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  1. Weideman - a major disappointment? He played a lone hand up forward and has shown enough to suggest he's going to be important part of our future once we find him a partner in crime.
  2. This guy is exactly the kind of player we need.
  3. Looking at the lists here, I really hope we can find a way to bring in some established talent. We're in dire need of forwards. Are there any big guys coming out of contract? Daniher comes to mind but are their others we could potentially poach?
  4. Reckon I'd prefer waterboarding over this - Freo will hang in there just enough to maintain the torture.
  5. Weid is a really good contributor. He just needs a bit of help. I'm far more confident in Goodwin than most on here because of that point. We don't quite have a winning forward half yet. You add a good key forward and another good small forward to that mix and we're a different side.
  6. His hair is a work of art. I think we recruit the hair to play at full forward.
  7. Thanks for this, Lord. I'd love to see scoring chain involvements and 1v1 contests but those numbers are pretty compelling.
  8. Yeah, fair call Binman. I'll admit I may have overstated the difference between the two but I'd have Salem ahead of Saad. When Salem has the ball, I feel comfortable that we're almost certainly going to maintain posession and there's a fair chance something good will happen. I rate him highly. When Saad has the ball, it feels like a 50/50 equation and that's not what we're aiming for. Admittedly, I probably only watch a third to a half of Bombers games, so happy to hear from others who have watched more closely.
  9. I'm surprised that most seem to think our priorities lie in the back half. I would be investing in forwards that aren't makeshift or mid-sized. We're desperate for both small forwards and a genuine beast (Dixon, Kennedy, Darling). That said, Saad could be useful and an upgrade but I wouldn't be investing so much time and effort that it becomes detrimental to other possible deals.
  10. They're pretty consistent with the way they judge these. Form across multiple weeks outweighs one big game. To be honest, I don't mind it.
  11. Don't mind this call. I've been a bit critical of him, mainly because of ill discipline but I think this is a great role for Melky and you're right, he is definitely one of the more skilled players in our side.
  12. They decided on the 3 players they wanted and they got them. Analysing those selections against pick numbers without taking into account the entire draft, is an over-simplification of the situation. If you don't trade up and take Kozzie, you probably don't get Rivers. Also, Kozzie is a 19-year-old small forward. Complaining that he doesn't get enough of the ball is almost ludicrous. His impact in his first year has been significant. I think Taylor has done a great job of analysing the talent without being influenced by hype.
  13. If he's willing to remain a fringe 22 player, I'd keep him. He's got some great attributes - he's quick, tough and can kick a goal. His field kicking restricts him from being used anywhere else, but we need as many quick small forwards as we can get. I understand people seeing him as a Langdon type on the wing but Langdon has a pretty good footy IQ and maintains a high disposal efficiency by taking the easy option and out running his opponents to get low pressure opportunities. I'm not sure Jayden is capable of this.
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