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  1. Yeah, I always imagined myself acting like a complete tool towards the opposition upon winning the cup but they really make it hard don't they? Would love a premiership win against the Bombers so I can really let loose.
  2. At the end of the third, we goaled at 00:47, 00:30, then 00:17. That's 30 seconds for 3 goals. That's just ludicrous and throws Leigh Mathews' 'goal a minute theory' out the window.
  3. I threw mine in before reading yours but this feels so right and his form has been building perfectly. I hope this happens.
  4. 1st goal - Harmes Norm Smith - Kozzy Pickett Most goals - Kozzy Pickett Winning margin - 16 points
  5. I agree with this with one exception and that's Caleb Daniel. We should have a forward tasked with looking after him all day. He can win possessions but every one of them needs to be under pressure.
  6. I agree with this with one exception and that's Caleb Daniel. We should have a forward tasked with looking after him all day. He can win possessions but every one of them needs to be under pressure.
  7. I totally understand what you're saying but he has every right to feel the way he does and to express it. The last part of your comment is full on - it's not the club (Essendon) he's talking about. In fact, the club is the villain in that story. They are other humans/friends that he feels he's representing - important people in his life who he shared a trauma with. As a football community, it does seem as though we ask players to be 'real', then when these moments take place, we're desperate for them to stick to the script. They genuinely can't win.
  8. Absolutely agree. Smith is the perfect matchup for Naughton.
  9. The only one that played definitively poor was Rivers but he probably has enough credit in the bank. Would absolutely love to see Jonesy as Medi sub for the granny. It's not easy sitting for 2 and a half qtrs before coming in, but Jordan seemed a bit off when he came on. Jonesy is next cab off the rank.
  10. 6 Gawn 5 Petracca 4 Viney 3 Oliver 2 Ben Brown 1 Langdon
  11. Kicked the three best goals if his career in one qtr. Amazing.
  12. Exactly. This translates to: we are absolutely not dealing with Melbourne again.
  13. I find this view staggering. Next week, there will be four teams left. None of the four teams would go in clear favourites against any other. If our boys give it everything next week and come up short, I for one, won't be labelling them chokers.
  14. Satisfied is not the right word, but it's been a fantastic season by any measure.
  15. Absolutely agree with this. I'm on the fence but the discussion needs to happen.
  16. What worries me is not so much his lack of input, it's the fact that he has looked cooked and is being overpowered easily at times. It has me querying whether his early start to pre-season means his year effectively ended a couple of weeks ago. I'm not stuck on this idea but it just concerns me a little. The week off could be just what he needs.
  17. For some strange reason, I've grown to like Toby Greene but outside of clear accidents e.g umpire backs into player or vice versa, we can't be having to judge the sentiment of the player. This was easily avoidable and he walked straight through him. This shouldn't be decided based on anything Matt Stevic says. It was avoidable and there was contact, so there should be a sanction. Add in Greene's previous umpire contact and it should come back as at least a week.
  18. Putting aside the fact that we probably can't do enough to appease Freo in a trade scenario, we also have to ensure that we don't push the current group to breaking point (ala Collingwood). We have so much potential growth in this group that adding another player in that younger age range raises potential issues as well as benefits. I'm not saying we can't pursue these kinds of players but it will require some exceptional management. Expectations around salaries will need to be tempered. For example, can you see Clarry accepting a deal for significantly less than Trac? If not, then we are not in the discussion for players like Cerra.
  19. 6 Trac (a little polish and he would have had 30 and 5) 5 Oliver 4 Gawn 3 Lever 2 Fritsch 1 Viney
  20. We have shown time and again, that we are resilient and bounce back as well as any team. We need to play well tonight but if the result doesn't go our way, I'd still back us to find a way forward as we've done all season.
  21. You can see Stanley go to pick Max up but someone calls him back to the goal line. Stanley turns with his arms out to his team mate as if to say why TF are you calling me back?
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