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  1. Either do I but I'm strangely captivated
  2. Tend to agree. Also, it's Melburnians.
  3. He hasn't really lost the ability to defend or even read the game but players like Rivers and Hunt have added that defensive stuff to their game while maintaining some level of line-breaking involvement. I think if he wants to go on, they'll give him a year. Particularly given our stated aim to maintain/add experience. I'm not against that at all.
  4. I might be on my lonesome here, but I would think he'd at least be considering retirement. The fact that we're a little light in his position could save him, but he's been below his best all year and if everyone stays fit, I can see him playing a lot of footy at Casey next year.
  5. I wouldn't question that being Clarry's signature.
  6. I'd love to see it retired as you suggest. Even a ceremonial 5-year rest for the jumper would be a great sign of respect for a legend of the club.
  7. Cheers mate - yeah, I definitely missed that. I think I wrote him off before this season and didn't take much notice of the Pies.
  8. I don't get that selection. I'm not completely sure he's even in the top 100 players in the AFL. I must have missed something.
  9. I'm the opposite. Although I'm not one to publically criticise, I always saw ANB as a weak link - a bit fumbly and average decision-making. Spargo has shown elite skills and decision-making since game 1. He just needed to find a way to get around it. Overall though, I don't think these guys have improved markedly. They're the same players but they're playing in a team that allows their strengths to shine and their weaknesses to be masked by a system with a built-in margin for error. Fair or not, if the system falls apart, these guys are likely to go straight back to being whipping boys.
  10. I believe we entered the grand final with the second worst kicking efficiency in the league - you work with what you've got and play a game style that suits.
  11. I'd rate the Canberra Times ahead of most mastheads in Australia. That said, when something is printed in the paper without qualification (an out for the journo, so to speak), you can be fairly confident that they have good info. Despite popular opinion to the contrary, explicit falsehoods in the news are very rare.
  12. I still think that's a fair description of ANB.
  13. I know it's been a big couple of weeks but Michael Hibberd is still around isn't he?
  14. I've quite honestly had to stop myself from letting a couple of these gems out. You've really captured the essence of arrogant and patronising behaviour.
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