries, however, we don't have the right cattle to get that done. If we had two (or even three) Kozzys, I think it would unlock our whole game plan. We need players that understand the running patterns (mostly unrewarded) required.
  6. Just watching the Eddie Ford highlights - not sure he's the right type for us but gee he looks good. Great hands and has a serious swagger about him.
  7. I get where you're coming from but you can critique a player's performance without the disrespect that many have shown here. Add to that the fact that people are still continuing with the same rhetoric after the player is gone and it's pretty evident that many aren't interested in anything other than making themselves feel good by degrading others.
  8. Thanks mate - I've got some stiff competition but I'm just happy for the nomination. I stand by it. Our game plan relies so heavily on small forwards of which we currently have one. I don't think it's too far fetched to say that whoever is able to fill that position is going to have as much of an impact on our success as any player on the list. I'll admit though, I've made the comment taking the current performance of our players for granted. Perhaps, it might be better to have said it is my opinion, that whatever happens in the small forward space will be the most important factor t
  9. I reckon this guy is close to the most important player we have. If he comes on and is able to form a formidable combination with Kozzy, then I think our entire game plan will look a whole lot better.
  10. Delete please mods. Had a senior moment.
  11. I think that extra 5 metres is significant. It should go some way to stopping repeat entries by breaking the zone. I can't see any kick-in happening from inside 25m with that rule, although teams might look to make sure their fastest blokes are manning the mark to effect this. That means a solid kick puts you 75 out from goal. An average long kick from say, Steven May should have you somewhere in the vicinity of centre wing. Also, the game is good. Tinkering at the edges is all it needs to keep coaches on their toes and stop them from manipulating the rules too much.
  12. Both fairly logical changes, I would have thought.
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